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How I know for a fact that Ronald Reagan is the Anti-Christ


I come from a long line of Baptist preachers. My people know the bible. Every male member of my mom's family is either a lawyer or a Baptist minister--or both.

When Cousin Reverand Jimmy says good-bye to me he says, "I can see the lord working in you, and I can't wait to see what he does with you."

And I know my bible.

If you know your bible you gotta know your Revelations.

Revelations is the roadmap of God's plan for the coming end.

If the devil can fuck up the map, God loses. And all bets are off.

Anybody who knows anything about Revelations has heard of Gog and Magog.

The Lord says in Revelations that a mighty army will sweep down on Israel in the latter days. Before 1948 this part of the prophesy could not be realized. And EVERY part of the prophesy must be realized or the End Times can not come.

The army is called Gog and Magog. Gog being the leader of this vast army and Magog referring to the land to the north parts from which he will come. When it attacks Palestine on the mountains of Israel the Lord God will intervene and Gog and Magog will be defeated in a gigantic slaughter and only 1/6th of the army will escape.

Most Cold War bible scholars were convinced, as I remain today, that Gog and Magog referred to Russia....And Russia referred to the Soviet Union. There was and remains no question about it.

Associated with Gog and Magog are a host of satellite nations, and these must be part of the Magog coalition or the prophesy is not fulfilled.

It has been repeatedly pointed out that MESHECH and TUbal refer to MOSCOW and old TOBOLSK. GOMER can be associated definitely with the GERMAN NATIONS. In fact, those nations which were all part of EAST GERMANY.

It says in Ezekiel 37-39 that SEVEN nations will be aligned with Magog. In the 80's all but one were under the domination of RUSSIA. Only Ethiopia was not part of this association, and the Latter Days could not yet come until it was. ALL SEVEN needed to be in place.

BEFORE Russia could invade the land of Palestine, setting in motion God's final prophesy, three things needed to occur. First Israel had to be restored as a NATION and be back in the land of Palestine. This was done in 1948. Second Russia must conquer seven nations which will be associated with Magog. And third, the Lord must come to Rapture his church.

REAL CHRISTIANS can not wait for this to happen. Christian lawmakers in the 80s were seeking to aid in the fulfillment of prophesy in any way they could.

Except Ronald Wilson Reagan. The president whose name had the numerical value of the beast.

He didn't want to help Russia get Ethiopia.

He wanted to free the satelite nations. He is the one who said, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.

With the tumbling of the Berlin wall, and then the later reunification of East and West Germany--the dissolution of Magog's mighty coalition, it is now nearly impossible for the prophesy that was so close in 1981 in coming to fruition TO EVER COME TO PASS....

Reagan was the Anti-christ, and he knew what we had never considered...that the best way to discredit God, to keep the 2nd coming from occuring was to read ahead in the script and not do what it says to do.

Don't rebuild the temple on the mount. Don't walk in and declare yourself a god among men.


And when the man, the actor, the empty shell had served its usefulness, the demonic being that was the spawn of Lucifer left the body of Ronald Wilson Reagan, and today that shell lies alone in a hospital and Nancy holds its hand praying to a darker god that her husband will find his way back from hell to take back his life and body.

And we stumble forward, with a God bound by his own rules not to destroy the world or take up his church until his own conditions are met and a devil who decided not to play the same game.

What does this mean for us?

Only that there is no hope, we will only eat away at our world with no promise that we can turn in the empty for a shiny new eden. We will only gradually, like Job, see what we love turn rotten and eventually poisonous and curse what we once claimed to love with all our hearts.

And the devil will scream up at Heaven, "You see? I told you so!"

And God will rage uselessly at the rules he himself has made which stay his hand. Which keep him from reminding us of his existence. And Jesus will weep that his death for our sins is the thing which eventually caused us to forget the God that made us all.


"How I know for a fact that Ronald Reagan is the Anti-Christ" debuted February 15, 2002, performed by Todd Ristau.

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