copyright © 2002 Sean Nitchmann

Chocolate Pudding

Written by Sean Nitchmann


[Characters: Narrator and guy from the audience.]


[Lights: Spotlight on bowl of pudding. Other lights bright enough for the Narrator to read.]


[Narrator places a bowl of chocolate pudding on a pedestal center stage then reads from a music stand to the side. Piece is read in a seductive, sultry manner. This is food porn.]



Ah yes… Pudding. Chocolate pudding. Creamy. Delicious. Smooth. Smooth like the delicate skin of a beautiful woman. A bowl of pudding waiting, fertile with the potential to satiate your desires. Ready to reward you with a burst of the senses.


A beautiful dark haired woman sits alone at a café in Rome. Her lover has jilted her. She orders a bowl of chocolate pudding to take her mind from her sadness. She lifts a spoonful of pudding to her mouth. Her full luscious lips part slightly in preparation. Her head leans forward as she brings the spoon closer. A wisp of hair falls across her face. Her large brown eyes look up longingly, she scans the street with one last hope that her lover will come, or that another will show.


At last, she resigns herself to what she must do, the only thing she can do. She receives the pudding to her mouth. Her tongue extends slightly to greet the spoon; the spoon relinquishes its parcel. At once, the pudding disperses its flavor, its texture, throughout her mouth. She lifts her head and breathes deeply. Her bosom rises as her lungs fill with the scent of chocolate. Her brain reacts immediately to the intense pleasure she has succumbed to. Endorphins are released, pounding through her veins, her heart. For a moment she is released from her sorrow. The world around her falls away. Her body is no longer hers, simply a vessel to carry her emotions, her desires. She has become one with the cosmos. She has connected with the energy of the universe. Time and matter flow through her in a moment as brief as the splitting of an atom, as infinite as the ever expanding universe. She too is expanding. Encompassing.


She swallows her gift, it slides down her throat, behind her chest, into her torso to become a part of the woman. This elixir is now truly hers, she now fully possesses it. The cream that was created to give the calf it’s life sustaining nutrients, now sustains her. The chocolate that was mixed with hallucinogenic mushrooms and used in rituals by Indian tribes of South America to commune with their gods, has now become a part of her. This is her ritual, her communion. She feels it’s history, it’s importance, it’s full meaning. Her back arches slightly as the essence of her being mix with the molecules of the pudding. She is finally free. She wants more. Her desire for the pudding has become insatiable. A small tear wells in her eye. Her mouth waters. She cannot be stopped now. She will have more. It will be hers. She slides her spoon into the bowl. The pudding gives way and offers itself to her. She brings the spoon to her mouth. She no longer scans the street for her lover, another taste of the pudding is all she wants now. Her body tingles with anticipation. Her heart beats faster, her breathing quickens. She hastens the pudding to her mouth. Her eyes close. She thinks to herself, oh pudding, chocolate pudding, sweet pudding, come to me now…………



[Guy from the audience screams and runs on stage. He thrusts his hand into the bowl of pudding and devours it. He falls to his knees eating the pudding from his hands. He looks up at the audience with terror and cries: “I’m so ashamed” Then he looks at the narrator and says “Why… Why must you torture me so!”]


[The narrator laughs a maniacal laugh and says to the audience:]


Next week… Peach Cobbler!


[Lights Down]




"Chocolate Pudding" debuted April 12, 2002, performed by Greg Hays and Sean Nitchmann.

Performed at Best of No Shame on June 27 & 28, 2002.

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