No Shame Theatre Archives (2003)

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No Shame Staff - 2003
Todd Ristau


photos Friday, October 17th, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]
First No Shame at Mill Mountain Theatre

This MIGHT be close to the order:

1) Alexander Cox - "A glimpse of Levitating Fishnet" (first line)

2) Connie Sellers - I want to be a Beach Bum

3) Simon Adkins - My Brilliant Cousin
4) Brandon Davis & Andre Burroughs - Dance of the Leprechaun King

5) Dwayne Yancey - Ye and Truly: The History of Rock'n'Roll

6) Dolores Curry - On the Road to Roanoke
7) Nosebone and Joker (?)(I thought the name was Bonedaddy Entertainment) - Magic Trick with audience participation

8) John Shirley - worn-out chicken blues

9) The Sad Cobras . . . - Spiders have Weird Abdomens
10) Sean Nitchmann - Dave the Angry Suburban Poet - My Lawn
11) Todd Ristau - Chicken Sunday
End of show music by Star City Wildcats

Todd Ristau, Director and emcee
Richie (What the heck is your last name?): Stage Manager and LBO
House Manager: Mary Knapp
Concessions and novelty sales: Stephanie Ingraham & Michelle Bennett
PAs: Daryn Warner and Sandi(?)
Archive Photography by Jennifer Fowler
Pre-show Music by the Star City Wildcats

It went very very well. We had a capacity crowd, and turned people away. Around 110 seats in theatre, so a sell out crowd for first night is pretty good. 11 acts, all got good response, wide range of stuff. Couldn't be happier, really. Sold three t-shirts. Gave away prizes. It was swell. ---Ristau

Friday, October 24th, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]

FUCKING GREAT SHOW, you guys and gals! Fantastic to come near sell out again this week.

1) Sad Cobras - Song, with electric guitar and vocals by DEEDRAYE HALLISTON, and STIFF McLIP doing crazy beats and keyboards.
2) Joe Barbee - Currently Untitled
3) Alexander Cox - Poem
4) Sean Roach - Rhapsody in Peppermint - musical scene
5) Laura Tuggle - Half Full - Monologue about drinking wine with a lover and her cold.
6) Dwayne Yancey - The Film Noir MacBeth - comic scene, MacBeth paraody in Sam Spade style. Performed by Dwayne Yancey and the Yancey Family Players.
7) Simon Adkins - These streets were trees - Memoir Monologue. Performed by Simon Adkins.
8) John Bryant - comic scene. Performed by John Bryant and (?)
9) Todd Ristau - I am God - Monologue about the DC Sniper shootings
Todd Ristau, Director
Richie, Stage Manager and LBO
Rob, Sound
House Manager: Mary Knapp
Concessions: Dick
Free Gifts: Richie's CD and Grandin Theatre Passes (Don't use on
Friday nights)

Friday, October 31st, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]
1) Virginia Wintermeyer - Embalming - (adapted for the stage and directed by Todd Ristau); a monologue about a mortuary science student's first embalming. Performed by Melanie Austin.)
2) Maia - FAIRY - poem, performed by author
3) Leslie Jarzabski - SATURDAY - dramatic monologue, performed by the author
4) John Peery - untitled; poem, performed by the author
5) Dwayne Yancey - The Last Man on the Moon Blues (five-minute version) - comic scene, performed by members of the Sad Cobras
6) Todd Ristau - Table Tapping Sex Magicians or Just Say No To Ouija - comic monologue, performed by the author
7) The Sad Cobras - BLACK CAT: A HIP HOP HALLOWEEN - musical imporvisation, Bloody Hatchett on keyboards and vocals and Loose Noose on electric bass and other sounds, introducing Chip "Lip" (ladies love the plastic)Robot.
Stage Manager, Host, Board Op: Richie Cannaday
House Manager: Mary Knapp
Concessions: Dick Vipperman
Volunteer PA(s): Pat Wilhelms

