No Shame Theatre Archives (1997-98)

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1997/98 No Shame Theatre Administrative Board
Adam Burton
Rob Frisch
Mandi Lee
David Smith


Friday, September 5, 1997 - [Theatre B]

WOW. What a night. We turned away something like 75-100 people. Yeesh... My regrets to any of you who were still in the lobby when we had to close the doors... Adam

1) Kirk Smith and David Smith - High Speed, Low Drag Sesame Street
2) Chris Stangl, Jamal River, Mose Hayward, Andrew Weiss, Aaron Freeman, and Mickey Melchiondo - The TV Volume Skit (performed by Jamal River, Chris Stangl, Mose Hayward)
3) Bradley Harris - Up in the Air
4) Smick - Chess Men
4.5) Veronica Villa - So I Think This Is the End of My Life
5) Mandi Lee - Gone
6) Kent Lambert - Did I Ever Tell You about the Time I Met Eddie Vedder?
7) Rob Frisch - From Durer to Rauschenberg
7.5) Veronica Villa - This Is Utterly Hilarious
8) Dan Brooks - The Bitter Ramblings of an Angry, Pathetic Man or Maybe Next Week I'll Do a Character Sketch - (performed by Dan Brooks)
9) Smick - Chess Men: The Payoff
10) Rob Merritt - In the Dark
11) Orion Meyer - Orion Meyer's Piece
12) Bari Newport - Untitled

