No Shame Theatre Archives (2004)

What: No Shame Theatre, an evening of original theatre and performance
Where:The Electric Company (, 2512 SE Gladstone, Portland, Ore, 503-232-5955
When:Fridays, April 9-May 7 2004, order taken at 10 p.m., curtain at 10:30 p.m.
Cost: $5 at the door

photos Friday, April 9, 2004 - [The Electric Company]
First Season of No Shame in Portland!!
1) Lee Moyer - Sin
[Performed by Jordan Weiss. What's so deadly about the Seven Deadly Sins?]
2) Theodora Knight - It's Remarkably Difficult to Die
[A hilarious chapter of her book Prozac on Paws, The Tale of Two Spayed Females]
3) Sean Nichtmann - Discount Bob (FAK piece! Thanks Sean, you rule!)
[Performed by Lee Moyer. One word; Chicken-Pussy!]
4) Nancy Ellen Row - Year of the Horse
[Performed by Jack Slate (let me know your real name please!) & Annaliese Moyer. Death and Peanut Butter, two great tastes...]
5) Steve Rawley - DEAD AIR, with Carrie Grody
[Performed by Janet VanWess, Anthony Redlesperger, Jordan Weiss & Jack Slate. Talk radio that has to be seen to be believed... imaginary sock-puppets, Wolfowitz and Bushie slap fighting, and the heart of American Foreign Policy.]
6) Lee Moyer - DAY TRIP TO GUAM
[performed with Janet VanWess. We got yer oxymorons right here...]
Stage Manager - Lee Moyer
Tech - Steve Rawley
PA - Paul Parks
Door - Annaliese Moyer

photos Friday, April 16, 2004 - [Electric Company]
1) Lee Moyer - Principles
[Performed by Janet VanWess and Mark Stephan. Beginning the accidental Lawn Anger arc.]
2) Nancy Ellen Row - The End of Civility
[Performed by Janet VanWess and Theodora Knight. Continuing the Lawn Anger theme.]
3) Sean Nichtmann - Dave the Angry Suburban Poet - My Lawn - (FAK piece! Thanks Sean, you rule!)
[Performed by Lee Moyer. Concluding the Lawn Anger arc.]
4) Steve Rawley - Writer's Staff Meeting
[Performed by Jordan Weiss, Janet VanWess and Anthony Redlesperger as Karl Rove]
5) Jordan Weiss - Three Poems by Hamford Chrysler

6) Nick Hope - no title

[Leaving Mr. Rogers Neighborhood]
7) Anthony Redlesperger - Mr. Bitterman Rides the Bus

8) Annaliese Moyer - God Hates Fags

[Performed by Anthony Redlesperger and Steve Rawley. Fire, Brimstone and Perfume?]
9) Lee Moyer - A Republican Reverie
[performed with Janet VanWess. What would Mommie's Psychic say?]
10) Theodora Knight - TV & ME.
[Another hilarious chapter of her book Prozac on Paws, The Tale of Two Spayed Females]
Door Prize - "Harlem" style wig. Won by Janet Van Wess
(Note: Last week's Door Prize [a papier-mache skull mask] was won by Alexa Weinstein)

Stage Manager - Lee Moyer
Tech - Martin McClure
PA - Jordan Weiss
Door - Annaliese Moyer

Friday, April 23, 2004 - [Electric Company]
Cancelled due to no attendance.

photos Friday, April 30th, 2004 - [Electric Company]
This week was great. 25 in the audience and strong work from more quarters.
Her Royal Highness Teddy Knight - Joke 'Em if They Can't Take a Fuck

Carla Dimaris and Jen (Hartman?) (of Sisters of Mercy) - "Worm" Improvisation (movement and voice)

Steve Rawley - First Date

[Janet VanWess, Anthony Redlesperger, and Jonathan (???)]

