No Shame Theatre Archives (1991-92)

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1991/92 No Shame [incomplete]
TREASURER: Jill Nacke ?

From Shannon McCormick's My History at No Shame:

"The next year (1991-1992), I finally got up the courage to start doing pieces. Joshua Peskay (my roommate at the time) and I started working as a duo. The first thing we did involved the Iliad and a bunch of bubblegum. Don't remember the title. Our next piece was called "Pork and Beans," and then we were off and running.

The best piece we did was "The Search for the Yeti: A Play in Five Acts," which was included in Spring 1992's B.O.N.S. People started calling us the Yeti Boys or the Yeti Brothers.

That year marked the appearance of that new crop of grad students-Clint Corley was probably the most consistent contributor of the bunch, but the White Boy Black Boy crew did a lot as well."

[WBBB--White Boy Black Boy Theater-- goes on this semester or year]

Friday, September 6, 1991
  1. Todd Ristau - (Christ piece, part one, in which Christ makes mud animals and miraculously builds a chair in his father's shop. Finishes by indicating this is the end of Part 1)
  2. Scott Smith - The John Smick Song
  3. Peter Ullian - (no title, but the piece begins with Peter bending over, holding his forehead, making pained noises.)
  4. Drugstore
  5. Laura Quinn and CSJ - Aggressive Women's Theater #3
  6. Mike
  7. Dwarf Spanking
  8. Whisner
  9. Neveu
From Joshua James's Iowa City No Shame History 91-93:

"I don't remember much of the first show in terms of the acts involved, but I do remember being incredibly entertained and most of all, inspired. I believe that I turned to David Woodside that very night and said, "Hey, we can do this!"

Friday, September 13, 1991

Friday, September 20, 1991
[Possibly also performed this night:]
Friday, September 27, 1991
[Possibly also performed this night:]
Friday, October 4, 1991
1) John Smick - The Chuck Wagon Cafe (performed by JC Luxton) GA# 765
2) Richie (T-bone), GA# 766
3) Brett Neveu - Egga and Ferd's Scavenger Hunt #2 (performed by Brett Neveu and Doug Steckel), GA# 764
7) Wolfe - Rich Sanders?, GA# 763
8) John C Luxton and Dan Cahoy - Futher Mucker Pecker Tit--GA#762--And the last "Ranger" sketch? The part where John C stuck a plastic staff down his pants was pretty good--but I didn't quite see "Space" Jacobsen's point in that one. I think it could've been a bit clearer, or something.
15) Rebecca Gilman--["Clawhead and Eetlewon, climbing the great mountains"], GA# 779
[The ISCA discussions about this week mention the following pieces:]

Friday, October 11, 1991
7) Michele Brundige [W: I am happy]
8 Neil Cleary

[The ISCA discussions about this week mention the following pieces:]

Friday, October 18, 1991
[in brackets are my descriptions of pieces, followed by things as described in ISCA. I imagine there is some overlap. My notes for the night suggest that there were only 11 pieces, but I could have been wrong. --Carolyn]

Friday, October 25, 1991

Friday, November 1, 1991
7) Laura Quinn - A Visit with Dr. Dog

Friday, November 8, 1991

Friday, November 15, 1991
November 15, 1991--slight chance that Amy was this week, but the rest was some other week, with the addition of another haiku woman. Not likely, though.

Friday, November 22, 1991

[November 29, 1991]--No Show, Day after Thanksgiving

Friday, December 6, 1991

[performed in the lobby before NO SHAME, for the line leading to Theater B:]

[order unknown:]
Best of No Shame
Friday, December 13, 1991

[performed in the lobby before NO SHAME, for the line leading to Theater B:]

