No Shame Las Vegas NOTICE: No Shame Theatre switches to SUMMER SCHEDULE this month. No Shame will be held the SECOND THURSDAY of June, July and August -- instead of weekly. Spread the word! Registration 9:30 / Show 10:30 p.m.

No Shame Theatre

Las Vegas, Nevada

(est. 2010)

The Order


February 22nd!
at the
Insurgo Theater Movement

every Thursday
at 10:30 p.m.
(sign up at 9:30)

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A weekly testing ground of original works (scripts, songs, dance, film, you got 'em? Bring 'em!) The Rules of No Shame: #1 - All pieces must be under five minutes #2 - All pieces must be ORIGINAL! (No Neil Simon, unless you're Neil Simon and you just scribbled this thing out on a cocktail napkin!) #3 - No piece may break the law...the theater...the audience...or the performer. We'd like to keep this thing going...

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at Insurgo Theater Movement
900 E. Karen Ave # D114
New Orleans Square, Commercial Center

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How to find the:
Insurgo Theatre Movement

(900 E. Karen Ave., #D114, at Commercial Center)

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