Mission Statement - Library

The NOSHAME.ORG web site is a historical site dedicated to preserving for posterity the goings-on of No Shame Theatre in all its forms.

The No Shame Web Library is an online compendium of pieces performed at No Shame Theatre. All scripts remain the sole property of the author(s) and in no case may these scripts be copied, published, downloaded, or performed without the express permission of the copyright holder.

Regarding Permissions. Whenever possible, contact information has been provided on the individual script pages. However, if you are not able to reach the author of a piece through other means, we will be more than happy to contact them for you. Simply write to the webmaster at: NoShTh@aol.com

Regarding Submissions. Scripts which has been performed at any of the No Shame Theatres are eligible for inclusion in the No Shame Script Library. Simply send a text file, or a URL where the file can be located to the webmaster at: NoShTh@aol.com.

Follow this link: for further Script Submission Guidelines