No Shame Lynchburg seeks to create a safe environment for artists of all walks to grow in their own creativity and to deepen their means of self-expression.

No Shame Theatre

Lynchburg, Virginia

(est. 2010)

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No Shame Theatre
starts November 12th
Fridays @ 10:45
Sign up at 10:15
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No Shame: Lynchburg takes place on the campus of Randolph College in Lynchburg Virginia. We are in Lab Theatre, Leggett 203. On rare occasions we will hold No Shame upstairs in Thoreson Theatre. To find the lab, enter in the Leggett Building on the 3rd floor (entrance to Thoreson Theatre). Go down the hallway to the left of the theatre entrance and you'll go down some steps. Go through the door in front of you and then go through the door to your left. Down the steps and you're there.

Best place to park is on the west side of the building. Come down N Princeton Circle. Turn into the campus and drive by Houston Chapel. Weave into the campus, staying to your right. You'll dead end at a parking lot that is right next to the building.

The other option is to drive down Norfolk on the other side of campus and park next to the tennis courts. Walk up the steps of the Physical Education Building, cross the bridge. Walk up the hill and enter the Thoreson Lobby. Then down the hall and down the stairs

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