The program from the Best of the Best of No Shame - Friday, October 11, 1996

Cadry Nelson & Rob Frisch




[pre-show entertainment featuring the vocal stylings of Cheryl Snodgrass.
And Brett Neveu & Adam Whisner's musical homage to The Mill]

Brett Neveu & Adam Whisner "The Mill"

In fact, it would be impossible to include all of the best of the best of No Shame Theatre in one evening. People have moved (perhaps too far away to return, or else to parts unknown), pieces have been lost due to erratic archives, and we must face the simple limitations of time when composing the roster for such an event. But in spite of these factors, we have managed to assemble a truly excellent showing of talent from No Shame's first decade. And on that note, here's the order for the evening. Enjoy the show!!

Megan Gogerty, Michael Moran, Larry Pontius, Doug Dawson,
Cheryl Snodgrass, Ashley Sovern, Jeff Goode

1. Brett Neveu, "I Like Wispy Clouds" (1989-1990)
Performed by Brett Neveu and Adam Whisner

2. John Smick, "Fruitcake" (1989-1990)
Performed by John Smick

3. Jeff Goode, "Cave Walruses" (1986-87)
Performed by Dan Gurler, Inger Hatlen, Amy Lynn Pigott, Cheryl Snodgrass, and Doug Steckel

4. Mike Geither, "Hey, This Really Happened" (1990-1991)
Performed by Mike Geither

5. Scott Smith, "Julio" (1990-1991)
Performed by Megan Gogerty and Cheryl Graeff

6. Carolyn Space Jacobson, "Limited Capabilities" (1990-1991)
Performed by Carolyn Space Jacobson

7. Eric C. Johnson and Doug Steckel, "Sanford Meisner and Son" (1991-1992)
Performed by Eric C. Johnson and Doug Steckel

8. Greg Armknecht, "Pants" (1988-1989)
Performed by Margaret DuBé

9. JP Claussen, Stephanie Frey, Larry Pontius, Benjamin T. Schmidt, "Waiting for Godot to Leave" (1992-1993)
Performed by JP Claussen, Stephanie Frey, and Larry Pontius

10. JC Luxton, "Rex 'n' Effect" (1992-1993)
Performed by JC Luxton

11. Dan Gurler, "Candle" (1987-1988)
Performed by Dan Gurler and Inger Hatlen

12. Eric C. Johnson, "Loud in Head" (1994-1995)
Performed by Aaron Cain, Eric C. Johnson, and Seán Judge

13. Todd Ristau, "Rabbit" (1986-1987)
Performed by Todd Ristau

14. JAB (John Smick, Adam Burton, Brooks Peck), "Pen Ni Tsuite No Geki" (1995-1996)
Performed by JAB and Rob Frisch

15. Megan Gogerty, "Prepubescent Expression" (1995-1996)
Performed by Megan Gogerty

16. Margaret DuBé and Jennifer Shepard, "The Vase" (1990-1991)
Performed by Margaret DuBé and Jennifer Shepard

17. Peter Ullian, "Street of Dreams" (1989-1990)
Performed by Peter Ullian

18. Mark D. Johnson, "WOW"(1988-1989)
Performed by Eric Pot, Jennifer Shepard, Todd Ristau, and Ashley Sovern

19. Clint Corley and Eric Summers, "4 Tall Men" (1991-1992)
Performed by Clint Corley, Eric C. Johnson, Brett Neveu, Doug Steckel, and Adam Whisner

The No Shame Board would like to thank Alan MacVey and the University of Iowa Theatre Department for inviting No Shame to take part in its 75th anniversary celebration. We would also like to thank the many people whose time and effort helped make this event possible, in particular Margaret DuBé, and all of the actors and writers (those included in this program and all who have ever contributed to the No Shame stage in the past) without whom there wouldn't have been a tenth anniversary to celebrate.

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