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Wednesday, January (31st, maybe?), 2007 - [Little Theatre]
[order missing]

Comment posted by Lilly (2/13/06) on Live Journal board:
No I don't have the order
There were two good pieces that I remember; Sophie's monologue about how she is better than me, and Eleni's food rap. Also Emmy had Sarah perform a Valentiney monologue. Did Mike have a piece

All I really remember is getting hit in the head by philipe, and I hadn't read the thing before, so I really wasn't expecting that...
And I had a haiku. I also did this piece where I was doing a beatbox, but eleni had to rudely do a food rap over it

the valentine one was about pooping reindeer. and the other one where mike got hit on the head was shamefully not proofread, and was awful. It should be forgotten.

Also, there was Drama Excercise #3, where Phil was my suicidal boyfriend. That was most def. BOYS quality right there.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 - [Little Theatre]

-Buy some CDs from Sophie, $5 a pop.

1. Ode to a Lost Love by LILLY
(Shakespearian sonnet about potatoes)

2. All State Orchestra by Tareq
(The secret All-state tiebreaker round... you should pay more attention to elevator music)

3. Stupid Cupid by Eleni
(Cupid makes people fall in love; that's his job)

4. Love is in the Air by King Sophie + Philip Bergman
(Cupid makes people fall in love, dancing ensues)

5. Dillon Goodlaxon by Mike
(Abreviations make communication so much more efficient)

6. Honest Henry's guide to Emmy Bates by King Sophie
(Honoring the time-tested Valentine tradition by martyr-ing Dillon.)

7. Milkshake by Emmybates
(Sophie totally bursts Mr. Doug's weird 80's dancing bubble)

So: let's make it a collective goal to have at least 25 (I upped the ante) non-performing audience members plus at least 10 good pieces at the next show. Yes Shame has been good in the past, so uh, maybe it will be good in the future?
Wednesday, March 28, 2007 - [Little Theatre]
1. Something to Say Pt. 1 by LILLY
(Marriage proposal)

2. Joint-Variation Juggling by Emmybates
(Proctrastination is kind of like studying?)

3. Three ______ Encounters That Could Define My Life by King Sophie
(God gave us legs, Facebook groups, and a broken viola)

4. Ode to "Slacker Danny" by Lily "LC" Chong
(A poem for someone on TV)

4.5 Something to Say Pt. 2 by LILLY

5. Mike's Piece by Mike
(Czechs are cool)

6. Banjo Song by King Sophie
(2 songs--one anti-war, one just pretty)

6.5 Something to Say Pt. 3 by LILLY
(Get a haircut)

7. "Not a funny monologue" by Emmybates
(Racism is sad)

Hey, can you help me out with that title, Sophie?
Also it seems like Mike's piece would have had a clever pun as the title?
Uh otherwise this is correct.

Wednesday, April (11th? or 18th?), 2007 - [Little Theatre]

- Riverside Theater needs boys for their summer play. Hey, you are a boy, and you like theater--why don't you ask Sophie Taft for the Riverside Theater phone number?
- Sophie is going to be on Public Access TV tomorrow night from 9-10. It is Michael Tabor's TV show. It is called Tabey Time!!!
-Sophie is selling CDs of herself singing and playing music for $5.
-Film Fest is on Friday
-Eleni's mom is having a jewelry party tomorrow.
-That's all the announcements, really.

0. Secret Piece by Philemmy
(Attempt at helium-singing)

1. Greatest Invention of All Time by Emmybates
(Jesus invented the fish)

2. Dinosaurs by Sophie King
(Those fake people in the Natural History Museum are hellaz creepy)

3.Local News Anchor by LILLY

4. Death of Trotsky by Paul Goldenstein
(Actually, he's already dead.)

5. You're the One That I Want by Lily "LC" Chong and inspired by someone else
(Self Esteem)

6. Monologue Written in the Margins of Math Notebook by Emily Artz
(Emily is at war with her bass strings)

6.5 Self Esteem by LILLY
(Blind jokes. Also, self esteem jokes.)

7. Sophie Song by King Sophie
(Accordian and rather spiteful lyrics; it probably has an actual name too)

8. Mike's Piece by Mike
(Grandmother and 14-year old grandson and their hijinks)

9. Ask Emmy by Emmy
(Ask Emmy for advise, do it now)

Hi guys, what do you think of making this "Livejournal" group also a "Facebook" group, as that place has more people? Would that be lame?
Also, is it still uncool to talk about Facebook even online? (...Especially online?)
Well I thought this was a great show; review it you guys.

Wednesday, May (?), 2007 - [Little Theatre]
Dead Week

Soph or Lilly can put in the real one later, but fill your topic and title in because I don't remember a great deal of last nights pieces...

1) Emmy talks with Paul Goldenstein and they talk about avoiding bears

2) LC reads an email about Philly Bird that was in the UAY festival

3) Mike gives a crappy explanation of monkeys

4) Foot stomping with soph and lilly

5) Soph and Lilly milky way bar

6) my very brief diet cocaine / diet cocaine plus one

7) LC dances the year away

Fix and review it!!!
Best of Yes Shame
Wednesday, May (?), 2007
- [Little Theatre]
[order missing]

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