copyright © 2006 by Adam Hahn

I Wrote This Because Patrick and I Have the Same Shirts
by Adam Hahn

Lights Up

GUY 1 stands around, waiting for something.

Enter GUY 2, who is wearing a shirt similar to GUY 1's, but in a different color. GUY 2 is crossing the stage, but he stops when he and GUY 1 notice each other's shirts.

GUY 1 and GUY 2 are pleased by the similarity in shirts. They shake hands, slap each other's back.

GUY 2 excuses himself, exits. GUY 1 waves after him, goes back to waiting for something.

Enter GUY 3, wearing exactly the same shirt as GUY 1.

GUY 3 and GUY 1 notice each other's shirts, are very pleased. They shake hands, then embrace warmly.

Reenter GUY 2, not seeing the others. Now he is waiting for something.

GUY 3 indicates "get a load of this guy" at GUY 2. He approaches GUY 2, making a mean face.

GUY 2 sees GUY 3, shrinks away. Then he spots GUY 1 and waves to his friend.

GUY 1 is conflicted.

GUY 3 pushes GUY 2.

GUY 2 is confused. He looks to GUY 1 for reassurance.

GUY 1 pushes GUY 2.

GUY 3 pushes GUY 2 a little harder.

GUY 1 pushed GUY 2 a little harder.

GUY 3 shoves GUY 2.

GUY 1 and GUY 3 close on GUY 2. Just as things start to get really violent . . .

Lights Down

This piece actually was written because Patrick and I owned virtually identical shirts: t-shirts from the gap with light gray torsos and blue collars and sleeves. I used the same shirt with red sleeves and slightly lighter torso for Guy 2. Stage this with a different style of shirt, hats, or whatever you have.

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