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Spring 2005 No Shame Theatre Executive Board
Alyssa Bowman
Aprille Clarke
Arlen Lawson
Jamal River
Michael Tabor

Friday, January 28, 2005 - [Theatre B]
First No Shame of the New Year
1. The Race For A Cure or Please Feel Free To Put Your Tongue In My Gaping VaG by Cool Jesse
2. A Few Words On What It Is To Be A Writer by John Leigh
3. Being Supportive by Alisa Rosenthal
4. Jamal River Is An Old, Weak Man And I Will Knock Him Out In Three Rounds by Michael Tabor
5. Bone Marrow by Mirri
6. I'm Back & My Shoes Are Blue by Cassie Gonzales
7. Incredibly Enough... by Brad Hansen
8. Johnn Sebastian Bach: Portrait Of The Fragile Man Behind The Great Warrior by Dirty Sixty
9. The Name Of This Piece Is Called: by Saltlick and Jailhouse
10. Picnic At Past Time Park w/bananas and chessburgers by Patrick Ashcraft

Friday, February 4, 2005 - [Theatre B]

I don't have the order, but I do have this:

1. Richard Nixon by Adam Hahn (annoying dog survives, Adam's wife does not)
2. Jamal River Is An Old, Weak Man And I Will Knock Him Out In Three Rounds by Michael Tabor (again, this time with Jamal there to be taunted)
3. I Need a Hug by Adam Hahn (Adam needs a hug, Tabor and Mirri oblige)
4. Aprille's piece on how to be a psychic
5. Jamal's piece, "The Songy Challege Round One"? (Genesis vs. Tabor eating raisins)
6. John Leigh's Indiana Jones fan fiction, Jamal accompanying on guitar
7. The piece with someone (Sadie?) pushing a box across the floor
8. Alisa and Tabor talking/fighting in a waiting room
9. Mirri's piece in which she has a bad friend, needs to pee, and drinks pancake batter made with water containing my cold
10. Patrick Ashcraft's piece about his chubby childhood, pornography, giving a girl an envelope. Contains musical interludes.
The second ten-piece show in a row made it all the more wonderful to have sixteen pieces a week later.
For a brief period early in this show, I was able to steal Michael Tabor's nickname and introduce myself as "The Professor".
Friday, February 11, 2005 - [Theatre B]
0. TMI4U4EVA by Rock N Roll Norris & Heavy Bass Rosenthal
1. The Dinner Party by Alisa Rosenthal
2. The No Shame Interview by Jamal River
3. A Walk with God by Ron Wright
4. The Blaine Brothers present a Blaine Brothers song: "Guitar Stars" by the Blaine Brothers
5. Untitled by Chris Okerberg
6. Stalkers with Walkers by Mirri
7. This is What it Sounds Like by Aprille Clarke
8. Tea Time by Gordon & Flash (aka Rachel Howell & Chris Ashworth
9. Don't Hate the Player...But Don't Hate the Game Either. Can't We All Just Get Along? by Jonathon Shelton
10. Monkey's Revenge, the Sequel by Eli Wilkinson
11. Bluh DEAD by Jailhouse Smith & Saltlick Martin
12. Boom-Box Boy Makes His Move by Patrick Ashcraft
13. Carpetbaggers a Song by Brian Lenth
14. Seth's Cherry-Popping No Shame Premiere (serious) by Seth?
15. A Vaudeville Act: What Can We Learn From Monsters? A Play About Learning Something From a Monster by John Leigh & Michael Tabor

Friday, February 18, 2005 - [Theatre B]
1. Tommy and Billy in: The Treasure Hunter Kids by Jonathon Shelton
2. Bags by Ken Peterson
3. No, I Am NOT Pregnant...I have an Empty Womb by Mirri
4. Mutters by Cool Jesse
5. Kinda Sort of Sex on the Beach by Katy Baggs
6. Roll Me Over & Under by Kind Toad
7. Choose Your Own Adventure: A Day at the Park by Alisa Rosenthal
8. Three Short Monologues on the Subject of Friendship by Adam Hahn
9. Marshamallow Peeps and the Ex-President by Eli
10. Ruth Freeman, Opposite Medusa by Aprille Clarke
11. An Early Morning Conversation with the Orange Face Projected on the Closet Door by the Glow of a Streetlight by John Leigh
12. Look, Would You Shut the Fuck Up, It's a Different Goddamn Skit by Seth Owens
13. They Can't Get Along by Patrick Ashcraft
14. Michael Tabor's Romantic Tips by Michael Tabor
15. A Funny No Shame Piece with Sweat Beads by Cathy Guisewite & Rock 'N' Roll Norris
16. Magenta Placenta by Rollin Perry