Friday, September 12, 1997 - [Theatre B]
1) Greg Mitchell - The Prophecy (Greg Mitchell)
Two separate, short pieces. The lights come up on Greg centerstage; he's wearing a Renaissance fest sort of cloak with the hood pulled over his head. He reads a spiritual/abstract/science fictionalized description of the transition of a "girl... a mere girl" into something else: a sophomore. Part II: Greg pulls the hood back and starts reading in a hick-ish accent about cruising down the highway with his ferret Kyle, who changes radio stations and cranks the volume; Kyle is one cool critter. They take on another car that wants to rumble, and make the hairpin curve that saves them (but not the other car) from doom.
2) "Dizzy Danielle, Red Hair Steve, and Cowboy Chris" - No Shame Tribal Dance
Two drunk and/or tripping guys ramble for five or six minutes while smoking cigarettes. It was entertaining briefly when we thought they were playing fucked up characters. Finally one of them asks the audience if they want to hear his views on spirituality. The audience calmly and in unison says no. So he volunteers to talk about something else while his buddy finishes his cigarette. Then they leave. Loudly. (I sense a ban approaching.) The script-taker for the evening had never taken pieces before; these guys wouldn't normally have made it to the stage without giving real names and a script. They turned in about two lines stating it was an improv. They weren't kidding.
3) Veronica Villa - Drama for the No Shame Stage #1 (Jake Hauser)
The lights come up. Jake Hauser is on stage facing the other way. His body starts to shake, and we realize he is crying. And crying, and crying. Still facing the other way, he falls to his knees, wracked with grief. He slowly maneuvers so that he's facing the audience, as if to tell us what's wrong but he's crying so hard (no tears, but a lot of noise and shaking) that he can't get it out. Finally he collapses completely face down on the floor, arms and legs splayed, and we hear, "My petunias died!" ...and we're all laughing, and he keeps crying, and when there's enough quiet to hear him, he says, "....and I'm lonely!" and keeps crying till the lights are out. He actually got the pity sound out of the No Shame audience, 'cause who could help but have sympathy for him??
4) Kelli Rae Powell - Cute Box
About a woman trapped in a little box with (she thinks) little flowers on it. But how would she know, because she's in it, right? So she talks about how maybe she can just sit up and get out of it, stretch, dance around, and she acts all this out and she's overjoyed. It seemed like maybe that would be it, which (in spite of decent stage presence) wasn't going to be much of a piece. Then she starts thinking about the possibilities, like maybe all this time, stuck in her little box, she was naked. And maybe it's being kept in a nursing home for the very old and feeble, and when she jump out naked, yelling and shouting with joy, several old people have heart attacks, and all their children and grandchildren are visiting, and all the boy scout troops and brownies are there. A little curly-headed boy would ask his father, "Daddy, why is grandma spitting blood?" "The bad naked lady did it, son. Avert your eyes!" (or something to that effect). And everyone in the room who wasn't completely focused on their dying elders would be looking at her, the murderer, as the sirens drew nearer. All because she got out of that box.
5) Mandi Lee - Penny (Mandi Lee, Veronica Villa)
Jennifer (played by Mandi) thinks aloud about a woman named Penny with whom she is drinking, admiring her. Tangents to thoughts of her cousin Penny, then the the lowliest of coins that bears the same name, and back to the original drinking companion, who she decides not to pursue after all. (But this is a far too linear interpretation for this piece; it's more about the shifts, with another voice provided by Veronica Villa filling in at spots.)
6) Joaquim Smick and Adomo Burtoni - They Embrace
7) Noemi de la Puente, Doug Howington, and Matthew Curl - Funny, You Don't Look Hispanic (Noemi de la Puente, Doug Howington, Matthew Curl)
A woman (Noemi) is trying to get cast for a part, but the black man (Doug) in charge of casting doesn't think she looks Hispanic. She takes offense and tries to get him to reconsider, but he just calls security. So she tells him off in Spanish. They spar a bit verbally, and he says she doesn't move right for the role anyway. Next thing you know, there's music playing and they're having a dance-off. She does a dance, he does one back, they trade off a couple more times and then they are dancing together. They're getting big-time funky, and he starts making butt-slapping motions behind her (big audience reaction). Suddenly Security bursts in (Matt Curl), and pulls Doug off of Noemi because of course the black man must be the reason for the security call, right? They set him straight, though, and then he asks if he can watch. They yell at him to leave. Brief discussion about the crap you have to put up with when you're black, and then he tells her she's got the part. He tells her to be there at 7 a.m. sharp or he'll have to play her part. As she (leaving) calls back over her shoulder, "Funny, you don't look Hispanic."
8) Fred Randell - White Noise (Fred Randell, Mandi Lee)
Fred gets up on stage accompanied by Mandi, who doesn't have any lines, but occasionally mimes the things Fred is talking about. He is, in a very casual, objective way (as if it had happened to someone else), talking about losing his mind in the register line at Hy-Vee, "you know, the one that says `12 items or less.'"
9) Veronica Villa - Drama for the No Shame Stage #2 (Veronica Villa)
See #3, replace Jake with Veronica Villa. The line: "My dog died, and I'm lonely."
10) Rob Frisch - Rule of the Road (Rob Frisch)
Rob's diatribe against Iowa City drivers. "The problem is, they forget two basic facts. One: There are other people on the road! Two: That road belongs to me." Includes gratifying (from driver's perspective) description of bearing down on scattering pedestrians.
11) Ben Schmidt - Prayers for Leaving (Ben Schmidt)
Ben curls up into a ball and rolls sideways, slowly, on stage. He stops at the center, behind a stage cube. He rises and sings a few notes somewhere between Gregorian chant and Indian (as in India) music while doing some slow dance/movement stuff. He begins reading (script on cube) his thanks to God for his lover Lisa and for the young, impoverished, hardened children they were able to connect with over the course of a one-week acting workshop they gave. More movement and song interspersed throughout the piece. At the end Ben dances off stage.
12) Veronica Villa - Drama for the No Shame Stage #3 (Dan Brooks)
See #s 3 and 9, replacing Jake and Veronica with Dan Brooks. The line: "Mother Theresa died, and I'm lonely."
13) George Anastasiou - Call Waiting
A guy is on stage with a cordless phone to his ear. He is engaged in a conversation with someone who is telling him that a woman has taken off with his drugs/drug money/something like that. He is swearing up a storm. Then his Mom beeps in, and he is sweetness and light to her. After a lot of switching back and forth, he tries to switch to the drug-related call but ends up still speaking to his mother because the other person has hung up. Says some completely unacceptable things to her, and the figures out who it is. Claims he was trying out for a part, gets off the phone as quick as he can. ("scripted improv," he typed out where it was going but not the word-for-word.)
14) Jason Jenn - My History in the Porn Industry and Beyond (Jason Jenn, Rob Frisch)
Jason Jenn tells the story of his initiation, participation in, and fall from the porn industry. Every twist in the tale adds a prop (Rob Frisch attaching them to him matter-of-factly each time), and by the end Jason is standing on stage with his hands taped together, a pillow up his whipped-cream-laced shirt, boxers over his jeans with some... uh, "extra padding," small stuffed versions of crabs to represent an infestation, big puffy budweiser house slippers, and a neck brace. And surely a few other things I've neglected to mention. The ultimate prop piece.
15) James Erwin - My Tea-Time with the Slovensko Polizia Frontesi or Big Deal! Anyone Can Think of Two Titles. You Think You're So Special, Brooks? (James Erwin)
James Erwin gets up on stage and describes being in Slovenia and being stopped by the border police.
16) Dan Brooks - A Lovely Christmas Sketch Followed by a Thought-Provoking Exploration of Just What It Means to Think You've Got Something Really Innovative and Funny and Then Turn Out to Be Wrong (Dan Brooks)
Dan Brooks assumes the voice of the matron of the Krognickle household who is writing the annual holiday letter to family and friends, focusing largely on the activities of her son Andrew, who is still stalking his ex-girlfriend Julie. Apparently Andrew is going on vacation soon though, so Mom has to fill in for a few days. The letter is interrupted as Mom gets distracted trying to spell "masturbate." Dan then breaks character to speak of a sidewalk near-encounter with some sorority-types, and then reads several lists of words and phrases that each end with a punch of some sort. Finally he drops his shorts (wearing plaid boxers underneath) and lists the five types of humor, gives a bit of advice re: comedy, and exits in blackout.

