No Shame Theatre Archives (1992-93)

Webmaster's note: This information is pieced together from my personal records which were intended mostly to help me keep track of my own writing. If you have information that will fill in the gaps, PLEASE let us know.

Archivist's note: Dates in [brackets] are possible Friday performances of No Shame, however, we have no other information about these dates at this time, which in some cases may mean that there was not a performance. (This is especially true at the beginning and end of semesters, since the starting / ending dates of No Shame changes from year to year).

Author(s) - Title (Performers, if known)

  1. Numbered entries indicate the piece's position in the order.

From Shannon McCormick's My History at No Shame:

"The next year (1992-1993), Joshua and I teamed up with John Smick and Brooks Peck. Our first piece was called "Little League Hamlet." We pretty much did a piece every week that year, and after a few weeks we started calling ourselves Nekkid Percussion. Highlights include pieces "Alive!" and "Ball." "


1992/93 No Shame Theatre Board
Jennifer Shepard, artistic director
Douglas Dawson, stage manager
Margie DuBé
[note: this may not have been the entire board]

Friday, September 4, 1992
2) Joshua Peskay and Shannon McCormick - You and Me
5) Brooks Peck and John Smick - The Successful NoShame Sketch

[September 11, 1992]

[September 18, 1992]

[September 25, 1992]

[October 2, 1992]

Friday, October 9, 1992
only 2 pieces

[October 16, 1992]

Friday, October 23, 1992

[October 30, 1992]

[November 6, 1992]

[November 13, 1992]

[November 20, 1992]

[December 4, 1992]

[December 11, 1992]


[Dates unknown:]

Some order. I'm guessing Fall 1992-Fall 1993
  1. IC Improvs [pugtytie?] Spectacular
  2. Accidental Dialogue with Infinity
  3. Ancient Greek One Liners
  4. Mime with Tourettes
  5. David Lazzar - Sega Insanity
  6. Graceland: The Beginning
  7. Ahmad Abdel-Hameed - Tales Too Weird for Human Consumption
  8. Carbone 15: Another Damn Isotope
  9. She Sits Alone, Part II
  10. The Monster Sketch
  11. No Emotional Attachment [poetry]
  12. They who will be scatting . . . And Stuff
  13. Jr. Mints
  14. 15 Ideas for NS Pieces
  15. Acme Translation Books


From Shannon McCormick's My History at No Shame:

"In January or February, Doug Dawson resigned from his job as stage manager live on stage in a piece where he played hangman with Tasha Robinson. Tasha was trying to spell his phrase, which was "I'm sorry but I'm through." I still have the piece of paper, which I nabbed at the end of the show. The next week, Jen Shepard, who was on the board, asked a number of people to join the board (which brought membership to five, which I think it has pretty much been since then). I was asked to be treasurer, Robb Barnard joined, Tasha Robinson, and a fifth person whom I can't remember."

[January 1, 1993]

[January 8, 1993]

[January 15, 1993]

[January 22, 1993]

[January 29, 1993]

[February 5, 1993]

[February 12, 1993]

Friday, February 19, 1993

Friday, February 26, 1993

Friday, March 5, 1993

Friday, March 12, 1993
2) Eric Summers - Crispy Critters
10) Channing Work - Waiting
12) JC Luxton and Dan Cahoy - E. Pluribus Eunuch
13) John Schraeder - Brother John

[March 19, 1993]

[March 26, 1993]

[April 2, 1993]

[April 9, 1993]

Friday, April 16, 1993
5) Nekkid Percussion 1 ("2nd Grade Show and Tell")
7) Blue Light
9) Shannon McCormick - Lord Cornwallis

Friday, April 23, 1993
3&4) 2 Poems - If, Flowers (Jeff-I can't explain number confusion here. Probably pieces renumbered as the show was starting, or something like that.)
2) David Kerpel - Partnership for a Drug-Free America
3) Ahmad Abdel-Hameed - Tales too Weird for Consumption: Oops, I dropped my Brain!
4) Orion Meyer - Closeted Cage
5) or 1) Bill Holst and Jeff Guentent--[On the bridge that leads to itself]
6) Matt Nelson - Cooking Time
7) Channing Work - Bit Parts Anonymous
8) Roy Crisman - Archetypal First Date with Roy Crisman
9) Eric C. Johnson - The Greatest. Featuring Robb Barnard as the Devil
10) Daniel Langstraat - Bionic Arm
11) Stephanie Frey, JP Claussen, Ben Schmidt - Raunch
12) Larry Pontius, Ben Schmidt, Jerry, Eric, Stephanie Frey, JP Clausson - A Girl, a Cat, and the Secret Service
13) Campus Bible Fellowship
14) Shannon McCormick and John Smick--[Dummy reciting Shakespeare]
15) Holier Than Thou
16) Dube/Shepard - The Dube/Shepard Retrospective Piece

[April 30, 1993]

[May 7, 1993]

[May 14, 1993]


[Dates unknown:]


[Dates unknown:]


From Shannon McCormick's My History at No Shame:

"That summer, No Shame sponsored the Theater of Treacherous Intent, a four part serial that took place in the Unitarian Church in July. The idea was originally Jen and Margie's, but a lot of us wound up getting involved-I helped Jen and Margie administratively, as well as with the writing. Aaron Cain wrote a ton and Rebecca Gilman also wrote quite a bit. Adam Burton or Megan Gogerty might have the scripts somewhere. It might be cool to get them online one of these days as well."

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