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Alyssa Bowman
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Friday, February 1, 2008 - [Theatre B]
First No Shame of the New Year!
1. The Danger of Feeling Young Eric Landuyt
2. From the Logs of Secret Agent Cammy Stamina, Squadron Sever Supernaut, Part one Katy Baggs
3. Jim Karl Gronwell
3.5. Bakers Teasings Dumplings and Cider
4. On Sonnet 116 John Bates
5. Suck my Caucus The Late Woody Guthrie
6. Ring Bell for help Evan Schenck
7. Cammy Stamina pt. 2 Katy Baggs
8. The Barber on Fleet Street Madam Winters
9. America's Newest Game Show Craze Greg Machlin
10. Poker with the Prophets: And yes the prophet Muhammad is in the piece by we have covered his face for PC reasons Eli Wilkinson
11. Honey Doos and Honey Don'ts Luke Christensen and Christina Gulick
12. These things Pleased Me Janani

Friday, February 8, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. Janani Story Janani
2. Waste My Day the Pope's Penis
3. Top Gun Ryan Kasak
4. Don't Count Your Gregs Before They're Hatched Jake Gontero
5. The Doors of Justice John Bates
6. 3 Men and a Ba Minus the Baby Alex, Brad, and David
7. The End of a Partnership Eli Wilkinson
8. Greg Story Greg Machlin
9. Amazing Things Katy Baggs
10. Lost and Found Nick Beatty

Friday, February 15, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. More Personal Correspondence by Evan Schenck (Evan writes three angry letters about a coat, a newspaper, and a demon dog.)
2. Have a Happy Valentines Day... With your Significant Other... Or Else by Eric Jesteadt (Something involving waltzing and guns, I think.)
3. Diary of a Twelve Year Old by John Bates (A death in the dysfunctional family of crazy people leads to laughter.)
4. Makin and Breakin by Katy Baggs (Michael Tabor makes em and he breaks em, and when he's breakin em, he has some special shoes he wears.)
5. Sleepwalker by Mirri (Song.)
6. 3 Guys and a Baby, Minus the Baby by Brad and Alex (Illicit backalley porkchop deal goes sour over chip and soda offer.)
7. Interview, 3:30 by Nigel Brown (Yale graduate goes for a job interview with an insane man, stays for the awesome dental plan.)
8. A Shivering Mound of Godless Formless Soulless Horrors from Beyond the Moon by Luke Christensen (A therapist talks about one of his patients and her compulsion.)
9. Girl in the Black Dress with the Burrito by Eric Landuyt (Poetry about a precariously balanced, drunken burrito aficionada.)
10. Coming Out by Leigh (Leigh confesses a dark secret that her conservative parents could never approve of. Spoiler: She is clown.)
10.5 Point Five by Luke Christensen (Luke is naked for Valentine's Day, but impresses no one.)
10.X People, Who are they by Lisa Leaverton (Late addition to the order. Broadcast news program explores the state of humanity, trying to find the mothers, the caretakers, and the children.)
11. Making Friends by A. Theresa (Friends are made with scissors and newspaper.)
12. A New Beginning by Eli Wilkinson (Female college student has abusive relationship, is raped, makes clean break, and is then murdered randomly.)
13. I Would Have Done this at the February 1st Show, but I did Dance Marathon Instead by Eric Jesteadt (Parody of WGA Strike. Michael Tabor and John Froehlig Jr. strike for a place in the credits and living wages, but are mollified by promises and spare change.)
14. The Crusader by Nick Beatty (Monologue about innocence lost in the Middle East.)
15. Flu Shots by Flabbergasted Jakers (Monologue, with chant, about how Flu Shots are stealing your money and don't even actually help you very much. Am I right?)

Friday, February 22, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. Gambling Gophers in the Sheharizad. murf! Murf, Murf, murf! Snorkle! U-huh. (pelvic Thrust) Mirri
2. Wheel of Misfortune Eric Landuyt
3. Italy's Science An American... Damn it.
4. Bird Lisa Leveraton
5. State Shit Luke Christensen
6. Hugs are Amazing Eric Jesteadt
7. True Tales of a Cynical Convience Store Clerk Kelli Willutsen
8. Jakes got him a purse and he has in the dinosaur cage on safari in the sky with skeleton nose!!!!? ---Yes! Mirri
9. Flatulent Grape Robbie Tussin
10. Prototype 2034 Eli Wilkinson
11. 9 Jokes Nick
12. Kevan Arnold: Here is your dad with no clothes Jamal River
13. Dr. Adventure and the Grammy's Evan Schenck