Friday, September 19, 1997 - [Mabie Theater]
  1. Alan Murdock and Alicia Kirchhoff - Observation/Supervision
  2. Bradley Harris - Up in the Air
  3. James Erwin, Matt Larson, and Brad Quinn - You Put James in a Lab Setting and He Goes All to Hell or It Don't Say What Y'all Sposed to Do 'Bout Polecat
  4. Marcy McNeal-Figgins - Redhead
  5. Kelly Poole - Dale Evans Once Kicked My Ass
  6. George Anastasiou - Mutual of Omaha Presents...
  7. David Smith - Nipples
  8. Dan Brooks - Deer in the Headlights, Candle in the Wind or Three Short Sketches Cut to Pieces and Reassembled with No Regard for Order, Chronological or Otherwise
  9. Ben Zolno and Bradley Harris - Ben and Brad
  10. The Ksander Klan - Grasshopper-A-Gogo, Meow Meow Meow, Yo
  11. Doc Grauberger - Best Friend, Inc
[NOTE: ISCAnic XII this weekend]

Friday, September 26, 1997 - [Theatre B]
  1. Alan Murdoch - The Epic of Toadboy
  2. Ben Zolno - Dream Lover
  3. Nathan Peterson - Dinner at MacBeth's--with a Celtic Twist
  4. Fred Randell - The Bear-suit Man
  5. Dan Brooks - Frank, Frank's Wife, Frank's Dog or Tell 'Em Tom Waits Says Hi
  6. Fred Randell - Theaterturgy 101
  7. James Erwin and Matt Larson - So We were Sitting in the Livingroom at 11:45pm and the Cat Ran by with a Pacifier in his Mouth, So We Decided to Write a Sketch about my Butt or Kerry, Get the Hell off My Lap (Dan Brooks, James Erwin, Matt Larson, Kerry O'Neill, Kevin Swatek)
  8. Veronica Villa - Bean
  9. Chad Larabee - Clarity

Friday, October 3, 1997 - [Theatre B]
  1. Zachary Robertson - How I Exploded out of Childhood and into a Jail Cell... All Thanks to that Wonderful Hamster Named Terrance (Zachary Robertson)
  2. Mary Fons - A Modern-Day Heroine
  3. Mark Hansen - The Kidnapper
  4. George Anastasiou - Yes, Five More Minutes of Garbage, but at Least I'm Not On Stage Buck-Nekkid
  5. Mandi Lee and Veronica Villa - Third Grade Slumber Party
  6. Rob Frisch - When in Rome...
  7. Tilden Broemser and David Smith - Hey Mister, Got a Girlfriend?
  8. Matt Larson and James Erwin - James and Matt Go to Mexico or Jaime y Mateo Van a Mexico
  9. Fred Randell - Dear Diary
  10. John Smick - Theory for an Afterlife
  11. Nathan Peterson - Groovy Down Under Demo
  12. Greg Mitchell - Hey Hey Heeey!
  13. Rob Merritt - Unprotected Socks

Friday, October 10, 1997 - [Theatre B]
  1. Alan Murdock - I Guess You Can See Why
  2. John Smick and Adam Burton - Shower
  3. Veronica Villa - What It's About: The Waitress
  4. Eric Daniels - Dance Moves of the Modern Blue-Collar Worker
  5. Kelli Rae Powell - Sanitation
  6. Mandi Lee and Dan Brooks - Since
  7. Ryan Smith - Untitled
  8. Dan Brooks - A Man, a Sock, and a Whole Shitload of Irony

Friday, October 17, 1997 - [Theatre B]
  1. Greg Mitchell and John Ham - Vih-deeee-oooooo
  2. Matt Larson - Teddy Roosevelt Would Have Been Proud or I Swore to Myself that this Week There Would Be No Second Title
  3. Mary Fons - Stacked
  4. Chad Jacobson, Wes Broulik, Bollo, and Fauser - My Dog has a Huge Anus
  5. Mandi Lee - Fuck, I Forgot I Needed a Title
  6. Jon Reberry - Anemia
  7. Rob Frisch - Mosquito
  8. David Smith - It's Just Broth

