"I went to this. It "rocked" the "house". I "think" that anyone interested in seeing specifically what it is that "real" No Shame is missing should "attend" Yes, Shame."      --Nick Clark

Yes, Shame Theatre

Iowa City High School

(est. Sept. 10, 2002)
"To balance out the presence of shame, there are refreshments."

The Latest Order

City High's favorite No Shame knockoff. Every other Wednesday Night in the Little Theatre at 8:00. Bring materials at 7:30 to get on the order.
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News: Yes Shame is starting September 3rd at 8:00pm in the Little Theater. Come at 7:30 if you're performing. Bring a skit, tell your friends.
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City High School
(1900 Morningside Drive)

Rules haven't been formally set up, but it must be, for the most part, 'school appropriate.' So far it's been on Tuesdays, and I think it might stick there. The show actually starts at 8:00, but I guess you could say order is taken at 7:30.
For information about Yes, Shame, contact:
Andy Fenneman, Tareq Abuissa, and Harrison Burke