No Shame Theatre Archives (2002-2003)


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Spring 2003 No Shame Theatre Executive Board
Aprille Clarke
Jamal River
Paul Rust
Chris Stangl

Friday, January 31st, 2003 - [???]
first No Shame of the semester

Times are included because they're written on the order. This is not a value judgement.

1. Jeffrey Lee Clothier - The Realm of Possibility (5:00)
2. Jamal River - Can You Get It All Done, Paul? (5:00)
3. Brad Hansen - INEPTATION (PLOH!) (6:42)
4. Sarah Neilson - No Splinters (2:29)
4.5. Edgar Winters - A Love Poem for a Forgotten Friend (0:45)
5. Stephanie Levy - Drawing (2:49)
6. Matt Hart - A Birthday Wish (1:36)
6.Paul. Paul Rust - Phone Call (14:03)
7. Arlen Lawson - We Burn Our Dead an autobiography (2:46)
8. Michael Tabor - Mackadocious Michael Tabor (3:40)
9. Skelonious Bop - Skelonious Bop (2:27)
10. Jason Nebergall - Harmony & Counterpoint (1:17)
11. White Cat & Math Teacher - I'm Going to Eat that Watermelon (3:00)
12. Cool Jesse "the the the" Blaine - Converse, Concave or The Movie's Not Over Yet (1:28)
13. Cassie Gonzalez - Tennessee Waltz (1:50)
14. Aprille Clarke - Good Morning, Caterpillar (5:45)
15. Chris Stangl - Storm Gathering (6:49)

Friday, February 7th, 2003 - [Theater B]
"I hear it tastes like cunny!"
Announcements/ Order: River, Stangl, Rust (8:34)

1) Jamal River, Based on the short story by Arlen Lawson - Hhhhh

2) Sarah Neilson - Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

2.5) Matthew Hart! - Pizza Challenge!
3) the Dead Columbia People [Horak] - The Columbia Disaster
4) Cassie Gonzales - Solution
4.5) Drake Iowa [Nick Clark] - A Poem for Gloria
5) Danielle Santangelo - A Tiny Taste of Death
6) Thayne Farrier - Gente de la Palabra
6.5) Al Angel - What if Mel Brooks was Jewish? I think it would go a little something... a-like this
7) Bobby Evers - untitled
7.5) Ninian Domore - Freezing my Ass Off
8) Michael Tabor - Real Slow in the Car
9) Cool Jesse [Blaine] - Revelations of a Douche Bag
9.5) Absolute Destiny Apocalypse - Stalker Blues
10) Jason Nebergall - The Journals of Jason Nebergall: 1996 - 2000
Another 10) Michael Dhar - Pumpkinship
11) Arlen Lawson - With Friends like These a parody
12) Bradley Harris - it goes
13) Paul Rust - A Masterpiece
14) Andy Schroeder, Jason Nebergall, Matt Hart and Michael Tabor - CLETUS
15) Chris Stangl - Gorillas Down on the Farm; a Valentine's Day Allegory

Friday, February 14th, 2003 - [Theatre B]

I've posted the order in how it was randomly drawn. I maybe incorrect. Make revisions as you see fit. Same goes with unknown performers.---Paul

1. Jon "Der Fuhrer" Grace and Cool Jesse - Come On, Jesus
1.5. The Lyrical Gangster - Matter Daddies... Fuck's That?
2. Skelonious Bop - Marines and Other Veterans Engaging Outrageous Un-American Traitors
3. Arlen Lawson - Chinese or Pizza? A Tale of the Mulatto
4. Kurt Meyermann - Philmont Chronicles: Volume Two, Don't You Dare Give Me the Bird
5. Cassie Gonzales - Lips and Loins
5.5 The Nuge - I've Got a Stranglehold Baby, And Then I Crush Your Face
6. James "Valentine's Day, not Venereal Disease" Horak "you retards" - Pathos or Pathetic? A V.D. Sketch
7. White Cat and Math Teacher - The Lamposts Are Mine
8. Al Angel - A Valentine's Day Vagina: A Vagina in 5 Acts
9. Sarah Neilson - A Valentine for Lucifer
10. Danielle Santangelo - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
11. King Toad - Down with the Ship
12. Paul Rust - Wrote Yr. Name on a Wall
13. Michael Tabor - Michael Tabor Wants to Have Sexy Fun with All the Ladies
14. Roger and Glenn Lyons - Passions
14.5 Absolute Destiny Apocalypse - It's Not My Heart That Bleeds for You
15. Chris Stangl - Trashed!: Because It's Jamal's Birthday!
15.5 Bobby Evers - Confession

