No Shame Theatre Archives (Spring 2003)

Spring 2003

Friday, May 9th, 2003

There WAS a LaCrosse No shame!! May 9th at 9pm at Viterbo we had it. It was a small crowd and pieces were mostly pulled from first aid, but we had a few originals and it went really well, and got people excited for next year. No Shame will start up here in LaCrosse again in late Aug when school starts, I will keep you posted! *Dixie*

1. Can You Tell Me How To Get (fill in the blank)?-- by Luke Pingel (performed by David Adamick)

2. I Love My Mom-- by James Erwin (performed by Amandah Macleish)

3. Little Miss "Too Good to Eat Her Own Feces"-- by Howard Zimmerle (performed by Brittney Borcher and Ken Shelper)

4. Textures-- by Luke Pingel (performed by David Adamick and Jen Roberdeau)

5. Boystown-- by Dixie Roberts (performed by Dixie Roberts)

6. Bipolar Ducks With Green Feet in f# minor-- by David Warren and Brittney Borcher (performed by David Warren and Brittney Borcher)

7. 2 Untitled-- performed and by Jenn Spridco

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