copyright © 2002 Jesse Wozniak

The Party Programme
Written and Performed by Jesse Wozniak 2/8/02 in Cedar Falls

I wanna take the time
To tell you in my rhyme
That capitalism
Is an organized crime
We are all the vitcitims
Of the criminals in suits
To find real evil
You gotta look at the roots
You wanna make me go beserk
Tell me it will never work
You're assuming that this does
And that is all because
You've been posioned by this schizm
But for me
There aint no capital in my ism
Steal from the rich
To jail you go
Steal from the poor
Then you a CEO
But that's how it works
The system is fair
Peace and justice
For every millionaire
So I'd just like to convey
My Dismay
Won't you listen to me say
From whom according to their ability
They'll work because it's their responsibility
I don't need your hostility
Because you don't have the agility
To see the capability and nobility
And the utility of this possibility
To whom according to their needs
We wont accept your masterbation
It's our obligation
To see the formation
Of a nation
That doesn't have this money fixation
They won't work on your plantation
Once they've felt this sensation
They'll have the revelation that will lead to the transformation
And the final anihilation
Of your corrupt Administration
The motivation
Will be the occupation
Of the Population
Capitalism is an aberration
Will be the Medication
To free every Nation
From this sick fascination
That is like Judas Iscariot
With the kiss of death
To the proliteriat
In the system
None will be illterate
Instead of oiling with blood
Wisdom will flow like a flood
Don't take the shit
Straight from the bull
Over my eyes
There is no woll
The system has
No millitary industrial
Not money coming from Death
But production coming from life
Never flawless
At least it's not built on their strife
Tell me five good things
That capitalism brings
The real challenge?
Tell me them without strings
While the bougousie
Sit there like kings
Telling me to appreciate
Every single possesion
That's a direct result of oppression
You know what
Here's my confesion
None of this shit
Can be called progression
The system requires no death or killing
Their blood aint worth your schilling
Soon the proles will be willing
To see that it's your blood that's spilling
So fuck the star spangled banner
Give me the sickle and the hammer
It'll come as we expose this sham
And you'll say "oh Lordy, Damn!"
That's it, that's the Party Programme

"The Party Programme" debuted February 8, 2002, performed by Jesse Wozniak.

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