Friday, October 24, 1997 - [Theatre B]
  1. Alan Murdock - I Will Not Take Part
  2. Heather and Ryan - The Slumber Party or Cassie's First Joint
  3. Scott Smith - Quiet Desperation and Lonely Man
  4. Adam and Aaron Cain - Braddah
  5. Rob Frisch - True Love
  6. Greg Mitchell - Mud
  7. James Erwin - The Golem Song (James Erwin)
  8. April Clark - April First
  9. Rob Frisch - Wakin Dream
  10. Adam and Aaron Cain - Braddahs #2
  11. Dan Brooks - Crack Your Neck or The Ideal No Shame Piece Is Seven Seconds Long and While None of These Pieces Is Ideal or Seven Seconds Long for That Matter, I Think You Understand the Kind of Mimetic Perfection Concept I'm Going for Here
  12. Fred Norberg and John Smick - The Sword
  13. David Smith - You Are the Angel on my Mud Flap

Friday, October 31, 1997 - [Theatre B]
Costume contest

  1. Greg Mitchell - Severely Traumatized
  2. Mandi Lee - Glass
  3. Carolyn Space Jacobson - Attitude (Adam Burton)
  4. David Smith - Chicken Fucker
  5. Megan Gogerty - Metropolitan Council Transit Operations
  6. Rob Frisch - The Happy Woman of Frohling
  7. Doug Smith - Slip Knot
  8. Patrick Deegan - Dubuque
  9. Megan Gogerty - The Drinking Song

Friday, November 7, 1997 - [Theatre B]
  1. Greg Mitchell - Bad Nyquil Trip
  2. Peter Franke - Flashing Bright Blue Hum
  3. Doc Grauberger's anonymous friend - Three Secrets of Happiness
  4. Adam Burton and Patrick Deegan - May I Help You? (Patrick Deegan, Adam Burton)
  5. Dan Brooks - Three Flashlight Allegories or Look At Me, I'm Absurdist Fred Fucking Astaire
  6. Doc Grauberger - Two Poems
  7. James Erwin - When I Was 16, I Tried to Find my Voice. When I Was 17, I Stopped documentary proof
  8. Doc Grauberger - Anthropoid
  9. John Ham - A Cautionary Tale

Friday, November 14, 1997 - [Theatre B]
  1. Jeff Guentert - The Three Dimensions of Man
  2. David Smith - Amnesiacs Always Spend Their Birthdays at Surprise Parties
  3. Dan Brooks - 42 Lies My Father Told Me or No, Virginia, There Really Isn't a Santa Claus. And Also We're Jewish
  4. The Too Lazy for Crew Time Players - Fruit
  5. Joe, Brian, Luke, and Andy - Evening of Chant and Stuff
  6. Dan Brooks - The Flycatcher or Untitled
  7. David Smith - The Chemistry of Zoology and Pornography
  8. Jeff Guentert - The Storm
  9. Adam Burton, Chad Larabee, and Chris Okiishi - Vegas TSG (Chad Larabee, Adam Burton, and Chris Okiishi)

Friday, November 21, 1997 - [Theatre B]
1) Greg Mitchell - A Poem for No Shame Theatre (Greg Mitchell)
2) Mandi Lee - Harmonica Honey (Mandi Lee & Rob Frisch)
3) Aprille Clarke - Oh, How You've Hurt Me (Aprille Clarke and unnamed friend)

Brief nude interlude by someone looking remarkably like Orion Meyer, though who could know for sure with that orange hat over his face?

4) David Smith - Poems (David Smith)
5) Peter Franke - Mental Note: Write a Death Metal Song (Peter Franke)
6) Mandi Lee - vic (Mandi Lee)
7) Peter George Pertussis--Pertussis [perTOOsis] If You're from Texas (Peter George with assigned coughers spread throughout the audience)
8) Dan Brooks - The End of the World or Too Much Love Makes Your Son a Big Wuss (Dan Brooks)
9) Tim Gavin - A Theatrical Dissertation on a Piece (Tim Gavin & Dan Brooks)
10) Rob Frisch - Not Nearly Forever (Rob Frisch)
11) David Smith - I Like to Be Dressed. I Like to Be Undressed (David Smith)
12) Orion Meyer - 12345678 (Orion Meyer)
13) Blaine Kelly - Welcome Worms (Blaine Kelly and two unnamed friends)