Friday, February 29, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. Heeheehee heeheeheehee OH! Heeheeheeheeheehee by Katy Baggs
2. Lightning by Eric Landuyt
3. Untitles dance piece by Kelsey Akers
4. An Report to the Iowa City City Council on the importance of Spacetronauts by Evan Schenck
5. Jerome by Jeromes Ghost
6. Eats Butter by Brian Lenth
7. Noon Day Witch by Mirri, Performed by the Birdies!
8. Bip Bop Music by Kyle Ford
9. Hi, my name is Jesse and I have a problem by Luke Christensen
10. The Jerk and Jesus by Eli Wilkinson
11. The Driving Lesson by John Bates
12. Russian Girl by Clay Howard and Sam Fuller
13. The Sequel by Greg Machlin

Friday, March 7, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. Apology for a Memoir by Greg Machlin (John Bates, as Greg Machlin, apologizes for all of the completely spurious stories he put in his big-time published memoir.)
1.5 You Start Conversations you Can't Even Finish by The Return of the on of the Ghost of Unnatural Love of the Penis of Cool Jesse (Jess Blaine poetry.)
2. I Miss U Kate a Lipynch by Mirri and an Unknown Band from a Mix CD (Clown stalks woman to music and is threatened with gun, but flowers make it all better.)
2.5 Love Love Love by KC and the Funshine Band (Crap I can't remember)
3. Egg Sandwich by Grumps and Tiny (Personal soundtrack not as cool as it sounds.)
4. Kyle Ford performing Return of the Jedi (Dancer in the dark.)
4.5 Fawfufawfaw fawfufawfaw RunRunRunRun Run Away by Actually Yeah! Where the HELL has he been? (Jesse Blaine poetry.)
5. Evan Schenck Presents the Total Class Survival Guide Part 1 (I told you how to be.)
5.5 Star #1 by Eric Landuyt (Pornographically tilted conversation with oblivious father.)
6. The Most EMO Monologue of All Time by Anonymous and Eli Wilkinson (Eli wrote some damn shitty poetry a few years ago, and Mirri read it.)
6.5 A supernatural seies of Effects that Will Only Lead you to that Guy no one Really Likes's house (Jesse Blaine poetry.)
7. The Voice of a Generation by Katy Baggs (A look inside the creative process of Diablo Cody, and a preview of her next film.)
7.5 Star #2 by Eric Landuyt (Gay bondage porn actor wishes to work for John McCain.)
8. The Beacon by Nick Beatty (Mythological-type story about a lighthouse beacon and its caretaker.)
8.5 Jesse Blaine (I lost the sheet that had the actual title of this piece on it. Whoops. In this one Jesse read some poetry, and also some crazy damn love letter he found, from a weirdo to another weirdo.)
8.6 A Finer Movie was Never Made by Reverend Randy Stiffwood (Completely horrible idea for a porno that would probably breach copyright.)
9. Bomb Squad by John Bates (Bomb squaddies learn the importance of a clear order of operations.)

Friday, March 14, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1++++ (in between piece introductions) Introductions Leigh Mather and John Bates
1.5. The Rage The Evil Professor and his simple-minded assistant Gideon
2. How to start a successful Business Mirri
2.5.The Dream The Evil Professor and his idiot assistant Gideon
3. Song Leigh Mather
3.5 A Baker's Dozen Nick Beatty
4. Evan Schenck Presents... Evan Schenck
4.5. Soon.... The Evil Professor and his really stupid assistant, Gideon
5. Mirri Interviess the audience... Four Reelz Mirri
6. Lemon Noodles and Smash Brothers Eli Wilkinson
6.5 Mu-ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! The Evil Professor and Come on, Gideon...

