"Uncensored, dangerous, unpredictable, original, thoroughly theatrical, impossible to define...what’s not to love?"

No Shame Theatre

Verona, Virginia

(est. 2003)

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February 22, 2003
April 26, 2003
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ShenanArts in Verona has No Shame!

With more than twenty years of hosting the Shenandoah International Playwright's Retreat, ShenanArts has a history of promoting the writer and training peformers in the presentation of new work--No Shame is a perfect extension of that dedication. We're helping to build an artistic community where you can take real risks by getting hands-on experience in any aspect of the theatre you like--writing, directing, acting, design, anything at all. No Shame's audience, writers, and performers are constantly changing roles even in a single evening, and that fosters a feeling of cooperation, not competition. At No Shame absolute beginners have a chance to work side by side with grizzled veterans of the theatre and anyone can walk in the door and participate in any way they choose.

What is No Shame, anyway?

No Shame Theatre is an exciting venue for original performance pieces between 3 and 5 minutes in length. No committee chooses the pieces, so you never know what you'll get. On any given night you might hear a poem, see a dance piece, a puppet show, a monologue, mime routine, stand-up comedy act, hear a song, watch an improvisation, jugglers, and participate in a magic trick. It's short and it's fast, so if your piece doesn’t exactly fly, no one will be pointing at the wreckage long, and chances are pretty good that if you don't like everything in the line up at least one of 15 pieces is going to tickle your fancy.

At the end of the day, No Shame is whatever you make it into. Each week it will entirely re-invent itself and we want you to be part of that evolution. Or is it a revolution?

When and where is it?

Every Saturday night at 10:00 pm in the new Verona Space, right between the Dollar Store and the Rite Aid on Route 11.

How do I do it...if I decide to do it?

Just come down at 9:30 pm (or whenever the play in the space before us gets over) with enough scripts for your actors and one extra copy with contact information and light cues on it for the Light board operator.

Your piece must be original (no copyright infringements), it must be short (no more than 5 minutes), it can't break anything (not the law, not the performers, not the audience, and not the theatre), and it must be self-contained (bring your own props and stuff).

We take the first 15 scripts that show up at the door, and we start the performance 10:00.

How much does it cost?

Because seating is limited everyone who sits in a seat has to pay the $5 admission. This isn't a "pay to play" proposition, people who don't want to watch can stay in the green room, but we'd rather people thought of it as paying $5 to see 13 other people do their piece than paying $5 to do their own.

For more information about No Shame Theatre in Verona,
contact: Nancy Kiracofe at nancy@shenanarts.org