Friday, December 5, 1997 - [Theatre B]
1) Greg Mitchell - Death Week or A Sleazy Ploy by Which I Enable Myself to Read You More Bad Poetry (Greg Mitchell)
2) Greg Wicklund - Evil Greg or A Failed Attempt at Writing by Greg (Greg Wicklund)
3) Scott Smith - Crude Graffiti (Dana Green and ?)
4) Marvin Smash Wooten - Number One on the Road (Dan Brooks, Adam Burton, Rob Frisch, Peter Ksander, Mandi Lee)
5) Dan Brooks - Six Things, Four of Which Are True (Dan Brooks)
6) Greg Wicklund - Modern Communication between the Sexes (Greg Wicklund and ?)
7) Rob Frisch - Santa's Other Helper (Dan Brooks, Adam Burton, Rob Frisch, Mandi Lee)
8) Lee Simon - Untitled (Tony Curran)
9) David Smith - I'm Glad I Took Italian (David Smith)
10) John Ham - Former Beatle tonight, on this stage! (John Ham, Greg Mitchell)
11) George Anastasiou - A Public Service Announcement (George Anastasiou)
12) Bari Newport - Walrus (Bari Newport)
13) put hole in your head - the beet goes on (put hole in your head aka the Scattergood kids)
14) Kelli Rae Powell - Love (Kelli Rae Powell)
15) Force and Pinsky - Unjuggled (Force and Pinsky, aka Bradley Harris and Chris Heller)

Best of No Shame
Friday, December 12, 1997
- [Mabie Theater]
1) Dan Brooks - A Lovely Christmas Sketch Followed by a Thought-Provoking Exploration of Just What It Means to Think You've Got Something Really Innovative and Funny and Then Turn Out to Be Wrong (Dan Brooks)
2) Veronica Villa - So I Think... this is the end of my life (Veronica Villa, with Mandi Lee & Jake Hauser)
3) David Smith - Nipples (David Smith)
4) James Erwin - Life in these United States (James Erwin)
5) Greg Mitchell - Mud! (Greg Mitchell)
6) Chad Larabee - Clarity (Chad Larabee, with Rob Frisch)
6.5) Veronica Villa - Drama for the No Shame Stage #1 (performed by Jake Hauser)
7) Alan Murdock - I Guess You Can See Why (Alan Murdock)
8) Kelli Rae Powell - Cute Box (Kelli Rae Powell)
9) John Smick - Theory for an Afterlife (John Smick)
10) Carolyn Space Jacobson - Attitude (Carolyn Space Jacobson)
11) Mandi Lee - Gone (Mandi Lee)
11.5) Jame Erwin - The Golem Song (James Erwin)
12) Rob Frisch - From Durer to Rauschenberg (Rob Frisch)
13) Dan Brooks - Three Flashlight Allegories or Look At Me, I'm Absurdist Fred Fucking Astaire (Dan Brooks)
14) Bradley Harris - Up in the Air (diablo version) (Bradley Harris)
15) Bari Newport - Untitled (Bari Newport)
16) Mandi Lee - Harmonica Honey (Mandi Lee, with Rob Frisch)
17) Adam Burton, Chad Larabee and Chris O'Kiishi - Vegas TSG (Chad Larabee, Adam Burton, and Chris Okiishi)

And, of course, the unscheduled appearance of Random Naked Man (unmasked version)...


Friday, January 30, 1998 - [Mabie Theater]
1) Peter Ksander - Assault of the Samba Techno Disco Road Show (Peter Ksander)
2) Adam Burton and David Smith - Drawing (Adam Burton, David Smith)
2.5) Troy Harnung - Passion (Troy Harnung)
3) James Erwin - Untitled (James Erwin)
4) Ruby Balls written and performed by Anonymous (aka Drunk Guy)
5) Mandi Lee - Beatnik, Baby! (Mandi Lee, Rob Frisch)
6) Dan Brooks - Firecatching or Charles Wilson Forgets How to Be a Human Being (Dan Brooks)
7) David Smith - Smore Than You Think (David Smith)
8) Rob Frisch - All Over (Rob Frisch)
9) Dan Brooks - California or Me and Mr. Chips and the Ten Second Apocalypse (Dan Brooks)
10) Robert and Donald - Robert and Ronald's Juggling Junk Show (Robert and Ronald)

Friday, February 6, 1998 - [Mabie Theater]
1) Greg Mitchell & John Ham - The Interview (Greg Mitchell, John Ham)
2) Dan Brooks - Young Jacob Schreck's Inheritance: A Brutal Piece for Bad People (Dan Brooks)
3) Mandi Lee - Fingertips from Death (Mandi Lee, Rob Frisch)
4) Smick and Burton - I Ain't Gettin' It (John Smick, Adam Burton)
5) Rob Frisch - Fairy Tale (Rob Frisch)
6) Aprille Clarke - Bubblegum, Lovin', and Me (Aprille Clarke)
7) Ben Schmidt - The Pipe of a Man Called Skelton (Ben Schmidt)
8) Megan Gogerty - Future Superheroes before the Explosion, Part 1 (Mandi Lee, Adam Burton)
9) Dan Brooks - Was You Were And Will You Won't? (Dan Brooks)
10) Michael - Mystical Michael (Michael)