Tuesday, February 18th, 2003
Hello. I just wanted to remind the City of Iowa City that last Friday's No Shame will be on TV: Tuesday at 11pm. Cable Channel 18. There were only 27 people in the audience (+performers, so the rest of you should take a "peek" at what you "missed". ---Jamal

Friday, February 21st, 2003 - [Room 167]

Announcements/ Order: Clarke, River, Rust, Stangl

1) Audrey Plumshower III - Nursery Rhymes for the Bereaved
2) Brad Hansen - The Priest & the Condoms
2.5) Seth Brenneman - Post-Coital Nazi Germany
3) Paul Rust - Pillowcase
4) Cassie Gonzales - Chocolate Cake
5) Skelonious Bop - Police State Line
5.5) Pookman - How Little Tommy Deegan Lost his Virginity
6) Thayne Farrier - Poetry for Christianity
7) the NGS Experience featuring the E Funk All-Stars - After the Night
7.ArlenHeRocksMyUte) Arlen Lawson - Theodorus
8) Dick Roberts - Personal Foul
8.5) Michael Tabor - That Man Is Fat
9) Jamal River - That Funny Old Grandpappy
10) Jason Nebergall - This Skit Got Hips!
11) Howard Zimmerle - Stop Being Such A Baby
12) James Erwin - Jesus Christ, Boy Detective
13) Paul Rust - Joan and Greg Are in the Hospital
14) Aprille Clarke - Black History Month: Putting the Diggity Back in Dignity
15) Chris Stangl - In the Velvet Darkness

Friday, February 28th, 2003 - [Theatre B]

Order/ Announcements: Rust, River, Clarke, Stangl

1) Brad Hansen - Special Delivery
2) Matt Hart - Shock Boyz
2.5) White Cat and Math Teacher - William Shows MT a Car
3) Stephanie Levy - And and
4) James Horak - Let's have a Nightmare Together!
4... a second #4) Mammal Hives and Jose Raywire - The Party Skit or: Friday Night Jam!
5) Naomi Nordine - Statesville 1924
6) angry lemon - Mariachi Nightmare
7) Emily Yoshida - Best Friends Trilogy Part One: the Best Asparagus I Ever Ate
The Real #7!) Arlen Lawson - Sexual Fantasies about your Girlfriend
8) Michael Tabor - David
9) Sarah Neilson - Lay Bare Strange Desires
9.5) Brad Hansen - LOOK, I'M A MIME!
10) Cassie Gonzales - Carla
10... 10... there's TWO #10's!) Rev. Chris Stangl - Political Satire Rides a Red Horse and Carries a Burning Sword
11) Jason Nebergall and Denise Dooley - Our One Year Anniversary
11... a second 11) Aprille Clarke - Backyard Burial (This IS a Euphemism for Anal Sex)
12) Jared Seaman - The Chocolate Coconut War Part 1 & 2.5
13) Howard Zimmerle - Little Miss "Too Good to Eat Her Own Feces"
14) Dick Roberts - In Praise of George Bush
15) Paul Rust and Chris Stangl - Two Guys Try to Do a Piece About Black History Month, But Aprille Keeps Interrupting Them

