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The ENVELOPE pieces. Three people, not necessarily "actors," were given five different commands which they were to do/enact for roughly a minute. Some props involved too--

The Envelope by James Parr
for November 15, 2001


Set 1

  1. "Regarding earth, there is little left to sell. Regarding space, there is little left to say. Regarding windows, there is little left to see. Regarding doors, there is little left to open. Regarding hallways, there is little left to walk. Regarding bathrooms, there is little left to evacuate. Regarding faucets, there is little left to drink. Regarding failure, there is also architecture. Regarding accident, there are things we will do and things we won’t do. Regarding absence, we will grow things. Regarding time, we will measure it. Regarding others, there is space. There is space. There is space." [Repeat "There is space."]
  2. Sit down next to an audience member and convince them to quit their job.
  3. Read the enclosed article.
  4. Talk about America.
  5. Gently touch as many faces as possible.


Set 2

  1. Distribute this money to audience members as evenly as possible.
  2. Ask audience members about their first kiss.
  3. "Speech is a version of running for president. Speech is a version of running for cover. I rarely get shot at. I do things quickly and efficiently. I am a very political person. I am incredibly small and resilient. I like poetry. I like darts. My situation is measured by the sun. I am everything that has ever been done. I am multiple. I am filled with mouths. I think about sex 15.7 times a day. I am many pieces. I prefer coffee over sense. All of this is probably happening. I enjoy watching televised sporting events and the local news. I sleep with prepositions. I am vast. I am vast." [Repeat "I am vast."]
  4. Analyze your day (out loud).
  5. Count by 7’s up to 1,000,000 out loud.


Set 3

  1. Touch as many shoes or boots as possible.
  2. Talk about your parents.
  3. Discuss your feelings about NoShame Theater with an audience member.
  4. Hide from everyone.
  5. "I want this to resist you. I want this to resist each of you. I want time to go faster. I want clocks to move slower. I want places to become opportunities. I want to be bombed. I want to stop worrying. I want nothing to happen all at once. I want everything to happen slowly but surely. I want fewer inhibitions. I want to go out less. I want the sun to stop and say hello. I want traffic to go away. I want to find the brighter side of noise. I want mathematics to do all the work. I want cleaner horizons and unmade beds. I want growth but not cancer. I want this to resist you. I want this to resist each of you. I want to live surrounded by envelopes. Envelopes. Envelopes." [Repeat "Envelopes."]

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