No Shame Theatre Archives (1987-88)

Webmaster's note: This information is pieced together from my personal records which were intended mostly to help me keep track of my own writing. If you have information that will fill in the gaps, PLEASE let us know.

Author(s) - Title (Performers, if known)

  1. Numbered entries indicate the piece's position in the order.

[This was the semester Tony Trout did his "Legalize Strawberry Ice" pieces.]
Friday, September 4, 1987 - [Department Lab in Theatre B]
[six pieces performed in Lab as an introduction to No Shame]
  1. Jeff Goode - excerpt from Nerve Chain #1
  2. Tony Trout - It's the Goin'
  3. Jeff Goode - Tough Without Tough
  4. Stan Ruth - My Pretty Foot
  5. Todd Ristau - The Rabbit
  6. Jeff Goode - Doctor Yahtze: First Position

Friday, September 4, 1987 - [Theatre B]
First No Shame of the semester.
  1. Tony Trout - A Summer Romance #1
  2. Mark Gentsch
  3. Julie Stiner - putting out a cigarette
  4. Jeff Goode - So All Alone (Julie Stiner, Jennifer Rives, Ty Lee, Frank Ensenberger, Erin Purcell, Dan Layne, Karen Moeller, Colleen Coover, Dan Gurler, Mark Gentsch)
  5. Dan Gurler
  6. Rob Rotman - Peter Stein
  7. Dan Layne
  8. Mark Gentsch
  9. Jeff Goode - Burt Kake
  10. Tony Trout

Friday, September 11, 1987 - [Theatre B]
  1. Scott B. Smith
  2. No Shame Players - eating pizza (Erin Purcell, Colleen Coover, Jeff Goode, w/ Julie Stiner on coin toss)
  3. Tony Trout - A Summer Romance #2 (w/ Tony as Greg Jackson)
  4. Michelle Garb - standup comedy
  5. Jeff Goode - "Napoleon / Caesar / Bubba" (Amy Pigott, Mark Johnson, Jeff Parsons)
  6. Craig Awmiller and Phil Brooks with Linda Manning - "Two Guys in Mexico" (return of the "Guitar Rabbit" people)
  7. Tony Trout
  8. Dan Gurler
  9. Jeff Goode - The Alien (Scott B. Smith)
  10. Mike Moran - "Sammy & Janey"
  11. Rob Rotman - "Peter Stein"
  12. Michelle Garb - more standup comedy

Friday, September 18, 1987 - [Theatre B]
  1. No Shame Players - cucumber/already taken (Erin Purcell, Julie Stiner, Scott B. Smith)
  2. Michelle Garb - (with Bruce Barett)
  3. Tony Trout - A Summer Romance #3
  4. Dan Layne
  5. Jeff Goode - excerpt from In Among Wolves (Gina Kaufmann, Michael Graziano, Erin Purcell, Greg Jackson, Dean Schmitt)
  6. Michelle Garb
  7. Todd McNerney
  8. Tony Trout - (Rat on a Hot Fudge Sundae) & button sale (Legalize Strawberry Ice)
  9. Dan Layne - the Bread Giveaway
  10. Sean Clark/(Jeff Goode) - Brass Link #1 (Mike Moran, Sean Clark, Cheryl Snodgrass, Todd McNerney)
  11. Mark Johnson - Smoker Piece
  12. Dan Gurler
  13. Ben De Jean - Divorce as a Lifestyle
  14. Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Cheryl Snodgrass)
  15. Rob Hansen - 3 short pieces
  16. Tony Trout - Your Question Please a short play
  17. Michael Graziano - (& the Carpenters)
light board operator: Dan Janssen
ably assisted by: Dave Carpenter

Friday, September 25, 1987 - [Theatre B]
  1. Sean Clark/Jeff Goode - Brass Link #2
  2. Jason Bell - The Last Days of the Starship Enterprise
  3. Tony Trout - Summer Romance #4
  4. Michelle Garb / Rob Hansen
  5. Rob Hansen - (Katreen Hardt)
  6. Matt Lawson - The Life and Timeliness of Killgore Trout
  7. Dan Layne - Growing Old in the Midwest and Dealing with It.
  8. Tony Trout / Jeri Schulke
  9. Rob Rotman - Peter Stein
  10. Stephanie Stewart - Stranger Than Interlude #1
  11. Mike Moran
  12. No Shame Players - mountain the size of my imagination
  13. Michael Graziano
  14. Brad Schnurr
  15. Dan Gurler
  16. Greg Armknecht - Pants (Greg Armknecht)
  17. Tony Trout - Mark Johnson & button sale (Legalize Strawberry Ice)
  18. Jon Price - Virgen Madra
light board operator: Dan Janssen
with: Andrew Billiau

