"No Shame Theatre = (Creativity + Art + Drama - Cost) to the Power of Comedy"

No Shame M.S.U.


(est. 2005)

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The Order from December 9

No Shame Theatre
First Friday of Every Month!
Black Box Theatre
submissions at 8:00
show starts at 9:00
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RULES... or well loose suggestions really

Here are the loose guidlines to No Shame:

All works submitted must be written by the person submitting it i.e. No scribbling out Arthur Miller's name and Putting in yours on the cover of "Death of a Saleman"

Be nice to the people who are performing, in most cases the works being performed are brand new and unrefined, also it is probably the first time the actors have ever seen it.

Finally, please submit your work. It can be anything; a play, a story, a monologue, a rant, a song, a performance art peice, an improv peice, anything you may be working on.

And finally again, please submit them at least 15min before the show begins, and give us enough copies for all the actors and one extra copy for us.

Thanks, see you at the next show

About me:
I am a theatre event like no other. I encourage personal growth as a performer and as a writer by facilitating a medium by which writers can have there material performed in front of a live audience and in front of themselves. I was brought to Minot by Jill Wheeling as part of her Senior Recital class. Since then she has left me in hands of Christen and Chris and i have undergone some minor metamorphisiis, but my soul is as strong and verile as ever. I encourage you to write something and submit it, to come and perform, or just come and watch some exciting new plays and performances the next time I am held. Please help to spread the word of No Shame.

Who I'd like to meet:
People willing to write, perform, or come watch and support the next No Shame.

For more information about No Shame MSU,
contact: Chris Strochen and Christen Friddle