Friday, February 25, 2005 - [Theatre B]

Here's the best job Mesch and I can do to recreate the order using our brains. Note: this is NOT the correct order, just the order we're remembering things in. ---Aprille

1. "Salt," by Sean Shatto (Sean's stream-of-consciousness guitar song about hypertension, among other topics)
2. Eli talks about his skinniness and wanting all of us to play volleyball
3. Cool Jesse's poem
4. The thing (or was it stuff?) about the two guys who bantered about stuff versus things, pants.
5. Seth gives Milkastat to Juggzilla to ease her curdling
6. Aprille's thing about the alien friend Amber Dautremonde
7. The King of Modesty talks about how he's gay and cartoon characters are too.
8. Matt Wiegand's grizzly guitar songs about love gone wrong
9. The thing with the furniture that moves of its own volition, and the beanbag almost hurt its feet on broken glass. (Good save, Matt Wiegand!)
10. Mirri's poem about drugs and eating ash
11. Rock 'n Roll Norris's dance piece of sadness and doom
12. Sadie and Ryan's thing where the kids like Sadie's accordion music better than Ryan's recorder music, in part because she gives them candies, which turn out to have tacks in them.
13. Anna by Alisa Rosenthal (Alisa's monologue in absentia--May/December chatroom romance buddies)
14. Cassie Gonzales's piece about the dad with not enough legs who has unmanaged diabetes.
Great show all-around, though. Special thanks to the light board operators (Patch and Megan), who were first timers, but you never would have known it because they did a very good job.
Special Currier No Shame
Friday, March 4, 2005
- [Theatre B]
We've been invited to do a show at Currier residence hall this Friday, 3/4 (probably around 9 or so, so we can still make our regular show).

These things are kind of fun, because it exposes us (hot!) to a new audience. It's good advertising, and it's a good experience to be in a new environment. I'll post an update when I get confirmation from the person coordinating it. I assume it'll be in that multi-purpose room that can be a performance space.

You can write a new piece, bring an old favorite, whatever you want. I don't recommend that you do anything with light cues, since I don't think we have a lot of control over the lighting system there.

[order missing]

Friday, March 4, 2005 - [Theatre B]
1. I Think You're Pretty, And I Want To Kiss You by Michael Tabor
2. When Prank Wars Go Too Far by Johnathan Shelton
3. Personal Statement by Adam Hahn
4. Captain Dank and the Token Commanders: A Slammin' Hip-Hopera in 5 Acts by Chris, Brad, Danny, & Suha
5. Where A Kid Can Be A Kid by Brad Hansen
5.5 Gargoyle by Diana Grisand
6. Why I Am No Fun At A Party by John Leigh
7. She Has A Twin Who's Mean by Aprille Clarke
7.5 Yah-Kay?! by Stephen the Fangourious
8. I Am Growing Out My Hair by Katy Baggs
9. Repentance by the Rev. Eli Wilkinson
10. One Mint by Mister Norris
11. The Hot Tamale Chinchilla Mating Dance of PASSION! by Alisa Rosenthal
12. I Grow Sicker And Sicker or Something about a journal by William Calahan
13. Verses 6 by King Sophie
14. Poison Food Cake by Maggie Rice
15 1001 Ways by Hayden Taylor

Friday, March 25, 2005 - [Theatre B]
1. Lights Up!!! by William Callahan, Arie Hovenkamp, Matt Mobly, and Seth Brenneman
2. Hand In My Pocket? by Bruno The Bear
3. Rythmic Exercise One by Adam Hahn
4. This Is What Happens by Jamal River
5. An Angry Sort of Astronaut, Pt. 1 by Cool Jesse
6. We're Making This Up As We Go by Eli Wilinson and Eric Villhauer
7. This Story Will Make You Cry From Being Scared by Micheal Tabor
8. Witch-hunt!!! by Johnathan Shelton
8.5 Another Awful Story About Substitute Teaching by Adam Hahn
9. We Are Floating in a Perpetual Moccasin, Dancing a Temporary Decorative Lace by Alisa Rosenthal (Performed by Alisa as Memory and Mark Norris as Fantasy.)
10. Stream of Awesome by Rock 'n' Roll Norris
11. Gonna Die pt. 1 by Matt Wiegand
11.5 An Awful Story About Substitute Teaching by Adam Hahn
12. The Season Of Spring In Spring-alicious Action With Extra Spring...and BUBBLES by Mirri

Friday, April 1, 2005 - [Theatre B]