Friday, November 7th, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]
1) Todd Ristau - A really clever idea, comic scene, performed by Todd Ristau and Richie Cannaday
2) James Underdue - (?, No Script), poem in 3 parts or was it 3 poems?, performed by James Underdue
3) Kristin Baehr - (?, No Script), song, performed by Kristin Baehr, Rachel Nelson, and Melanie Austin.
4) Beth Reamer - (WE ARE NOT) THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE US, poem, performed by Beth Reamer
5) April Nimmo - (??????????, around 20 poems, no scripts for any of them), performed by April Nimmo
6) Dwayne Yancey - Escape Velocity, comic scene, performed by ????
7) Simon Adkins - LINES FROM EX-GIRLFRIENDS, short comic play in three scenes, performed by Simon Adkins and Rhianna (?)
8) Todd Ristau - Lou (aka Ex-Prize Fighter), poem, performed by Todd Ristau
Todd Ristau, Director
Richie Cannaday, Host, Stage Manager and Board Op
House Manager: Stephanie Ingraham
Concessions: Dick Vipperman
Production Assistant: Daryn Warner
Free Gifts: Dollar coupons for midnight pizza donated by Chico's

Friday, November 14th, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]

The order, as near as I can recollect it.... ---Todd


2) Dwayne Yancey - Now Hiring For Tooth Fairy
3) James Underdue I - DEM WORDS and MY SLUMBER
5) Jacknife Surprise(?) - SET THIS PLACE ABLAZE (first line)
7) Marin Miller - UNTITLED
8) Courtney Campbell - ODE TO CHRISTMAS
9) Chris Meyers - MY SOUL
10) The Sad Cobras - I SAW A GHOST LAST NIGHT
11) James Underdue II - DEATH BY SUICIDAL EYES
12) The Disgruntles - [no title]
Director: Todd Ristau
Host: Richie Cannaday
House Manager: Dick Vipperman
Box Office: Joan Ruelle
Box Office Helpers: Mary Knapp and ????
Board Op: Richie Cannaday
El Jefe: Daryn Warner (he is the Grand Poobah of Underground Roanoke)
Free Stuff: Midnight Pizza coupons for Chico's, and T-shirts from Safe As Milk Records.

There are some businesses out there in town who are very energetically supporting Underground Roanoke in general and No Shame Theatre in particular. When we give these prizes away, we're not just giving you free stuff, we are letting you know who the businesses in town are who are progressive and who want to see this No Shame thing succeed. Go thank them by buying lots of stuff from them. It makes a difference.

Friday, November 21st, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]
1. Connie Sellers - STREET MAN BLUE
2. Benjamin Stevens - ONE NIGHT STANDS
3. Todd Ristau - Firebug
4. Chris Myers - HEATHER'S SONG
5. Nelson Oliver - SNOWFLAKE
6. James Underdue - PASSION FRUIT
7. Dwayne Yancey - The Pi of Maggie (five-minute version)
8. Benjamin Clark I - FOUR HAIKUS
9. Kathleen Shaw - CONFESSIONS
10. Elizabeth Blyskal - LAST NIGHT
11. Benjamin Clark II - UNCLE JOHN'S (something or other)
12. John Reery - UNTITLED
13. Marycatherine Smith - The Fireman Song
14. Jens "I turned in a script" Rasmussen - THRESHOLDS
Director: Todd Ristau
Host: Richie Cannaday
House Manager: Sandi Day
Box Office: Stephanie Ingraham
Box Office Helper: ????
Concessions: ????
Daryn's Proxy: Suzanne Cresswell
LBO/SBO: Andrew Fox
PA: Andrew Fox's Girlfriend, whose name is ????
Signer for the Hearing Impaired: Caroline Stanfill
Free gift prizes: Passes to the Grandin

By the way, I think having someone sign the entire show is a No Shame first, and a super cool thing.

Friday, November 28th, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]
1) Alexander Cox - RETARD THEATRE, comic scene, performed by ? (Thank you for the script!)

2) John Peery - "Lights Up?", poem, performed by John Peery, NO SCRIPT!