[order for the show:]
  1. Brett Neveu - Egga and Ferd's Scavenger Hunt #3 (Actually Part 1, and Part 3, which was a Christmasy conclusion, as per the video tape. Performed by Eric Johnson, Doug Stekel, Rebecca Gilman, JC Luxton, and Brett Neveu. Reference made to Part 2, in which J.C. Luxton played the General. Also reference to there being a big gap between Part 2 and Part 3.)
  2. Tadao N. Tomomatsu - The Foreigner (impressions)
  3. CSJ and John C Luxton - Brother-Sister-Brother Poetry Squad (Perfomed by CSJ, John C Luxton, Scott Smith, and James Luxton)
  4. Doug Steckel and Eric Johnson - Practical Exercises in Theater as performd by D. Steckel and E. Johnson (aka Sanford Meisner and Son)
  5. White Boy/Black Boy Theater - Whiteboy - Blackboy
  6. Rebecca Gilman - (Sparky the Monkey and Frog Girl)
  7. Neil Cleary - Ghosttown (guitar, vocals, and violin) Another note says that they played a song called Ballad of the Dogs but they introduce it on the video as Ghosttown.
  8. Scott Hixson - Sensitive Men's Theater (performed by Hixson and Mark D. Johnson)
  9. Carolyn Space Jacobson and Laura Quinn - Aggressive Women's Theatre V: Aggressive Women in 3-D (Midsummer's Agressive Women's Dream piece)
  10. Drayer, David
  11. Amy Honn - Amy Honn's Poetry Corner (which may have involved some limericks, or may even have been called "Limericks," although "AHPC" is the title Doug used in the order on the video tape.)
  12. Jenn Shepard and Margie Dube - (Bloodsuckers piece)
  13. Clint Corley - Paper Scrap Theater (parking ticket)
  14. John Smick - Where No One Has Returned From (Red Shirt Star Trek Piece, large cast)
  15. Sean Judge - (Star Trek Scene)
  16. Todd Ristau - (This piece wasn't videotaped, but there is a shot of Luxton removing a podium from the stage. This might be Todd's No Shame Manifesto)
  17. Clint Corley - 4 Tall Men
  18. Peter Ullian (piece beginning "I go to my mailbox . . .")
  19. Margie DuBé - The Les Miz Piece
NOTE: this show was taped for posterity by Eric Pot. Joshua James claims to have a copy in storage in his brother's garage. Anyone else?


[Dates unknown:]
11) Laura Quinn - You only Live Once [There is a piece of LQ's dated November 5, 1991 (maybe performed 11/8)]

  • White Boy Black Boy - That's It

    (House of Mother takes place this semester)
    [Not much listed for this semester. Hey--Margie and Jenn usually had their pieces typed up on a computer. If they were willing to look back at the "last modified" dates of their NS pieces, they could perhaps add some bits and pieces here.]

    Friday, January 31, 1992
    first show of the semester.
    2) Carolyn Space Jacobson - Fucking Catherine/Catherine Being Fucked [with Eric Johnson]

    secret service agent.
    short show

    Friday, February 7, 1992

    Friday, February 14, 1992

    Friday, February 21, 1992

    TALK ART CABARET - Selected NST pieces by Todd Ristau
    Wednesday, February 26, 1992
    - [The Mill]
    Once a month on a Wednesday Talk Art Cabaret was held in the stage room of the Mill, they charged $5 to get in I think. There was a featured performer who had an hour and then it was kind of an open mic for an hour after that. It was primarily a poetry showcase, but sometimes they let people do readings of their fiction, cuttings from the novel they have in the works, etc. It was the EPB writer's workshop version of No Shame. ---Todd

    [Among the pieces done were:]

    [February 28, 1992]

    [March 6, 1992]

    Friday, March 13, 1992 - [Mabie Theater]
    4) Brooks Peck and Carolyn Space Jacobson - River City Improvs

    [March 20, 1992]--Last day before Spring Break

    [March 27, 1992]--During Spring Break

    Friday, April 3, 1992
    10) Carolyn Space Jacobson - NoShame Doctors

    Friday, April 10, 1992

    Friday, April 17, 1992

    Friday, April 24, 1992

    Best of No Shame
    Friday, May 1, 1992

    1. ???
    2. Brooks Peck - Ode to my Cat Quicktrip
    3. Josh Peskay and Shannon McCormick - The Search for the Yeti: A Play in Five Acts
    4. Chamberlain - The First ISCA Piece
    5. CSJ - The Breast Piece
    6. Shepard and Johnson - Valentine's Celebration
    7. Adam Whisner
    8. Clint Corley - B.S.-ometer
    9. John Smick - A Long Long Long Day's Journey into Night
    10. Public Service Announcement
    11. Brett Neveu - UH DERR!
    12. Clint Corley and Doug Steckel - Wandering Man - (with many people, but especially Bruce Vieira.)

    Friday, May 8, 1992
    [last of semester]

    FOSSILS - Selected NST pieces by Brett Neveu
    Saturday, May 9, 1992
    - [outside]
    [11 pm on the steps on the Theatre Building] (actors included: Adam Wisner, Sean Judge, Mike Geither, Rich Kurshner, Doug Steckel, Rebecca Gilman, Cheryl Snodgrass, Todd Ristau, Brett Neveu, Eric Johnson, Jennifer Shepard, and others)

    MISCELLANEOUS PIECES - [Spring 1992]:

    [Dates unknown:]
    These pieces are in the archives with dates that don't correspond to exact Friday dates:
    February 6, 1992
    John Smick and Bob Wexelblatt - Klaren Verheim's Guide to Life (Can't quite read the month.

    February 14, 1992
    Michelle Brundige--[2 Women have killed people]

    On March 8, in an acting journal, I mention Bruce Vieira's fall in the "House of Style" piece. I don't remember what this is--Clint might, though.

    Spring 1992 article in DI refers to


    [Dates unknown:]

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