copyright © 2002 Cory Capron

"ANOTHER ZIT"	Copyright Cory Capron 2002
A poem by Cory Capron, performed by Trent Westbrook

This is to be read in whatever style at whatever pace or paces the reader chooses, controlling pause and accent and even punctuation with the intent of making the piece drastically different from one reading and reader to another.

Poodle prancing down street catwalk obnoxious contrasting violently sneering judgment one-sidedly backdoors closed bouncer paranoid mechanical job's a job slob at home improvement hollowed filled with amphetamines sterilized thoughts head turned poodle mute surgical wonders perfected control illusion submission all part of a well balanced well oiled disease pulsing throbbing strobe sensitive repulsing closing hosing peeling off masking on drip drip dripping hours daily supplement hurt defensive yelping whipped inward secured social pack approved bubblegum shoe table underbelly soft tender sore subject who won the game how's the war what's it for a statement rhyme passed it's time submits to the chant of slant mint never brush no need to argue yes there is unseal breath relieved moment of action decapitated hydra emotion atom explosion halls silent curdled sound of chatter monkey rumors shifting feet eyes lip slit hands in pockets bathroom tension alone stalked weakling thinning jungle law flawed perhaps but keeping suspended locker drumbeat head bleed bad seed don't smoke weed ok I will who are you braking rules right on schedule no fun depressed over pixilated too real not real imagination fading down alleys yelping yelping with the poodles tiptoeing to please in fear too near again beaten conform damn you conform reclusive despairing forsaking bridge burning isolated puss oozing swelling decaying reason entrapping clawing so many heads on the hydra screaming out out out through bigger vent ejaculating shotgun blast bang pump bang pump bang pump bang empty relived horrified contorting reloading extra credit doors locked walls closing voices bullets poodle rabid staggering wide awake alarm clock blasting too loud too loud ears bleeding still hearing need to talk needed to talk tongue bit off swallowed shaking wrong face falsely accused a perfect weapon so used distracting reacting puss drained but refilling escape exit door one fear out weighed by another door opened lights out poodle self put to sleep such tragedy and why the piranha fingers swim in frenzy

I've been sitting on an urge to write about teen violence for a couple of years. I've always been hesitant due to how much we sell tragedy in this country. Sometimes I can't even tell who's sincere and who is trying to take advantage of other peoples suffering. I got really paranoid while writing this around when the “poodle” goes on a shotgun blaring massacre that I was writing this simply because of Michel Moore's new film. That's all not to say that when I go to No Shame that I think every person who comments about September 11th or whatever is like that. For one at No Shame I don't think you really can sell, only give. It's more that sometimes I don't trust myself I guess.
The lack of structure was one of those do it for whatever reason (laziness most likely) and find a better reason afterwards kind of things. It was nice because it really lent me vent this piece and that seemed good for the topic. I also had this thought swimming through my head at the time about how everyone wants to hear how the author reads their piece. I wanted to hear how other people read my poem, through their interpretation and style, under various circumstances (like a cold read as the first time was). For there to be no right way of doing it.

"Another Zit" debuted November 8, 2002, performed by Trent Westbrook.

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