Friday, October 2, 1987 - [patio]
preshow: the music of Schnurr & Chesler

  1. No Shame Players
  2. Dan Layne
  3. Tony Trout - A Summer Romance #5
  4. Ashley Runnels - Ashley's Toy
  5. Amy Pigott
  6. Smucker
  7. Dan Gurler - apple sketch
  8. Frank Ensenberger - Whitney Houston
  9. Amy Pigott
  10. Jewels & Krys
  11. Rob Hansen
  12. Rob Hansen
  13. Jewels & Greg
  14. Brian Rochlin
light board operator: Dan Janssen
assistant: Sean Clark

Greg Armknecht, Frank Ensenberger, Cheryl Snodgrass, Krys Drogoszewski, Scott White, Amy Pigott, Steve ???, Heather Werner, Erin Quinn Purcell, Greg Jackson, Jeff Parsons, Laura Miller, Chris Holland, Mary Schneider, Ashley Runnels, Scott Smith, Dan Gurler, Susan West, Jewels Peter, Inger Hatlen, Sean Clark, Jeri Schulke, Rob Hansen, Michelle Garb, Brian Rochlin

"At the beginning of the fall semester, a rumor circulated that the faculty was planning to shut No Shame down. To this day, I am not sure exactly how much of this rumor was true or how it even got started. But what is true is that Amy Lynn Pigott drew up a petition to save No Shame, and after this outpouring of support from students, department chair Cosmo Catalano expressed that he had no intention of putting an end to No Shame Theatre and the tragedy (real or imagined) was averted. ." ---Jeff

Friday, October 9, 1987 - [Theatre B]
1) George Singer
2) Dan Layne - We Did In Mommy And Daddy
3) Tony Trout - A Summer Romance #6
4) Steve Feffer / Sean Clark
5) Colleen Coover
6) Sue Bennett
7) Mike Moran
8) Michelle Garb
9) Jon Price/Jeff Goode - The Things a Dog Can't Do... (When the Master is Around) (Greg Jackson, Greg Armknecht, ...??)
10) Rob Hansen
11) Sue Bennett
12) Matthew Janes
13) Todd Ristau - Who's Saving What? - (performed with original music by Brad Schnurr)
13) Jeff Goode/Sean Clark - Brass Link #3

light board operator: Dan Janssen
assistant: Laura Wit
bouncer: Snod

George Singer, Ashley Runnels, Jeff Parsons, Steve Katzen, Brian Byrnes, Frank Ensenberger, Scott Smith, Bruce Barrett, Amy Pigott, Dan Gurler, Chris Ragner, Erin Quinn Purcell, Greg Jackson, Sean Clark, Steve Feffer, Cheryl Snodgrass, Colleen Coover, Michelle Garb, Dean Schmitt, Bonnie Metzgar, Dan Layne, Greg Armknecht, Katie Ryan, Rob Hansen, Matthew Janes, Julie Stiner, Brad Schnurr, Mike Moran, Michele Sohner, Jon Price (piano)

Friday, October 16, 1987 - [Theatre B]
[Jeff Goode "retires", Brad Schnurr becomes emcee / stage manager.]
1) No Shame Players
2) Ashley Runnels - Ashley's Commercial Breaks
3) Tony Trout - A Summer Romance #7
4) Michelle Garb
5) Cheryl Snodgrass
6) Dan Layne - Young Aliens
7) Stephanie Stewart - Stranger Than Interlude #2
8) Christopher Holland
9) Tony Trout/Victoria Benning - Smells Great: Let's Just Keep This One
10) Robert Eichinger - The Mind of Winston Denton
11) Matthew Janes
12) Jeff Goode
13) Sean Clark/Jeff Goode - Brass Link #4

light board operator: Dan Janssen
stage manager: Jeff Goode/Brad Schnurr
bouncer: Sean Clark

