Some of you may know that Jens Rasmussen has been setting up a
screening of a documentary film about the war in Iraq, and some
others of you may know that there was, prior to the invasion, a
series of performances that happened around the country comprised of
No Shame pieces dealing with the situation called "No Shame Goes To

Jens is going to be combining some of those live performances with
the screening of the film in a special edition of NSG2W.

Here is the campus wide release sent out by the Hollins film dept.

On Sunday, Dec. 7, be a part of over 2,000 "house parties" around the
country screening the new documentary film, "Uncovered: The Whole
Truth About The Iraq War." The Hollins screening will be held in
Babcock Auditorium and will begin at 8:30 p.m. with a conference call
with director Robert Greenwald. The film will be shown at 9 p.m.,
followed by live performances (a la No Shame Theatre) at 10 p.m. For
more information, e-mail paean@p....

This is a very exciting project, and I'm looking forward to the event
this weekend.