No Shame Theatre


(circa 1996)
Little is known about No Shame Theatre in the U.K. except for this mention in an online article for the sci-fi fanzine SAD Magazine:

No Shame Theatre
A bunch of wannabe actors/comedians putting on a hastily rehearsed and hopelessly underwritten collection of sketches for your amusement. You won’t be. Suggest they go and shove a “Klingon Surprise” (“out of this world jacket potato with a galactic choice of fillings”) where the sun don’t shine.

The article ("Don't Do It! A sour-faced guide to conventions.") is a satirical glossary for sci-fi convention-goers and seems to imply that No Shame Theatre was attended frequently enough by sci-fi fans at conventions that they needed to be warned about it.
eyewitness account

There is also web-evidence of a No Shame Theatre at the Illumination: Eastercon '92 sci-fi convention in Blackpool.
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