Standing on Aprille's shoulders, this is my best approximation of the order. Ellipses mean I wrote down one or two words from the title, but not the whole thing. ---Adam

1. "Saturday . . ." by Jamal River (weird cowboy antics at Village Inn)
2. ". . . Oregon . . ." by Seth Owens (Seth, Alisa, Mirri, Katy are Southern survivors headed west)
2.5 ". . . Fools . . . Pools . . ." by Eli Wilkinson (Eli has bleeding sores on his crotch)
3. "Gunfighter!" by Adam Hahn
4. Michael Tabor's piece wherein he claims to be God in the catwalk, smites John Leigh
5. "Message in a Bottle" by Tim Sitzmann (Tim's letter to America)
6. ". . . Boombox Boy . . ." by Patrick Ashcraft (Boombox Boy as a lonely Cupid)
6.5 guitar song by Sid Glissen (psuedonym of Patrick Ashcraft), in which Patrick confesses he was Bruno the Bear
7. "I Find Myself Alone When Each Day Is Through" by Aprille Clarke (wherein Adam is the sexy, sexy Señor Tightrope)
8. ". . . Pickles the Clown . . . " by Mirri (Taboresque monologue with gypsy magic)
9. ". . . Good Part . . ." by Rock 'n' Roll Norris (scene about dragons and dragon-slayers, which would both be awesome)
9.5 "It's Funnier in Portuguese" by Aprille Clarke (found art, Lonely Planet phrasebook helps you hook up, break up)
10. Katy Baggs monologue, she finds things left by Seth in her birthday cake
11. Routine by Alisa Rosenthal (Seth and Alisa discuss clothing, banana, cookies, etc.)
12. ". . . Boot Camp. . . " by the King of Modesty and Queen of Heavy Machinery (Maury Povich tribute scene)

Friday, April 8, 2005 - [Theatre B]

Unofficial Order:

1. "Six Bagatells for Guitar and Cello" by Sean Shatto and Ryan Martin
2. "Two Ways to Make a Mime Cry" by Seth Owens
3. "Baby Grand" by Jamal River (encounters with a happy, retarded ice cream server and a not-happy, not-retarded Arlen)
4. "Garbage Basketball" by Michael Tabor (real, live sporting event)
5. "RAIN!" by Alisa Rosenthal (a monster is not scary, but does make other monsters fell good about themselves)
6. "Boulder" by Adam Hahn (gross amputation/break-up metaphor)
7. "Times When a Special Move from Street Fighter 2 Seemed Like the Only Solution" by John Leigh (John reads dialogue, stage directions of short plays ending in video game violence)
8. "For Justin" by Eli Wilkinson and many others (tribute to dead friend)
9. "Apothecary" by Mirri (guitar song)
10. "Scrolls" by Rock N Roll Norris - scenes about scrolls, which are awesome
11. two guitar songs by a guy I don't know

Friday, April 15, 2005 - [Theatre B]

Unofficial Order:

1. ". . . Ex-Friend. . . " by Rock N Roll Norris (Bear the bear is an uncooperative friend who will not eat the honey)
2. "The Blame Me Guy" by some guys from Eli's playwriting class (scene about a man blamed for others' alcoholism, ruined daughters, etc.)
3. "Voice Mail" by Adam Hahn (found art: misdirected voice mail messages)
4. Kay Baggs' rock and roll song (Live Journal)
5. Dirty Sixty song (lost glasses, car accident)
5.5 ". . . Chastity. . . " by Alisa Rosenthal (scene in the dark about a break-in)
6. "Anecdotes" by Jamal River ("White Jamal" tells library coworkers the hilarious and depressing truth about their workplace)
7. ". . . Potatoes. . . " by Sadie Smith (short play about trying to buy onions, apples to feed a captured critter)
8. guitar song by a woman I don't know
9. ". . . Vitamin Drama. . . " by Seth Owens(?) (scenes about relationships and salad dressing)
10. Eli Wilkinson (scenes/monologue about Eli's failure to find love with Tabor's pick-up lines)
11. My Stunt Double by Aprille Clarke (Adam is Aprille's stunt double; he receives inoculations, embarassment, anal sex for her dignity/voyeurism)
12. Ryan Dennis (stand-up about life on the farm)
13. "Absolution" by Mirri (Mirri, Seth in abusive relationship)
14. Jesse Blaine (several people on stage introducing Jesse's poems)
15. Sean Shatto and Billy Evers (Sean attempts found art mockery of an essay, which turns out to have been written by BOBBY Evers; Bobby is FURIOUS!!!!)