3) Chris Meyers - WAY DOWN, song, performed by Chris Meyers. handwritten crumpled up piece of papersubmitted as script...not really what we're looking for in a script or lyric sheet. We want to respect your work...but what's left after the performance but this crumpled up sheet of notebook paper? Don't give me that preservation is the antithesis of the ephemeral art of the theatre crap either, mister. We have an archive, you've known about it for two months now. Get with the program. You're a leader in this community, now lead, dadgummit!

4) Jens Rasmussen - "There is nothing stopping this dog" (first line), monologue, performed by Jens Rasmussen. Even less written on his crumpled up torn piece of notebook paper. Pititful. Disgraceful, really. I hang my head in that thing I'm not supposed to feel.

5) Dwayne Yancey - Eve's Apple Stand, monologue, performed by Gina Feazell Ok, this is getting serious. Even Dwayne turned in a torn up scrap of paper...actually on the back of Richie Cannaday's paystub. Though, in fairness, Dwayne felt bad enough about imitating the cool people that he brought me a typed script for this piece the following week. Can't you see what is happening here, people??? We need scripts, and we need them from EVERYBODY. It's been two months now, you can't pretend you don't know the rules and proceedures anymore. You ain't Newbies No More! I need your help to LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

6) Nonoxynol-9 - DON'T CALL ME SLOPOKE, FAT-FACE; performed by Stiff McLip on the iMac and phaser petal, & Crom Selsnic on 8mm and synths. Don't even get me started on the torn up piece of paper. Which was blue.

7) Todd Ristau - I FEEL FINE, monologue, performed by Richie Cannaday

8) A Jack Knife Surprise ? performed by ? Not even the slightest suggestion of a script.

9) Simon Adkins - JOHNNY REBOUND, comic scene, performed by ? Thanks for the script, if you can write your cast list on them, so much the better. If the authors don't write the cast list, can the person in the light booth please make those notes on the scripts during performance? I know, I'm such a hard ass.

10) Marin Miller - BALLAD OF THE LOVESICK YODLER, song, perfomred by Marin Miller. She can find time to make up these songs, but typing them...that's a whole 'nother thing.

11) Sad Cobras - YOU'VE DROPPED YOUR MITTEN, musical improv, performed by Stiff McLip on bass, beats, and cell phone; Crom Selsnic on guitar and noise, and Deedraye Halliston on other guitar and other cell phone.

More blue paper, and a phone number to call it I don't like it.





Todd Ristau: Director in Spirit
Richie Cannaday: Host, Stage Manager
Mary Knapp: House Manager
Others: ?

Friday, December 5th, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]
1) Sad Cobras, GETTIN' FIT, with Crom Selsnic on beats & notes and stationary bike; Sountrack, on excercise equipment; Stiff McLipp on bass, and more exercise equipment; and Deedraye Halliston on guitar...and excercise equipment.

2) James Underdue, THE HOLE DEEPENS, poem, performed by the author

3) Allie Longworth, GREY SWEATER, acoustic guitar with female vocal performed by the author

4) Richie Cannaday, VHS INDISCRETION, Comic sketch, performed by Jens Rassmussen and Marin Miller

5) Dwayne Yancey, POLLY SIGH MEETS HER MAKER, comic sketch, performed by Rhianna Smith & Richard Kirkwood

6) April Allan, JUST A HINT/SHADOW, two short poems, performed by the author

7) Chris Meyers, RACHEL'S LULLABYE, song with guitar, performed by the author

8) Todd Ristau, GOD'S LAW MUST BE OBEYED, Archie Levine editorial, performed by the author

9) My Friend Matt, BUTT, performed by ? and ??, comic song with interpretive butt wiggling.

10) Rick Mercer, A TRULY CANADIAN APOLOGY, political monologue performed by Elise Packee

11) Marin Miller, DROWNED, serious song, performed by the author

12) Katey Branch, WOMAN RISING, serious poem, performed by the author

13) Benjamin Stevens, STAND UP COMEDY, dealing with booty call, Roanoke, complaining, and other stuff.


