copyright © 2002 Jesse Wozniak

God Does Bless America

Written and Performed by Jesse Wozniak

Jesus Bar-Joseph
Or Christos to me
You have your own vision
And I'll let you be
I think may things
I don't know that they're right
But I know one thing
That Jesus isn't white
A great commie
Long before Marx
Always agitating
Always making sparks
Messing with the people
In the land of the slaves
But don't ever invoke his ideas
In the land of the brave
A great rebel
Who had the courage to speak
Against the facists in power
On the side of the weak
Always remaining meek
Though they thought he was a freak
His message would not cease
To the leaders that would fleece
Only bringing love and peace
So of course he was killed by the police
Back then
Leaders thought with they dicks
Shit, not much has changed
So I wear the crucifix
W's Jesus says it's good to kill
You know he misses the crusdaes
While Ashcroft's says we should hate a gay
Can I make a bold prediction
Of what would happen were he here today?
If Jesus were preaching now
I don't mean to sound grimm
But, you can be damn well certain
That Bush would kill him
He already uses him
As an excuse
To cover up abuse
Mislead and confuse
While killing all of those
With different views
So fuck his Jesus
An fuck yours, too
And let me think for myself
Thank you
I'll keep mine
If we'd just let everyone do that
Everyting would be fine
Don't give me some bullshit line
About how you can assign
What is to be condemned
By the divine
He'd never kill
But if you gotta
You know it's not W
But it's Zapata
That he would stand behind
Bear in mind
They use him
To make you blind
Instead of opening your eyes
They use Him for lies
But I don't buy this guise
I'll never eat their lies
Their missiles I won't buy
Thought they have a never ending supply
Yet they still deny
Evil done in His name
They somehow claim
They're not the ones to blame
Poverty enough to make Him despair
Though I may be solitaire
This I swear
We all know it's unfair
So don't ever tell me Jesus would hate
Because it makes me irate
When you try to desecrate
What my soul doth await
Can I convey my dismay
In this essay
And only believe
What he would say
That there are almost no Christians in the U.S.A.


"God Does Bless America" debuted February 22, 2002, performed by Jesse Wozniak.

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