Friday, April 22, 2005 - [Theatre B]

Unofficial Order:

1. "I Sense that I am in a Sensual World of the Senses" by Katy Baggs (Katy plugs up all her senses and waits for her ESP to kick in)
2. Eli Wilkinson is sad and people try to cheer him up by being hilarious
3. piece with a really long name by Menangees the Slow Kid (Cool Jesse boings the paddle ball; stops for an inhaler break; resumes)
4. "The Cowboy Train to Texas" The Michael Tabors (The MTs are a band; they sing of feelings-less cowboys and Texas)
5. "Adam Hahn is a Mac Daddy" by Jonathan Shelton (Shelton, Eli are horrified by Adam Hahn's seemingly pedophilic sex adventures, though things turn out ok)
6. Rock 'n Roll Norris bought so many ties on Ebay, but Bear ruins everything.
7. Sean Shatto does a guitar song about funk and mints. Mints are mysteriously absent.
8. "A Ridiculous Scenario from a Dream Involving Blackbeard's Treasure" by Mirri (celebrities' misadventures looking for pirate treasure)
9. "Voice Mail 2" by Adam Hahn (continuation of last week's found art, included such memorable characters as "your top dog" and the lady with the hun-gray cat)
10. "What Kind of Baby Is It," by Saddy Smith. (Sadie and Mark Norris have a tiff; Sadie tricks him into thinking she's retarded, but she's not)
11. Two songs by Yashaar Chaichian
12. "Fallen Stars: The Uniformly Grisly Deaths of Oscar Winners," by Aprille Clarke (Aprille talks about how different Best Actress winners died.)
13. Furious Skinny does a rock song
14. "Cheater Defeater," by Willian Callahan. (William says scary months set to music, scary months written by his incarcerated friend.)

Friday, April 29, 2005 - [Theatre B]
1. "I Used to Know the Names of All Seven Dinosaurs: Triceratops, T-Rex, Stegosaur, and the Other Four Who Are Also Good Friends" by Sid Glissen and Patrick Ashcraft (Patrick reminisces about his No Shame career and the various types of writing he has employed)
2. "Pretty Worthless" by John Leigh & the Michael Tabors (musical performance by a band)
3. "What Will Be My Life?" by Rock 'N Roll Norris & Heavy Bass Rosenthal
4. "The Pawn's Last Hurrah" by Alisa Rosenthal (violent Chess Club kids deal with the consequences)
5. "Hellophone!" by Saddy Smith
6. "Butter Side Up" by MIchael Tabor & the Michael Tabors (musical performance by a band)
6.5. "Tim Police" by Jon Shelton
7. "A Romance Love Letter by Topcat" performed by Aprille Clarke (found art from an inmate)
8. "Finally! Answers..." by Eli Wilkinson
9. "Ambivalence" by Mirri (Mirri will not be persuaded to leave Russia)
10. "Out of My Head" by Jamal River & the Michael Tabors (musical performance by a band)
11. "The Tsunami Was Really Sad & Terrible vs. Random Bumber Stickers" by ?
12. "Mr. Hahn's Address to the Graduating Class of '5 or: In Case You Haven't Heard, Mirri is Pregnant" by Adam Hahn (graduation speech and update on Adam's life)

Best of No Shame
Friday, May 6, 2005
- [Mabie Theater]
This Friday is Best of No Shame! Bring $2 and ALL of your friends. There are a couple pieces here that the real titles have been lost, so if you're the author or you know the title, let me know so that it'll be right on the program. Here we go...
1. Mommy by The King of Modesty
2. Song by Sean Shatto
2.5 Hit Shelton With A Gnome by Mirri
3. Baby Grand by Jamal River
4. Bean Bag Piece by The Bean Bag Guys (Ken Peterson?)
5. Turtle Funshine by Jailhouse Smith & Saltlick Martin (Sadie Smith)
6. Gunfighter! by Adam Hahn
7. I, the Undersigned by Dirty 60
8. Adam Hahn is a Mac Daddy by Jonathon Shelton
8.5 I Told You This Would Work Mom by Mangaeges the Slow Kid (Cool Jesse)
9. Scrolls by Rock N Roll Norris
10. Streetfighter by John Leigh
11. I Sense That I am in a Sensual World of the Senses by Katy Baggs
12. Routine by Alisa Rosenthal
13. They Can't Get Along by Patrick Ashcraft
14. I Grow Sicker and Sicker by William Callahan
15. Hot & Loud by The Michael Tabors featuring Furious Skinny
16. My Stunt Double by Aprille Clarke

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