No Shame Theatre Archives (Spring 2004)

Board Members for Spring 2004
Dixie Roberts
Brittany Borcher
Adam Terry
Jamie Olah
Agusta Hefti
Merideth Gifford

Spring 2004

Friday, January 23, 2004 - [Room 172 Science & Ethics Building]

First No Shame of the semester

I wouldn't say we got off to a rocket of a start, but that aside, we had some really great performances and pieces... and here they are!

1. The way I am- Performed and by Scott Jenks.


3. Piece of Sand- by and performed by Megan Garvey.

4. Always Waiting- by and performed by Aubrey Miller.

5. The Sweetest 'I Love You'- by and performed by Matt Perry.

6. Amanda- by and performed by Joe Schermann. Another great song from Joe! I especially loved the intro by "Reverend Iverson."

7. Get Down On Your Fucking Knees, You Miserable Wretches, For I Bring You Theatre- By James Erwin performed by Troy Iverson.

8. Homophobic puppets make the worst friends- by DIxie ROberts performed by Dixie ROberts and Brit Borcher.

9. Weight Watchers- by and performed by Jamie Olah.

10. The Coolest Squirrel in Bittle Bittle- by Jeff Lenhart and performed by Dixie Roberts, Brit Borcher, Scott Jenks, Joe S. and Agusta Hefti.

11. Fatty Fatty 2x4 by and performed by Val Sales and Kayla Sundean.

Friday, February 6, 2004 - [Room 172 Science & Ethics Building]

I wasn't here for this one, but thanks to our fearless board members it went off without a hitch. Let it also be known that we had a solid HOUR of original material with no First Aid pieces- Way to go LaCrosse No Shamers!

1. Reading too Much: A screenplay- by Jenn Spridco, performed by Jamie Olah, Luke Webber and Rachel Finch.
2. 2 Sides of the Coin- performed and by Aubrey Miller
3. An Intelligent Debate Between Friends- performed and by Matt Perry and Troy Iverson
4. To My Closest of Friends- performed and by Stacy McGreggor
5. (name)- performed and by Jamie Olah and Matt Perry (Sorry Jamie, you add in the name, I don't have it in the order!)
6. Life was much more beautiful- performed and by Joe Shermann
7. Utopia:A Saterical Essay- performed and by Troy Iverson
8. Void of Meaning- performed and by Jamie Olah
9. Irene Gunderson- performed and by Agusta Hefti
10. Short Story- performed and by Luke Webber
11. Reading Too Much: A Screenplay...ACT II by Jenn Spridco, performed by Jamie Olah, Luke Webber and Rachel Finch.

Friday, February 20, 2004 - [a very humble apartment complex basement]

No Shame LaCrosse took place at 10:30pm this evening in a VERY humble apartment complex basement. Special thanks to Jason,Logan, Rachel and Greta for finding us a home! There were no chairs, just a cold floor and about 35 loyal no shamers crammed into a small space a long with a washer, dryer and a few other odds and ends. The show kicked ass, it was the best no shame this year. Thank you to all who have supported us from other no shames and especially to the die hard performers and audience members who walked 4 blocks off campus in the ass numbing cold!

oh and p.s their WAS nudity... AND PIZZA! The rumor has now been proven true. Thank God for that!

1. Monkey Death Car!!!!! by Matt Perry and performed with Luke Webber and Troy Iverson
2. Observations II- Performed and by Dixie Roberts
3. The Amazing Hairspray Challange- performed and by Jamie Olah
4. Why Am I Never Too Drunk to Remember?- by Matt Perry performed by Megan Garvey
5. Paris Heat- Joe Shermann
6. Once Upon a time in "suck my bung hole" by Luke Webber performed with Missy Buser
7. Storytime Wif Mo Styles- by Howard Zimmerle (first aid) performed by Ryan Soberg, Scott Jenks and Dixie Roberts
8. Mission Statement Mad Libs- Performed and by Dixie Roberts and Brit Borcher, and special collaboration with Luke Webber
9. Acceptance Letter- Performed and by Staci McGregor
10. Rainbow Butterflies- by Luke Webber with Ryan Soberg

Friday, March 19, 2004 - [a very humble apartment complex basement]

Yes folks, we were once again in the scenic basement of Jason, Rachel, Greta and Logan. Thank you all again for your wonderful hospitality! Now here's the order!

