In journalist school we were taught that journal"ism" boils down to six essiential questions.

And I have for you now the six essiential answers.

1. What:
No Shame at Peace Camp.

2. When:
Tuesday May 6, around Nine Pee Em.

3. Who:

4. Why:
Because Peace Camp is totally cool. Because No Shame is kinda cool. Because No Shame at Peace Camp will be rockingly awesome cool.

5. Where:
The Peace Camp (Jefferson Street side of the Penta {soon to be "Sexta"} Crest.

6. How:
That's up to you. If you want to write something politically oriented, that is radically rad. But you don't have to do that. I probably won't.

Hi! Everybody!

How you doin?


Did you know???

There is going to be a No Shame at the Peace Camp in Iowa City on the Pentacrest on Tuesday May, 6!

At 9-ish PM! And YOU should go! To perform a piece! To witness a piece being performed! You should go!

This No Shame will be loosely held under the banner "No War, No occupation, No Shame," however, ALL pieces (political or no) will be welcome. Please come and have fun! And I do promise you will have FUN!!!

My hampster died today. Please do not give me anything more to be sad about. Come to Peace Shame!!!!