copyright © 2002 K.T.

good day to you, Dr. Alessi

hi. you probably don't remember me

and i'm not saying you should

because i don't expect you to remember every single one of the hundreds of patients you see every year

so therefore, allow me to introduce myself again:

I am 18 year old Katie Lynn Thompson

affectionately refered to as KT by my peers & aquaintances

we met last December - quite tragic circumstances, actually

i was a bit upset at my parents' sudden breakup & i needed a little vacation away from them

so I skipped school & drove myself to the Snowden mental heath facilities

where upon arrival i jumped the fence located directly behind the child adolescent unit, or CAU as you call it --- designed to keep patients in.

as far as i know, i am the only person i know who has tried to break in rather than out...

my apologies about that. sorry.

if i had not jumped that fence, you wouldn't have allowed me to recieve in-patient services, though.

so what choice did i have?

yes, i lied.

i am clever enough to know how your system works and use that to my advantage

while other angry adolecents cursed the place, i was sitting high and mighty enjoying double portioned meals made for those with eating disorders

i told those in charge of my assessment that i wished to be admited, that i had some unresolved problems i needed to talk about.

i also told, rather threatened, really --- that if i was not admited that i would threaten to kill myself even though i was not serious

but also informed them that i know the rules & if i threatened my safety that they'd have no choice but to admit me anyway.

remember me now?

well, let me just get straight to the point, doctor...........

it is my honest opinion that you are clearly full of shit.

years of special schooling to recieve a mutitude of psyiatric degrees has taught you nothing about how to diagnose or cure me.

I am currently in the process of educating myself in the world of child psychology

but i have decided that being a psychiatrist is not part of my moral standards.

rather than change my mind, i intend on changing the job.....

you met with me for 10 minutes in the morning of my first day

by noon i was perscribed a new medication

and very much uninformed of it

i finally did take it, though

but not before calling my parents & making sure they ok'd it

tell me, doctor --- in those 10 minutes, how did you figure i needed that drug?

upon meeting you next, i was informed that my current morning pill was for something not relating to me

so you took me off it. just like that.

within a day, i had been transformed into a narcleptic nightmare

and you didn't believe me.

i feel that you treated me according to the fact that i'm a smart ass

like you think i don't know what i'm doing or saying

doctor, i am not that sick.

listen to your patients.

you are paid too much to see people for 10 minutes each day & hold their medical fate in your hands

i could do your job & i'm a mere child

Out of anger for my witty sarcasm, you reccommended me for a group home or a state hospital

saying that i am unable to function in society as a normal human being


enclosed with this letter is a copy of my senior will, leaving my diploma to the Snowden CAU & staff

attached to that is a copy of my high school diploma

if you have any questions about it's validity, please contact Culpeper co. high school

in the fall, i plan on attending Piedmont Community College in Charlottesville, VA

which is contributing to my main goal of having a degree in psychology eventually

so in conclusion, don't be so quick to judge me.

Thanks, KT

P.S. Oh, & kiss my ass!


"letter to dr.alessi" debuted June 21, 2002, performed by K.T.

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