Greg Jackson, Erin Purcell, Cheryl Snodgrass, Frank Ensenberger, Julie Stiner, Bruce Barrett, Ashley Runnels, Jewels Peter, Jeff Goode, Mark Johnson, Rob Hansen, Dan Gurler, Chris Ragner, Stephanie Stewart, Amy Pigott, Wendy Robinson, Chris Holland, Colleen Coover, Tony Trout, Matthew Janes, Michele Sohner, Mike Moran, Jeri Lynn Schulke, Sean Clark

headcount: 128

Friday, October 23, 1987 - [Theatre B]
1) Dan Gurler
2) Michelle Garb
3) Tony Trout - A Summer Romance #8
4) Todd Ristau / Tony Trout - Black Monday
5) Christofer Holland
6) Sean Clark - Lifeboat
7) Stephanie Stewart - Stranger than Interlude #3
8) Cheryl Snodgrass
9) No Shame Players
10) Jeri Schulke
11) Dan Layne - Junior Goes Home
12) Mike Moran
13) Jeff Goode/Sean Clark - Brass Link #5
14) Don Shalley
15) Snod

technical director: Dan Janssen
asstant: Woody
stage manager: Brad Schnurr
bouncer: Sean Clark

Julie Stiner, Dan Gurler, Mark Gentsch, Steve Katzen, Michelle Garb, Rob Hansen, Cheryl Snodgrass, Michele Sohner, Greg Jackson, Erin Purcell, Todd Ristau, Tony Trout, don Shalley, Chris Holland, Frank Ensenberger, Krys Drogoszewski, Laura Miller, Stephanie Stewart, Mark Johnson, Amy Pigott, Barb Lacina, Jeri Schulke, Brad Schnurr, Ashley Runnels, Jeff Parsons, Jewels Peter, Inger Hatlen, Scott Smith, Colleen Coover, Kris Farrar, Jeff Goode, Guy Snodgrass, Jennifer Rives

Friday, October 30, 1987 - [Theatre B]
1) Jeff Strief - Prince Charming Never Came
2) Steve Holmes - Hawkeye Talkback
3) Tony Trout - A Summer Romance #9
4) Christofer Holland
5) Frank Ensenberger
6) Michelle Garb
7) Susan West
8) Dan Gurler
9) cafe
10) Dan Layne - Where the Wind Blows
11) Michelle Garb
12) condoms
13) Brad Schnurr
14) Sean Clark/Jeff Goode - Brass Link #6

technical director: Dan Janssen
stage manager: Brad Schnurr
archives: Jeff Goode

Friday, November 6, 1987 - [patio]
(order unknown:)
Friday, November 13, 1987 - [patio]
(order unknown:)
Friday, November 20, 1987 - [Theatre B]
(order unknown:)
Friday, December 4, 1987 - [Theatre B]
(order unknown:)
Friday, December 11, 1987 - [Theatre B]
(order unknown:)


[Dates unknown:]

(From here on, my records are incomplete --Jeff)

Friday, April 22, 1988 - [Theatre B]
"Italian Futurist Night"
  1. Italian Futurist Night
  2. No Shame Players - Nuclear Chess
  3. Headset Ettiquette
  4. The Bust
  5. No Shame Dada Players
  6. (Dan) Layne
  7. (Eric) Heinz
  8. Downing - skipped - no piece
  9. Dan Gurler
  10. No Shame Players - what's missing?
  11. Chris (Mortika) - a song for seniors who are going to be leaving
  12. American Top 40
  13. Skully & Mitchell
  14. Frank & Jeff (Frank Ensenberger & Jeff Goode) - Siskel & Ebert I
  15. McNabb
stage manager: Cheryl Snodgrass
new tech director: Dave Carpenter*
*Cheryl also announces that Dave has offered to be sound man from now on for anyone who needs it.)

[SOURCE: videotape - Michael Wells arranged for the show to be taped (by Dai Parker-Gwilliam) so he could get a grade on "Italian Futurist Night" as a class project.; Copies of the videotape are available on DVD from Jeff Goode. ]

Friday, April 29, 1988 - [Theatre B]

Friday, May 6, 1988 - [patio]
other pieces:


[Dates unknown:]


[Dates unknown:]

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