SPRING BREAK - March 15-23 - NO SHOW

Friday, March 28, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. Beauregard Hears a Moo! Luke Christensen (Two cows talking about meddlesome kids. Cow casturation.)
2. The Greatest Commandment, According to Eric Landuyt Eric Landuyt (Eric ate Jon's Ice cream because god hates gay people. According to Fred Phelps)
3. Popcorn A. Theresa (Who ever could catch the most popcorn in their mouths won a thing of bubbles)
4. Buster Brown Jamal River (A song)
5. The Thing to Do Evan Schenck (Two guys keep running into each other accidentally. Love forms)
5.5 A Brief Announcement Timm Sitzman (Tim is back from London. He's so excited he forgot to put a shirt on!)
6. The Blob of Love Eric Landuyt and Kim Townsend (Blob attacks group of 50's style teens. Song and dance ensue with killings)
7. Why I Appreciate Battle Royal: A Review Eric Jesteadt (Eric explains why he loves and loaths the asian masterpiece)
8. CBS Knows Reality Jake Gontero (I don't know what to say. Jamal was excited for reality entertainment.)
9. Get Out of My Everything Janani (Janani is broken up about the Suepple Murders. Imagines one of the girls survive)
10. Psychiatrist Clay and Sam (Shrink is a jerk to a young teen who apparently has a thing for his sister and a supposedly trashy mother)
11. Of Puppies and Rings (Eli has accidentally killed a puppy he was going to give when he proposes. He asks advice from Jesus and Jon Shelton. Shit hits the fan)
12. Shakespeare Unbound John Bates (John has volunteer read lines from Shakespeare. He makes up the replied dialogue)
13. And Now for the Main Attraction Ulysses S. Grant's Hairy Back (Eli) (Eli proposed to Alyssa. She accepted. The crowd went wild. Kisses ensued)

Friday, April 4, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. The World's Greatest Businessman Evan Schenck
2. True Confession Greg Machlin
3. American Bar Song Mirri
4. Imitating Becket Eli Wilkinson
5. Really, Gary Marshall Me
6. Eric Jesteadt's Debut on the People-A-Phone Eric Jesteadt
7. Call It Saint Jimmy
8. End of an Era Me
9. Cancer Brian Lenth
10. Questions from Catholic Book Jamal River
11. Doctor Myeyes Explains it All John Bates

Friday, April 11, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. Butcher John & Sam Berry In: Butcher John & Sam Berry Take a Walk, or When the Ink Ran Out Greg Machlin & Joe Luis Cedillo
1.5 Luke's Faux Pas #1 a Sad, Lonely Man
2. Song Leigh Mather
2.5 Love me
3. Brown St. 200 Jamal River
4. Villainous Suicide Eric Jesteadt
4.5 Luke's Faux Pas #2 a Sadder, Lonelier Man
5. Less than Three David Rout
6. Song Mirri (of the pop variety)
6.5 Ayo, I'm Tired of Technology, Too Me
7. The Engineer's Watch Katy Baggs
7.5 Luke's Faux Pas #3 Damnit, Why am I still Sad and Lonely?
8. List of Recent Accomplishments Janani
8. A fun Improv Game Luke & Eric
9. Phrase-am-I John Bates

Friday, April 18, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. The Tale of Horseface McGillicutty Eric Landuyt & Kim Townsend
2. Cognitive Garbage Leigh Mather
3. I've Always Hated You Nick Beatty
4. Chippy the Chipmunk: The Star Alyssa Sarchet Bowman (age 8)
5. What a Hare-y Situation: or A Play Without Real Words Eli Wilkinson
6. The John Armed and Hammered
7. The Break Room Brian Lenth
8. Facebook Stalker Caitlin Hurban
9. If you are Without Chicken Jesus Sushifish
10. Cebolla Mundial David Rout
10.5 Can I mate with you? Eric Jesteadt
11. I'm on it Jamal Rivers
12. Ray Dawn Chong in Paradise Long Dong Chong
13. John Bates' Improv piece
14. Song- Ambivilance, Midnight Phone call or Apothecary?, Mirri Doesn't know yet.
15. As Dumb as they Tell Us to Be 2.0 Todd Ristau and YOU
16. Tears of a Clown, Oh and Blood, lots and lots of Blood. Luke Christensen

Friday, April 25, 2008 - [Theatre B]
1. Crude and Strange for Crude and Strange's Sake Luke Christensen
2. A Short Musical Interlude Lord Calvin Pennypacker
3. Improvised Blues Leigh Mather and Nick Beatty
4. I have had Jobs Evan Schenck
Thrown in here: A Thing about Soccer Me
5. TV Hands Calvin
6. The Aristocrats Takko
7. Lice David Rout and Leigh Mather
8. If You're Bitten, You'll Need a Rabbi Shot! James Roth
9. Things I feel you should Know Penny
10. Consumer Confidence Greg and Joe
11. War Games King Sophie
Thrown in here: A TV Show Quiz Me
12. Eric Does Stand-Up Comedy Eric Landuyt
13. Stronger Sonya
14. Monologue #1 Two Ems
15. Bourgeoise Eli Wilkinson
16. Dyslexic Grille and Bar John Bates, et al.

Friday, May 2, 2008 - [Theatre B]

Best of No Shame
Friday, May 9, 2008
- [t.b.a.]

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