Friday, February 13, 1998 - [Mabie Theater]
1) Rob Frisch - My Brush with God and Northwest Airlines (Rob Frisch)
2) Greg Wicklund - Icebreak (Greg Wicklund, Mandi Lee, Rob Frisch, and unknown woman)
3) Adam Burton and Ben Schmidt - Lights Out (Adam Burton, Ben Schmidt)
4) Mandi Lee - On Moving On (Mandi Lee)
5) Aprille Clarke - A Pissy Sping for Buttface with a Mildly Romantic Ending (Aprille Clarke)
6) James Erwin - Deutschesangstlied (James Erwin)
7) Ola Fetty - February 5 (Ola Fetty)
8) Adam Burton and Ben Schmidt - I Wish I Had Some (Adam Burton, Ben Schmidt)
9) Dan Brooks and Brad McSmiff - Clash of the Titans or The Friends of Mine Enemies Are Indeed Mine Enemies (Dan Brooks, Brad McSmiff)
10) Greg Mitchell - I Have Decided (Greg Mitchell)
11) Dan Brooks - The Iron Fist of Leadership or Me and My Hand Finally Work Things Out (Dan Brooks)

Friday, February 20, 1998 - [Mabie Theater]
1) John Smick - Nougat (John Smick, with Megan Gogerty and a lot of dead bodies
2) Mose Hayward - A Play about How Alienated I Am (Mose Hayward, with Mandi Lee)
3) Peter Ksander - iowa city (Peter Ksander)
4) Jennifer L. Hensley - 'Anna Begins' Expressed in American Sign Language (Jennifer L. Hensley)
5) Sonia Cheruvillil, Suzie Roth, and Stacie Green - No Shame (Sonia Cheruvillil, Suzie Roth, Stacie Green)
6) Ben Schmidt - Ben's New Baby Meets No Shame (Ben Schmidt, with Megan Gogerty)
7) John Olson - Anticipation . . . A True Story (John Olson)
8) Tim Gavin - Whores, Freaks, and Weirdos Tim Gavin
9) Mandi Lee - Touch (Mandi Lee)
10) Peter Franke - Titanic (Peter Franke)
11) Ben Schmidt - Flashback (Ben Schmidt, with John Smick and Adam Burton)
12) Dan Brooks - Multiple Choice or Why Dan Sits at Home and Stares at a Blank Computer Screen While Everyone Else is Out Meeting Girls, Falling in Love, Getting Married and Doing God Knows What Other Manner of Perverted Things (Dan Brooks)
13) Adam Burton - Play Along (Adam Burton)
14) Rob Frisch - Fuck Boring (Rob Frisch, with Mandi Lee)
15) Megan Gogerty - Life's More Fun When You're Sarcastic and Rude (Megan Gogerty)
16) Ben Schmidt - All the American Heroes (Ben Schmidt)

Friday, February 27, 1998 - [Theatre B]
1) Tim Gavin - Anal Gorilla (Peter Franke and Tim Gavin)
2) Chris Stangl - Woodrow Wilson, a historical sketch (Chris Stangl and Jamal River)
2.5) Ben Schmidt - Skelton, the Second Installment (Ben Schmidt)
3) Adam Burton and Chris Okiishi - The Interview (Adam Burton and Chris Okiishi)
4) Dan Brooks - A Brief Jerky With the Devil or If You Fall in Love, Keep an Eye Peeled For God (Dan Brooks)
4.5) Ben, Mort, and Phil - Lemon, Part One (Ben, Mort, and Phil)
5) Aprille Clarke - The Happy Little Reproducing Forest Guys (Aprille Clarke)
5.5) Greg Wicklund - The Revenge of the Meter Maid or Parking in Iowa City (Greg Wicklund)
6) Jamal River - Fun with a Juggling Thing (Jamal River and Chris Stangl)
6.5) Ben, Mort, and Phil - Lemon, Part Two (Ben, Mort, and Phil)
7) Mose Hayward - Vernon and Vermilda's Son Nanky (Mose Hayward, Jamal River, Chris Stangl)
7.5) Ben Schmidt - Across the Ocean (Ben Schmidt)
8) Dan Brooks - The Silent Era, Part 3 or When Umbrellas are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Umbrellas, and That's Probably a Good Thing (Dan Brooks)
9) Greg Wicklund - Third World (Greg Wicklund)
10) Anthony Marinaro - Judy and Liza Together Again (Anthony Marinaro and ?)

