copyright © 2003 Cory Capron

Glass City (A Poem)
Written and performed by Cory Capron 12/19/03

Sidewinder slack tongue yakking
Hacking up our dreaming trees
Hypodermic spindle swindled
Where's your prince down on his knees?
Carpets pulled out fly away
The monkey's paw genie obeys
Wishful thinking - thoughtless wishes
Christmas lists harvesting slaves

Motion detector specters watching
The liquor lecture of the day
Righteous racket ricocheting 
Stray-slaying peasants in the way
And in the trunks of hearse black limos
Hiding in caskets from the sun
Junky kings look from clock towers
While other's see their work is done

Physic mystics green-eyed enlisted
Twisted mislead follow crumbs
To candy houses in lichen spouses
To procreate atomic bombs 
Through shrapnel fields the serpent peels
Revealing all it's mirror scales
As trees of knowledge bare placebos
And Oedipus chases white whales

Bloody war rag stabbed deep claiming
Shaming tame to drain and spawn
Gone ghetto Jesus to the psych-ward
The one-winged warthog rages on
Now decapitate the daisy blindfolds
Return the glass city to sand
On the shores of ancient mothers
In the pools of bleeding hands 

I get this feeling, late at night
Deep inside that there's something wrong
There is smell of, death in the air
Like something left out for too long
We're never lonely, we're never free
Nothing is sacred in shrines of fear 
Naked and living in a glass city
Waiting for something, already here
And is this going, over your head
Or is it not coming through at all?
The picture that I am painting
Of the vision that I saw

This is actually a Side Effects song, but the song version goes on for much longer than five minutes. I've always been a fan of songs like Desolation Row, and a big chunk of my material will probably never see No Shame due to that. I once wrote a song that Stratton Salidis put music to; we both would love to do it at No Shame, but we just don't know how to capture its whole under eleven minutes!

Though the structure is a little different in the song version there is no difference in the words or any lines in one that are not in the other. The thing that I was always worried about with this song/poem was that it might be misinterpreted as being cocky with the last four lines. Normally I don't like to tell people the meaning of a song in these notes, I don't like talking down, but I just really hope that people understand that the emphasis is on the line "Or is it not coming through at all?" and not "And is this going, over your head." It's about not being able to articulate something you feel passionate about.

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