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I don't know if any of you caught the NPR interview with Alan Friedman about his ten year old book called "A Spider's Web" this week, but I did, and I can't stop thinking about it.

If you can't stop thinking about something, you start to not be able to stop talking about it, so that's what I'm doing, because that is what No Shame is supposed to be, a place where you can talk about what you are thinking about.

Alan Friedman is an investigative reporter for the Financial Times of London. Ten years ago he was in the US working on a book that would expose the complicity of the Reagan and Bush administrations in their illegal arming of Iraq in its war against Iran....which they were also arming in an effort to bring stability to the region and profits to America.

We sold Iraq cluster bombs to use on Iran. We told Hussein to intensify his air war agaisnt Iran so that it would increase Iran's demand for US made anti-aircraft weapons that we were selling them.

Is it any wonder all those people hate us??? We got all those people Jimmy Swaggart lovingly calls in his Christian charity "Diaper Heads" fighting and killing each other keeping their attention focused over there while we count the money that just keeps rolling in.

In his book he has evidence of deep involvement of the CIA, which George Bush was the Director of, in the financing of Iraqi weapons programs by the Atlanta office of an Italian bank.

Do you know what Wackenhut is? They are a private firm that provides security for major US installations like Area 51. No Shit. And George Wackenhut is the head of that firm, and a very good friend of Papa Bush. He lives in Florida. George Wackenhut is a generous contributor to the campaigns of all the Bush men, especially Jeb. Wackenhut was the firm that provided security for the shipments of the equipment necessary to the production of chemical weapons we sold to Iraq.

How come none of that was an issue in the election? Well, actually, it was. Kerry, Gore, and Clinton all talked about it, but never went after it. Then after September 11th anyone who talked about it was pooh poohed as dredging up ancient history.

Does anyone know what one of the first things George Dub did when he got in office? He sealed the presidential records of previous administrations by Executive Order, just weeks before his father's papers would have been made public through the Freedom of Information Act. How's come nobody is asking How's come?

When Friedman finished his book in New York, the New York District Attorney had to provide round the clock guards with assault weapons to protect him from death threats he was getting. And his office kept getting broken into and ransacked. But if it was Dubya's wrecking crew trying to do damage control, the needn't have bothered, because for ten years nobody has given a damn.

Nobody gave a damn that Friedman provided proof that the man George the First called another Hitler was covertly armed and funded right up to the invasion of Kuwait by US Tax Dollars....and nobody grumbled about how after the invasion we were left holding the bag on $2 billion in defaulted Iraqi debts to the US.

Look at this timeline:

1982: Despite intel reports that Iraq still sponsored groups on the State Department's terrorist list, Reagan has Iraq removed from the State Terrorism Sponsorship List so they can sell them dual use military technology.

1983: The State Department still says Iraq is sponsoring terrorists, and now is using its chemical weapons, but since they are using them against Iran, we don't do or say anything about it. In fact, Reagan sells Iraq 60 helicoptors they KNOW can be easily weaponized, and then later, over the objections of the National Secruity Council, they sell them ten more helicopters rigged out for "crop dusting." These were the helicoptors used to spray the Kurds with the chemical weapons we were ignoring when they were being used on Iranians. later that year we also secretly started letting Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait (yes, KUWAIT), and Egypt transfer to Iraq American made Howitzers, helicopters, bombs, and other weapons. Reagan PERSONALLY asked Italy's Prime Minister to channel arms to Iraq.

1984: As if we needed it, now we get confirmation of the use of mustarg gas against Iranian troops by our pals the Iraqis. When we found out, did we stop sending them money and weapons? Hell, no. We started using US satellites to provide Iraq with information to use in its bombing raids on Iran and re-established full diplomatic ties with Hussein's governemnt.

1985: The House of Representatives tries to pass a bill to put Iraq back on the State Terrorism Sponsor list, but the White House pressures the dropping of the bill stating that the US finds Iraq has effectively distanced itself from international terrorism.

It goes on and on like this, page after fucking page.

Hows come nobody is saying anything?

Hows come the ALLEGED and NEVER PROVEN improprieties of Hillary Clinton, her husband's inability to find the proper oriface for a cigar, and a stain on a blue dress are so much more important to the American People than page after page of documentation that REPUBLICANS were SCREWING EVERYBODY, not just one ditzy intern?

Why are the Dems so afraid to make the accusation?

Well, I finally figured it out. I've been wracking my brain trying to understand why Bush isn't glad when he tells Saddam "We have to send in our inspectors or we'll bomb the living shit out of you" and Saddam says, "OK."

I couldn't understand why Bush's response to Saddam saying we could have unfettered access to his palaces, and basically agreeing to everything we were aksing for....why Bush's response was, "It's a trick. War is inevitable."

Now, I get it. We know they have Weapons of Mass Destruction because we sold them to them.

And if we do go in and don't find them, then we have no idea where the fuck they went to.

Saddam has to die, or he's going to finally expose us in a way we can't ignore.

Think about it like the Sniper in DC. This also applies to bin Laden. If I take this kid, travel around with him, teach him how to shoot, buy him a gun, poke holes through my trunk so he can shoot through it and he pops a dozen people and then I pop him, am I a hero because I stopped future killing or am I a murder because I made the murders possible?

Shouldn't I be held accountable?

Shouldn't I?

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