No Shame Theatre Archives (2002)

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January 17, 18, 19, 2003 - [Cherry Street Theatre]

Howdy pardners! Well this past weekend we had our fundraiser with the Playwrights Round Table. We brought in over 60 people this weekend. I know what some of you are saying...60 is a lot for us :) Anywho, we made a tiny sum of money and are trying to think of what to do with it. Chicklets? Or Tic Tacs? Hmmmmm We will be meeting soon to decide which direction to take No Shame here in Orlando.

There were some various people that ended up jumping on stage at the end so I didn't get their info... But the order that I sent were performed throughout the weekend...I thought it would be easier to post for the whole weekend instead of each night's order...
Hey all...Ok here is the latest Orlando news. We are going on an indefinate break. I have quit Cherry Street Theatre to explore the wonderful world of (paying, wooohoo!) Murder Mystery Evenings. I'm busy producing and performing in this new project. I'll keep y'all updated when I get more news. In the meantime check out the website at (My bio and headshot are there too under Eric Sharp's link, I'z so spacial). Talk to y'all soon :)
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Hey all! Just a friendly reminder/update on how things are shaping up here in Orlando. We are starting up again Friday August 8th (sign up 9pm, performances start at 9:30pm) at the Oval (beneath Bar Orlando, corner of Pine and Orange). We will be having a weekly show until we get arrested or kicked out. Our response has been very favorable and we feel our new locatin is going to be a gold mine. So come one come all, and as always monkeys are granted free admission. For all the humans we are asking for a $1 donation to support our crack habit. Remember only the first 15 people to sign up get their 5mins on stage, so be early!!! See ya there!

Friday, August 8, 2003 - [O.V.A.L.]
First performance at the Orlando Visual Arts League

Hey all!! We had a great crowd!!! Our order is as follows:

the Sparklie Kittens - "Bad Poetry and Interpretive Dance" presents The Mule
Kim Wade - Naughty Bits (Kim Wade who performed despite the fact she had a broken hip!!!)
Rory Penland - Ode to Godzilla
Jim Moss - Splotches on the Moon
Matt Baetz - Stop Slow (by far the funniest shit I've ever seen)
H.B. McGrew - Not a Heather (a tear jerker)
H.B. McGrew - Smurfette - The E! True Hollywood Story
everyone - No Shame Libs #2
Lee Moyer - A Town Like Alice (we love you Lee!!)
H.B. McGrew - Muddy Boots
I'd also like to take a moment to (re)introduce and thank some of our new and old core members:
Rory Penland- Artistic Director
Matt Baetz- Asst. Artistic Director
Heather Lam- Producer
and moi Tabitha Lee- Production Manager
and the new No Shame Players (formed for writers who either have no one to perform their pieces, or their friends won't touch their pieces with a 10 foot pole): Jessica Saita, Chris "Mighty Mack" McCormack, Sidney J. Dragon and of course our little prodigy Avery Chester (Heather's son, who is a brilliant actor already at the age of 12).
We had a great time and the OVAL loved us being there. The president of the OVAL has agreed to help us market, and is very impressed with No Shame. We are so close to taking over Orlando we can taste it!!! Thanks for all of your support fellow No Shamers!!!!!!!!!!!!