Cheryl Green - 26 Inch Love Poems

Nancy Ellen Row - Listening

[Teddy Knight]

Greg Passmore - The Pitch

[Janet VanWess and Anthony Redlesperger]

Alexa Weinstein - Instructions In the Event of My Inevitable Demise (skull mask doorprize piece)

Anthony Redlesperger - TV (viewing the reading of the US Armed Forces Iraq war dead in near silence)

Susan (???) - Injured Pigeon

Lee Moyer - Kangaroo Court

[Anthony Redlesperger, Janet VanWess, and Cheryl Green]

Lee Moyer - Give Space A Chance

[Janet VanWess and Cheryl Green]
Stage Manager/MC - Cheryl Green
Tech - Steve Rawley
Box/Concessions - Annaliese Moyer
Doorprize - Mardi Gras beads won by Jonathan (???)

photos Friday, May 7th, 2004 - [Electric Company]
1 - See Saw Project - An Excerpt, created and performed by Sarah Liane Foster and Heather Pearl Cromie (
2 - Writer's Block by Steve Rawley performed by Steve Rawley, Annaliese Moyer and Lee Moyer
3 - Legacy by Lee Moyer, performed by Lee Moyer, Anthony Redlesberger, and Annaliese Moyer
4 - Ginger, written and performed by Lee Moyer
5 - Oregon. We Love Dreamers, by Cheryl Green, performed by Cheryl Green, Carla D. Grant, Jonathan and Susan
6 - Beth Says, written and performed by Carla D. Grant
7 - Lust Poems written and performed by DKJR
8 - Johnny, Johnny, Whoops Johnny, Johnny, written and performed by Teddy Knight
Stage Manager - Cheryl Green
Box Office/Concessions - Annaliese Moyer
Tech - Steve Rawley
Door prize - ???

No Shame Radio
Friday, May 27th, 2004
- [KPSU AM 1450]

This is from our No Shame Radio show, which was broadcast live May 27 on KPSU AM 1450, the student run station at Portland State University.

Thursday the 27th we met DJ Ike at Portland State University we held the First No Shame Radio performance.
The show got underway with some pleasant banter with Ike and some delightful music. The order of pieces was:

1. Alexa Weinstein
2. Cheryl Green
3. Steve Rawley -- Deep Dimensions (performed by Steve Rawley, Jordan Weiss and Anthony Redelsperger)
4. Thodora L'Engle Knight -- It's Remarkably Difficult to Die
5. Jordan Weiss -- (performed by Anthony Redelsperger and Jordan Weiss)
6. Lee Moyer -- Endings (performed by Lee Moyer, Anthony Redelsperger and Janet Van Wess)

To celebrate our opening at The Brooklyn Bay, we'll be having an informal reception/party before and after the performance on the 30th. Come as early as 9p.m. and stay for an hour afterwards. It's potluck, so please bring something to share.

photos Friday, July 30, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]
First No Shame at The Brookly Bay!
1 - Clinton Johnston's Everything You Feel is Wrong (FAK piece) - Lee and Annaliese Moyer, and 2 of the Tragedies
2 - Alan Scally's The Cycle
3 - Cheryl Green's Tour de Sahara - Cheryl and 2 of The Tragedies
4 - Janet VanWess's Door Prize Obligation (a door prize piece)
5 - Molly and Melanya - Physical/vocal improv (velvet + doors)
6 - HB McGrew's Breakfast (a FAK piece) - with Annaliese Moyer and Jen Kram
7 - Steve Rawley's Sociaholics Anonymous
8 - Lee Moyer's No Nude Bathing
9 - Tom Jackson's What Will the Neighbors Think with The Tragedies
Door - Annaliese Moyer
MC - Lee (looking for a replacement!)
Concessions - None, we had a party
Lights - Melissa Kram
Sound - Steve Rawley
Door Prize - A coke spoon - won by Janet, who appears to have the door prize mojo.

