No Shame Y.A.V. Archives (2005)

FALL 2005

2005 No Shame Players
Todd Ristau (director)
Laura Tuggle Anderson
Robb Rouse
John Bryant
Clinton Johnston
Amy Alls

photos Saturday, September 24, 2005 - [Mill Mountain Theatre]
First performance of No Shame Y.A.V.
1) Amy Alls, A DANCER'S BODY, song, performed by the author
2) Simon Adkins, I WAS A TEEN AGE DARTH VADER, performed by the author, Laura Tuggle Anderson, John Bryant, and Robb Rouse
3) Audience Generated Script, FEAR AND HOPE, performed by the company
4) Sean Nitchmann, DAVE (THE ANGRY SUBURBAN POET), performed by Simon Adkins
5) Jesse Blaine, ROOM TEMPERATURE, scene, performed by John Bryant and Amy Alls
6) John Bryant, THIS MYSTERY, song, performed by John Bryant
7) Howard Zimmerle, THE SPEECH, scene, performed by John Bryant, Amy Alls, Robb Rouse and Laura Tuggle Anderson
8) Jeff Goode, SERIOUS MENTAL PROBLEM, scene, performed by John Bryant and Robb Rouse
9) John Bryant, comic song, performed by John Bryant
10) Amy Alls, CHICK MAGNETS, performed by Simon Adkins and an audience volunteer
11) Clinton Johnston, OLD PIECE, performed by audience participant and Laura Tuggle Anderson
12) Amy Alls, I DON'T CARE, song, performed by Amy Alls
13) Jeff Goode, FACIAL BASES FOR THE ALLIGATORS, scene, performed by Robb Rouse and Simon Adkins
14) Big Lick Conspiracy, WORD SUPPLY, improv scene, performed by BLC and audience participants
15) Laura Tuggle Anderson, MY NAME IS STEGOSAURUS, song, performed by the author

Saturday October 8, 2005
Sunday, October 9, 2005
[Mary Baldwin College]

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