No Shame Theatre

Missoula, Montana

(est. 2010)

The Order


first Friday of the month
at the
Crystal Theatre

at 10:00 p.m.
(sign up at 9:30)

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No Shame Theatre is a venue for writers and performers to present their work before an audience. This is open to all areas of performance: playwriting, dance, music, comedy, poetry...No rehearsals are necessary. Just show up and sign up. There are 15, 5 minute slots available first-come-first-serve. The rules: all work must be original, 5 minutes or less, you can't break yourself, the audience, the theatre or the law. Sign up is at 9:30pm. The show starts at 10pm.

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at Crystal Theatre
515 Higgins

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Insurgo Theatre Movement

(900 E. Karen Ave., #D114, at Commercial Center)

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