Friday, March 6, 1998 - [Theatre B]
1) Jennifer L. Hensley - `Hey Jupiter,' an Expression in American Sign Language (Jennifer Hensley)
2) Ben Schmidt - Hooray for Hollywood (Dan Brooks, Adam Burton, Rob Frisch, Ben Schmidt, John Smick)
2.5) Ben Zolno - Tests (Ben Zolno, Eric Richmond)
3) Chris Stangl - The Timothy Wilcox Letters (Chris Stangl)
4) David Smith - The Day I Thought I Relieved an Ant (David Smith)
5) Greg Mitchell - 22 North Gilbert Street #1 (Dan Brooks, Adam Burton, Greg Mitchell, Jeremy Smith)
6) John Smick - Five Men Writing (Dan Brooks, Adam Burton, Rob Frisch, Ben Schmidt, John Smick)
7) Rob Frisch - Faded (Adam Burton, Rob Frisch)
8) Dan Brooks - Why Reading Things is Funnier Than Memorizing Things or Dammit, I'm Taking the Week Off (Dan Brooks)
9) Chris Stangl - Thomas Jefferson, a historical sketch (Chris Stangl)
10) Mose Hayward - Acky (Chris Stangl and Piper Van Ness)

Friday, March 27, 1998 - [Theatre B]
1) Greg Mitchell - What Friends Are for (Greg Mitchell)
2) Jamal River - JIMI (Jamal River and Chris Stangl)
3) Axel Swanson - Arm-Pit Sniffing Man! (Axel Swanson)
4) Chris Okiishi and Adam Burton - The Moment (Chris Okiishi and Adam Burton)
5) Dan Brooks - The Special Orders Sketch or Bring Me the Severed Head of David Ives (Dan Brooks and Rob Frisch)
6) Jamal River - I'm Just a Baby Who Looks Like a Boy (Jamal River and Chris Stangl)
7) George Anastasiou - AWWWWWWWWWW, YEAH (George Anastasiou)
8) Greg Wicklund - A Serious Talk (Greg Wicklund and Aprille Clarke)
9) Rob Frisch - He's Got Personality (Rob Frisch)
10) Kevin Swatek - The Ballad of John Stankovsky (Kevin Swatek)
11) Dan Brooks, James Erwin, and the goddam Pope - Light or Darkness, Which Is the Opposite of Light (Dan Brooks and James Erwin)
12) Aprille Clarke - The Unpleasant Fantasy Method (Aprille Clarke and Cody Doran)
13) Greg Wicklund - Ignorance and Stupidity (Greg Wicklund)
14) Chris Stangl - Ronald Reagan, a historical sketch (Chris Stangl and Jamal River)
15) Greg Mitchell and John Ham - You Will Thank Us for This (John Ham and Aprille Clarke)
16) Dan Brooks - The Three Allegories of the Tomy Wind-up Fish (Dan Brooks)

Friday, April 3, 1998 - [Theatre B]
1) Greg Wicklund - Fairy Tale (Katherine Guthrie, David Smith, Greg Wicklund)
2) Mandi Lee - Midst
3) Matt Goolsby - Iowa City Nocturn
4) Katherine Guthrie - Shame
5) Cody Doran - 1, 2, 3, 4, Everybody Jump in the Pool (Sorry this isn't about Corky) (Cody Doran, Steve Gartz and Joe Stansbury)
6) Ben Schmidt - The Gospel According to Ben Schmidt (Adam Burton, Ben Schmidt)
7) Chris Stangl - Harry S. Truman, a historical sketch (performed by Chris Stangl)
8) Ben Zolno - Life
8.5) "Puking Girl/Show Killer"

Yes, for those of you who were not lucky enough to be there, Ben Zolno began what was intended to be a short piece, but was destined to be even shorter.
He stood center stage, looked at the audience, and said "Isn't life funny?"


[Insert sound of a quart of daquiries and a lot of unprocessed mexican food evacuating someone's stomach in the back of the house.]

[Pause. Woman who got hit by the mess gets up. Ben declares show over (since his was the last piece, and there wasn't a whole lot more to it). People leave with really disgusted looks on their faces. I mean, it sounded REALLY AWFUL, and then the smell, and if you were lucky you got to peek at it on the way out.
I guess this is called "memorable."]

I would hereby like to nominate Peter Ksander and Mandi's friend Sarah (whose last name I do not know) for sainthood. They did most of the cleanup.