Thanks for making our first night at the new venue a success everyone!

photos Friday, August 13, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]
1 - A Brand New House - Nancy Ellen Row, with Janet VanWess, Lee Moyer, Anthony Redelsberger, and Annaliese Moyer
2 - Um - Sean Norris
3 - Too Much Love Will Kill You - Lee Moyer, with Janet VanWess, Annaliese Moyer and ... ?
4 - Wow! No Shame Theatre - Jeremy Waldridge
5 - Improv - lead by Janet VanWess, featuring Sean Norris, Brian Linss, and Anthony Redelsberger
6 - Evil Genius - Lee Moyer, with Anthony Redelsberger

Friday, August 27, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]
  1. Mall of the Afterlife, by HB McGrew, performed by Annaliese Moyer
  2. The William S. Burroughs Puppet Piece, by Lee Moyer
  3. National Geographic, by The Tragedies
  4. Aw, Nuts! by Anthony Redlesberger
  5. Coke Spoon (a door prize piece) by Janet VanWess
  6. Spoken Word by Viki...
  7. Improv with Annaliese
  8. The Brain (another door prize piece) by Tom Clear, performed by Tom Clear, Janet Van Wess, Anthony Redlesberger, and Annaliese Moyer
Door and concessions - Annaliese Moyer
MC - Brian Linss and Cheryl Green
Lights - Janet VanWess

Door Prize - Greek fisherman's cap won by Kelly Linss

Friday, September 10, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]
[order missing]
pieces from this show:
  • Lee Moyer - War!

    Friday, September 24, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]
    [order missing]

    photos Friday, October 8, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]

    Hosts: Cheryl Green & Brian Linss

    1) Lee Moyer - monologue
    2) Cheryl Green reads haikus, limericks & fortune cookies from her birthday party
    3) Anthony Redelsberger (?) - mowing the lawn is "hard work" - performed by Anthony Redelsberger & Janet VanWess
    4) Steve Rawley - Debate Night 2004
    5) Jeff Goode - By Radio (aka Presidential Bulge)
    6) [author unknown] - monologue
    7) Lee Moyer - Flashback Theatre- Halloween 1978, performed by Lee Moyer(?), Brian Linss, Anthony Redlesberger, Jeff Goode, Tom Clear
    8) Jeff Goode - Nantucket, performed by Brian Linss

    Friday, October 22, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]
    1. 20 Reasons My Mother Makes My Head Explode by Nancy Ellen Rowe
    2. Yanni by Clinton Johnston, performed by Annaliese Moyer
    3. Just the Two of Us by Cheryl Green
    4. Cheney Without by Anthony Redelsberger, last show's door prize piece
    5. X by Nick O'Connor
    6. Improv by Annaliese Moyer
    7. We're Not Giving Away the Punchline by The Tragedies

    Friday, November 12, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]
    1. The Cache of a Lifetime by Cheryl Green
    2. Mortichi Krable by Todd Ristau, performed by Anthony Redlesperger
    3. Bumper Sticker by Annie Vergnetti--the week's door prize piece.

    Friday, November 26, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]
    1 - Your Turn by Lee Moyer
    2 - Improv with Annaliese - volunteers Vicki, Lee Moyer and Brian Linss
    3 - Hack Work by Lee Moyer, with Lee and Annaliese Moyer
    4 - Trust (flute song) - Vicki
    5 - Why Biting Your Children is a Good Idea - Cheryl Green
    6 - Improv with Cheryl Green, volunteers Jason Williams and Brian Linss

    Friday, December 10, 2004 - [The Brooklyn Bay]
    Last No Shame of the Year!
    This Friday is the last No Shame of the year!!! How can that be, you may be asking. Well, the fourth Friday this month is Christmas Eve. As our audiences have been a bit thin lately, I can't imagine a hoard of rabid No Shamers making it that night in particular. We hope many of you will come out for this year's finale. We are instituting a new policy - if you bring 2 new people to No Shame, you get in free. That's right folks - make your friends part with their $5 and get yourself in for free! ---Annaliese
    [order missing]