To apathy, to entropy, to empathy, ecstasy
Vaclav Havel - The Sex Pistols, 8BC,
To No Shame - never playing the Fame Game
     --from Rent

No Shame Theatre

New York City

(est. 2002)

150 First Avenue (at 9th Street)

The Order from May 23rd

September 13, 2002
May 23, 2003
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As always, admission is a paltry $1, and you can participate even if you don't bring your mother. Just show up in the downstairs theater at PS 122 and give me a script at 10:30pm, and you're in the show. And for those of you not in the show (or for those of you who have, like me, found that the poor diction caused by alcohol consumption is far outstripped by the attendant increase in enthusiasm) ice cold beer is still just $3 for two bottles. That's cheap and tasty. That's No Shame Theatre.

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How do I get to P.S. 122?

"No Shame Theater is an open performance forum for theatre, music, dance, sketch comedy, performance art, and virtually anything else you can do on a stage. All pieces must be original, under five minutes in length, and cannot damage the space or its occupants in any way. Other than that, everything goes. Participants should be at the theater by 10:30 with a typewritten copy of their script for the light board operator. The first fifteen scripts that comply with the above rules will be accepted. That's an hour and fifteen minutes of high test art! For only five dollars! Merciful bleeding Christ!"
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