1. A Day at Stereotype High School; Part One: The Norm
By Matt Perry Performed by Troy I, Luke W, Ryan S, Aubrey , Missy B

2. Chrysalis
performed and by Luke Pingel

3. Ice Cream is Good Love is Bad
by Abby DeSanto with Emily J and Amanda D

3.5 Fatty Fatty 2x4 UPDATE
Performed and by Val Sales and Kayla Sundean sorry guys- I loved this litle piece and I always enjoy updates from you two!

4. Friends Since Kindergarten
Performed and by Dixie Roberts

5. It's Nice to See You Again
Performed and by Joe Schermann

6. Living
by Luke Webber Performed by Troy Iverson

7. Big Bad Buddha
(I think I spelled that right!) Performed and by Jamie Olah

8. Broken
By Kayla Sundean with Ryan Soberg

9. A Test
By Matt Perry performed by Rachel F, Ryan S, and Jamie O

10. Scrotum Busters Unlimited
By Andy Schroeder Performed by Luke P, Dixie R and Brit B

11. Falopia the Feminist
Performed and by Agusta Hefti

12. A Believers Test
By Luke Webber with Ryan S

13. Treatis on Love
By Luke Webber performed by Troy I

13.5 JAMIE makes out with AGUSTA!
This for sure has to be documented in our No SHame history, what is a NS without someone making out with Jamie!!

14. A Gentelmanly Wager
Performed and By Luke W and Troy I

Friday, April 2, 2004 - [a very humble apartment complex basement]

We were small but mighty this week and still in the humble basement. We were also joined this week by some tennants of the apt building whose basement we borrow weekly, they proceeded to the game room and played air hockey for the ending portion of No Shame, but hey- it didn't phase us! =) And with that, the order!

1. Our Dearly Departed, I had a CD once
performed and by Staci McGregor and Deena Huerkamp

2. Watch, Monkeys! This is Art!
By Matt Perry, with Staci McGregor and Troy Iverson

3. End and Start
Performed and by Joe Schermann

4. I Love It
Performed and by Jenn Spridco

5. A Modest Proposal
Performed and by Matt Perry

6. There Next To Me
Performed and by Jamie Olah

7. Goodbye, My Darling
Performed and by Matt Perry

8. Red Bird, Purple Sky
Performed and by Jenn Spridco

Friday, April 16, 2004 - [a very humble apartment complex basement]
1. A Day at Stereotype High School; Part One: The Norm
By Matt Perry and performed by Matt Perry, Troy Iverson, Aubrey Miller, Joe Schermann, Megan Garvey

2. Jesus Got Blueballs: A Metaphorical Analogy
By The Rev. Troy Iverson with the assistance of Holy Sister Megan Garvey

3. Music of The Spheres
Performed and by Jamie Olah

4. Title Irrelevant
By Luke Webber and Matt Perry performed by Matt Perry, Val Sales, Aubrey Miller, Troy Iverson and Jamie Olah

5. Sweet Memories
performed and by Josh Wenzler

6. San Antonio Soul
performed and by Joe Schermann

7. A Day at Stereotype High School; Part Two: Acceptance
By Matt Perry, (Same Cast performed)

Best of No Shame
Friday, April 30, 2004
- [a very humble apartment complex basement]

Alright, Im sorry its so late, but as some of you know it is finals week and it has been a LITTLE busy here! But we DID have our AWESOME Best Of No Shame as planned in... what else- THE BASEMENT! We had a packed house and a great show! It's been a great semester and what a way to end our first offical year of NO SHAME LaCrosse! I would like to say special thanks to our awesome board that keep things going through controversy and homelessness, you are all so creative and awesome! Also BIG thanks to Rachel Finch and Greta Raatz for the gracious use of their basement every other Friday night! and FINALLY thanks to the writers and loyal fans of No Shame who kept this alive this year and hopefully will for a while, you guys are great! And with that sappy end, here's the order!

1. Reading Too Much: Part I - Jenn Spridco
2. Amanda - By Joe Schermann with Intro by Rev. Troy Iverson
3. Goodbye, My Darling - Matt Perry
4. Weight Watchers - Jamie Olah
5. Utopia: A Saterical Essay - Troy Iverson
6. Rainbow Butterflies - Luke Webber and Ryan Soberg
7. Acceptance Letter - Staci McGregor
8. Observations from a Plane - Dixie Roberts
9. Ice Cream is Good... Love is Bad - Abby DeSanto
10. Reading Too Much: Part II - Jenn Spridco
11. Piece of Sand - Megan Garvey
12. Falopia the Feminist - Agusta Hefti

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