'No Shame Goes To War' makes room for differing viewpoints - Daily Progress, March 21, 2003

Friday night, March 21st, NO SHAME THEATRE will have a special THEMED event.

ONLY pieces dealing with the possible (or by then ACTUAL) WAR WITH IRAQ will be accepted in the line up.

Other than that, all the normal NO SHAME rules apply:
Pieces must be original, must be less than 5 minutes, and can't break any laws.

SCRIPTS will be taken at 10:30, the SHOW begins at 11:00.

There will be open slots, but we will also showcase scripts submitted from NO SHAMES all across the NATION!

ADMISSION is FREE, but DONATIONS are STRONGLY encouraged to offset COSTS.

Contact me or Ursula for more info, submit scripts to: noshametheatre@aol.com.

Any opinion on the situation will be welcomed, we just want you to have one and to be willing to express it at No Shame.