DIRECTOR: Todd Ristau
HOST: Richie Cannaday
LBO: Karen Gierchack
HOUSE MANAGER: Stephanie Ingraham
Gifts/prizes: two free tickets to Santaland Diaries

Hey all,

I don't know if there are any "house parties" in your area, but tonight we in Ronanoke No Shame are hooked up with simultaneous screenings of the movie "Uncovered:The whole truth about the Iraq war." happening around the country.l

There are supposed to be around 2,000 screenings of the movie, sort of like the Lysistrata Project. They will all be linked by a simultaneous live conference call witht he film maker at 8:30 EST, and then at the top of the hour they will screen the film. Our screening is going to be followed by a one hour version of No Shame Goes To War, featuring about 10 pieces or so. It will be a great event, and the sort of thing that might even give Joshua James some hope.

The house parties are being sponsored and organized by the group ( and if you go to their website I think there are a list of locations. Go to the website and click on the interactive map to find one in your area.


No Shame Goes To War
Sunday, December 7th, 2003
- [Babcock Auditorium, Hollins University]
1. Simon Adkins - An Angry Poem About Local Politics
2. Todd Ristau - The Wheel, the Foot, and the Road to War (aka The Foot, The Wheel, and the Road to War)
3. Joan Ruelle - Nuclear Quotidian
4. Nell Grantham - What's the Difference Between a Rant and a Prayer?
5. [author unknown] - Canada's Apology - (Read by Elise Packee, but who wrote this thing. I've forgotten his name.)
6. Richie Cannaday - Under God
7. ??? - Konomama
8. Todd Ristau - As Dumb as They Tell Us to Be - (performed by Todd Ristau)
9. Todd Ristau - A picture tells a thousand words - (perf. by John Bryant)
10. Katey Branch - Rumblings of Truth/O, Babylon

Friday, December 12th, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]
1) Chad Proctor, UNTITLED, anti-no shame monologue, performed by the author

2) Brandin Davis, IRISH LAD, original bagpipe song

3) Dwayne Yancey, THE PRESS RELEASE, comic sketch about angels and the true meaning of marketing Christmas, performed by Trina Yancey, Kris Sorensen, Marycatherine Smith, Laura Tuggle Anderson, and Ross Laguzza

4) James Underdue, THE TRIUMPH, poem, performed by the author

5) April Seymore, BOY MEETS GIRL, comic scene with actor directions, performed by April Seymore, Melanie Austin, and Rachel Nelson

6) John Peery, untitled poem, performed by the author

7) Cloe Ruff, MINISTER MONOLOGUE, performed by the author

8) Richie Cannaday, Chris Meyers, Marin Miller, JAPANESE GIRL, performed by the authors

9) Charlie Boswell, GREAT QUOTES AND FAMOUS GOODBYES, performed by the author

10) Mason, MASON's SCRIPT, monologue about newspaper reporting, performed by the author

11) Todd Ristau, PIECE OF PROSE THEATRE, serious sketch, performed by the author and Simon Adkins

12) Simon Adkins, SO I WAS JUMPED, monologue, performed by the author

13) Kevin La Rance, WHEN I WAS LITTLE (first line), poem, performed by the author

14) Nelson Oliver, MAGICALLY GETTING TO THIRD BASE, monologue with magic bra removal.

DIRECTOR: Todd Ristau
HOST: Richie Cannaday
HOUSE MANAGER: Stephanie Ingraham
(I don't have a sheet, so I don't remember the rest of our little helpers, though I am sure that Mary Knapp opened the doors and helped set up.)

Friday, December 19th, 2003 - [Waldron Stage]
[order missing]

"yeah, unfortunately as I wasn't there and Simon Adkins didn't go (and therefore review it) it is likely that this might be a "lost No Shame." I do know that Richie was there and did a piece, Allie Longworth did the song she performed at BONS, and Dwayne was there. I'll ask Dwayne to night to see if he can remember any details." ---Todd

"I'm drawing a blank. I remember where I sat (back row, stage right), and who with (my son) . . . I remember Todd wasn't there, so no Todd piece . . . I'm pretty sure James Underdue did some poetry, but other than that, hmm...." ---Dwayne

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