No Shame Theatre

Los Angeles

(est. 2002)
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The Order

No Shame Theatre
October 25, 2002
January 9, 2009

Fridays at 11:00 p.m.
Powerhouse Theatre
3116 2nd Street
(in Santa Monica)
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FIN48 (FIN 48)

Powerhouse Theatre - Fridays at 11pm
(3116 2nd Street - in Santa Monica)
M Bar - May 9th - "No Shame Goes to Hollywood"
(corner of Fountain & Vine - in Hollywood)
American Renegade Theatre
(11136 Magnolia - in North Hollywood)


Are you an actor or writer...or even a director? Just like to play on stage? Become a part of the award-winning theatre group that spawned the careers of many actors, including John Leguizamo, Camryn Manheim, and Toby Huss. And just as many writers, including John Leguizamo, Rebecca Gillman, Naomi Wallace, and Jeff Goode.

No Shame Theatre is a weekly open performance venue for original and risky works of theatre. Scripts arrive an hour before show time, they’re cast, rehearsed, and on stage an hour later.

Anything goes: Comedy sketches, dramatic monologues, ten second blackouts, songs, dance pieces, rants, dadaist constructions, serialized epics, magic, juggling, puppet abuse and things that we're not even sure exist yet.

No Shame is an opportunity for writers to bring in a piece they've written and put it up with real actors in front of a real audience. It's also a chance for actors to get stage time with new scripts.

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