Friday, April 10, 1998 - [Theatre B]
1) Aprille Clarke - Cosmic Justice of How I Survived Junior High
2) Jamal River - Three Crazy People (Mose Hayward, Jamal River, Chris Stangl)
3) Chris Stangl - Herbert Hoover, a historical sketch (Jamal River, Chris Stangl)
4) David Smith - I Like to Punch Apples
5) Sarah Zdenek - Thank You, Kind Sir
6) Mandi Lee - Waking Dream
7) Mose Hayward - Tim Is Born
8) Rob Frisch - Pitcher (Mandi Lee, Rob Frisch)
9) Greg Wicklund - Pathos, Humor, Poignancy and Entertaining Values (Greg Wicklund and Anonymous Other Actor)
10) Chris Okiishi - Book Club (Adam Burton, Rob Frisch, Jeff Hansen, Chris Okiishi)

Friday, April 17, 1998 - [Mabie Theater]
1) Neal Leaheey - Telemarketers Suck (James Erwin, Neal Leaheey)
2) James Erwin - Donnelly's Radio Action Theatre (James Erwin, Mandi Lee, Greg Mitchell, Chris Stangl)
3) Chris Okiishi and Adam Burton - Movie Review
4) Greg Mitchell - Theeeee Universe!
5) Mose Hayward - How My Entire Family Screwed Up My Whole Mind When I Was Born and Then Raised Me Weird and People Made Fun of Me in Junior High So I Have Something to Write about Again this Week for No Shame Theatre . . . A Touching Story of Regret (Mose Hayward, Jamal River, Chris Stangl)
6) Kevin Zdenek - In My Day...
7) Jamal River - I Have a Giant Cat in My Butt and It Was Put There (Jamal River, Chris Stangl)
8) Mandi Lee and Dan Brooks - Succinct or why is it that I feel the need to write obscenely long titles that really have nothing to do with the actual piece itself and really just serve the purpose of one more cheap laugh from the audience
9) Chris Stangl - Lyndon B. Johnson, a historical sketch (Jamal River, Chris Stangl, Mose Hayward)
10) Mandi Lee - Shut Up (Dan Brooks, Adam Burton, Mandi Lee, and ?)
11) Aprille Clarke - Socks, No Violence
12) Bradley Harris - Where Your Eyes Don't Go

[NOTE: ISCAnic XIII this weekend]

Friday, April 24, 1998 - [Theatre B]
Something undefinable and unexpectedly hairy during the announcements. Then:

.5) Jen Brown - I'll Call You (Sandra DeLuca and Chad Jacobson)
1) Elise Gustafson - Boy and Girl (Elise Gustafson and Ethan)
2) Chick - Swords (three nameless performers)
3) Will Nedved - People Connector (Will Nedved and ?)
4) Dave Smith - Joe and Deb Talk Mind-Expanding Drugs (Katherine Guthrie and Dave Smith)
4.5) John Ham - Lounge Singers at Large (Adam Burton, Aprille Clarke, John Ham, Greg Mitchell)
5) Chris Stangl - Calvin Coolidge, a historical sketch (Chris Stangl and Jamal River)
6) Rob Frisch - And It Was Silent
7) Aprille Clarke - Springtime Makes Me Want to Mate: A Non-Sexual Piece
8) Jamal River - Sir Penis Vagina Poontang Goes to the Store Vagina (Jamal River and Chris Stangl)
9) Kevin Zdenek - The Beer Garden
10) Dave Smith - Everyone Thinks These Things (Katherine Guthrie, Dave Smith)
11) Sarah Zdenek - Two Actors at Most One Dick (Dan Brooks, Sarah Zdenek)
12) Chris Stangl - Zachary Taylor, a historical sketch (Jamal River, Chris Stangl)
13) George Anastasiou - Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine, I Hope This Piece Goes in the Number Nine Slot or Else This Joke Won't Work
14) Robert Force and Ruby Cobow Lebowski - The Real Me
15) Greg Mitchell - Plumbing the Depths

Best of No Shame
Friday, May 1, 1998
- [Mabie Theater]
1) Adam Burton and Ben Schmidt - I Wish I Had Some
2) Force and Pinsky - Unjuggled
3) Dan Brooks - Why Reading Things is Funnier Than Memorizing Things or Dammit, I'm Taking the Week Off
4) Peter Franke - Titanic
5) James Erwin - Deutschesangstlied (James Erwin)
6) mandi lee - waking dream
7) Ben, Mort, and Phil - Lemon Part 1
8) Aprille Clarke - A Pissy Sping for Buttface with a Mildly Romantic Ending
9) Rob Frisch - Faded
10) Ben, Mort, and Phil - Lemon Part 2
11) Kelli Rae Powell - Love
12) Ben Schmidt - Flashback
13) Jamal River - Fun with a Juggle Thing
14) Mandi Lee and Dan Brooks - Succinct OR why is it that i feel the need to write obscenely long titles that really have nothing to do with the actual piece itself and really just serve the purpose of one more cheap laugh from the audience
15) Chris Okiishi - Book Club
16) Cody Doran - 1, 2, 3, 4 Everybody Jump in the Pool (Sorry This Isn't about Corky)
17) Rob Frisch - Santa's Other Helper
18) Greg Mitchell - Death Week OR A Sleazy Ploy by Which I Enable Myself to Read You More Bad Poetry

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