copyright © 2002 Todd Ristau


(Sandy’s Door Light only)

No mercy for the criminals of Versailles!

[deadly calm]

What did Wilson say when he read the treaty

He said:

"If I were a German,

I would not sign it"

The terms of this peace

Are immeasurably harsh

And humiliating

They take our colonies in Africa

And the Pacific

Vast territory all along our borders

As for Poland

The thieves leave open the way to even more German soil

Prussia cut in two by a "Polish Corridor"

Every merchant vessel of any accountable size

Has been seized

German shipyards ordered to build

2OO,OOO tons of new shipping a year for the Allies

[strong gesture of amazement]

Reparations are to be paid by Germany at sums

The victors fix as they go along

There are punitive taxes on FUTURE prosperity

Because the current economy is such a shambles

Munich is printing its own money

And a family's life's savings can not even buy them

A single egg


Huge amounts of German coal

And German timber

Are being sent

Directly to the victors

With Germany paying the cost of the freight

Not a single cubic yard of coal from the Saar

Is available for German industry

Or for heating German homes

German mothers shivering

In the worst winter on record

Helplessly watching

Trainloads of German coal

Brought up from German mines

By German sweat

Going west on German trains

To heat the homes of FRENCHMEN


When I heard that we were to accept this armistice

With confidence

And in the magnanimity of our previous enemies

I dug my burning head

Into my pillow

And fought to find tears to shed


Was it all in vain

In vain all the sacrifices and privations

In vain the hunger and thirst of endless months

In vain the death of TWO MILLION Germans

I was shocked when I heard these things

We were all shocked and terrified

But, what could be expected from The French

Clemenceau has openly stated:

"There are twenty million too many

Germans in this world"

A just peace from him

Who could believe it

No one

No one sane


In the next war

There will be no prisoners


We now are required by law

To take off our hats

In the presence of British officers

How many of you

Go bareheaded in all weather

Just to avoid that disgrace


Our private mail is opened and inspected

Telephones disconnected

Only if you already own a car

Can you use one

And only if you have special permission

Special permission to use our own cars

[rising anger]

All Germans must be in their homes by seven o'clock

Stay in their homes until morning

Make an application to travel

Forced to provide housing for British soldiers

Give them clean linen

Maid service

If you want to repair

Or repaint your house

You have to ask the French Authorities

Use only the colors they approve for you

And in all the best restaurants

Signs in the windows which read:

"Allied Troops Only,

No Germans Allowed Here"

They even forced us

To change to their Greenwich time

So that whenever we look at a clock

We are reminded who is in charge

[look into the eyes of the audience sincerely]

French officers

Are using riding crops on civilians

If they do not step off the sidewalk

And let them pass

[collecting himself]

Above all else that is to be HATED about

About the so-called TREATY of Versailles

Are those paragraphs stating that Germany

Should bend and admit

To ALL responsibility

For starting the war

And therefore


To being the sole cause

Of all loss and damage

Resulting from it


We raged and wept and howled at this injustice

How could we sign such a document

Who could think it could possibly happen

How could all this possibly happen


All this


From the Jew

And the Communist

When the Leftist government seized the reins of power

And suddenly stopped the fighting

With a needless surrender

We were sold as a people into this shameful peace

An English general has said with justice:

"The German Army has been stabbed in

the back"

What does the German people owe the German Army

In a word


And a widespread and carefully engineered Marxist plot

Betrayed them

Giving a victory to the enemy

That could never have been won at the front

Trotsky the Jew

Directs from Moscow

His fellow Jewish conspirators

Bela Khun the Jew

Sets up his Soviet Republic with Jews as eight of eleven commissars

In Berlin

Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht



They were the ones



We do battle today

Against an international JEWISH conspiracy

Started by KARL MARX


Whom Germany foolishly nurtured and educated

It has all been done by the Jews

But on June 28th

Germany did sign that paper

Thereby accepting

This instrument of boundless extortion

And abject humiliation

Beginning an unprecedented pillaging of our people

Of course

Such strict enforcement

Functioned as a necessary precondition

For the success of our movement


There was a mood of defiance

The defiance of desperation

In a very real way

The allies provided the soil

In which

The Nazi flower would grow

[ADOLF washes his hands in the basin, lights out]


"A Necessary Precondition" debuted May 17, 2002, performed by Todd Ristau.

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