Friday, March 7th, 2003 - [Theatre B]
2. (I forgot what anagram...the word "anal" was in there) - Remember When Medgar Evers Was Shot? That Was AWESOME
2.5 Howard Zimmerle - Nicholas Cage is a No-Talent Penismonkey
3. Cosmic Squirrel Frenzy - Super Chicken Rock OR The I Can't Play Guitar Song
4. Emily Yoshida - Best Friends Trilogy Pt. Two: Jailhouse Blues
5. Furious Skinny - Too High Up
5.Paul - Paul Rust - I Buy You Books and I Buy You Books, But All You Do is Eat the Pages
6. Arlen Lawson - Hitler's Nipples
6.5. White Cat, Math Teacher, and Boney Macaroni - Emperor's New Groove
7. Brad Hansen - Three Levels
7.5. Michael Tabor - Boogie, Man
8. Skelonious Bop - Talkin D.J. P. Godd & M.C. Lucre D. Blues
9. Richard Herbst - Dead Grandmother Tells Hilarious Anecdote
10. Jason Nebergall - I Like to Eat It
11. Dick Roberts - Ass Covers
11.5. Jared Seaman - Kitzy the Spider Woman
12. Shock Boyz - Ultimatum I-Chodes
13. Paul Rust - Eulogy
14. Aprille Clarke - Vgn Op! En Religis Zombie Parodi
15. Chris Stangl - The Green Man

Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
So there was no No Shame on Friday, but you can still watch one on TV tonight. Channel 18. 11pm. I'm going to play the 1st one of the season- Jan 31, I think. It hasn't been on TV yet. Now it WILL be. ! ---Jamal

Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
Once again, no No Shame last Friday, but there is indeed a previously unaired No Shame tape (from the 2nd week of the season) which will be on tonight at 11pm. Channel 18 ---Jamal

Friday, March 28th, 2003 - [Theatre B]
0.5) Jamal River and Chris Stangl - He is Upset by a Butt

1) Howard Zimmerle - Long Dong Silver

2) Roe Lloyd - Found Monologue Series #1: Roe Lloyd's 'What's Up No Shame': Special Edition

2.5) Brad Hansen - Use Protection!

3) Jeremy Hoffmann - Does Anybody Here Remember Vera Lynn?

4) Cassie Gonzales - Your Grandma

5) Danielle Santangelo - Hazey Jane

5.5) Jared Seaman - Dirty Limerick, Gregorian Style

6) Bill McKenna and Michael Tabor - The Party of the Millennium; Never before and never again will there be a single party so enjoyable- it is not likely that another party will take place this millennium that will generate such a good time, meriting this to be called 'The Party of the Millennium' from now until the year 3000. Are you invited?

7) Arlen Lawson - The Carbonated Ocean; a parable

8) A. Fetus [Jesse Blaine] - Listen to Me

9) Absolute Destiny Apocalypse - Then Hurt Me

10) the Oak Ridge Boys [Dick Roberts] - The Shocking Connection between Middle Eastern Terrorism and Country and Western Music

11) Adam Hahn - You Will Fall in Love With Me

12) James L. Erwin - My Girlfriend Had a Weird Dream Which I Wrote Down

13) Paul Rust - Your Eyebrows Are Darker

14) Aprille Clarke - I Fall to Pieces

15) Chris Stangl - Keep it Running; or: How to Tell a Story

Friday, April 4th, 2003 - [???]
1. Paul P. - Found Monologue Series #2: Family Is Important
2. Brad Hansen - Aiming for the High Brow
3. Jesse Daniel Blaine - Twilight Confessions
4. Paul Rust - I'm Making Presents - (Performed by the Yakamishiis)
5. Jeremy Hoffmann - How to Perform an Emergency ATracheotomy in Three Easy & Fun Steps with 2.5 Midgets, an Elephant Tusk, and a Half-Drunk Burro
6. Emily Yoshida - Fire Practice
7. Arlen Lawson - The Thinking Part of the Universe
8. James Brown - Letter to a Memory
9. White Cat & Math Teacher - I Lost the Comb
10. Jamboy River - Abe Lincoln
11. Paul Rust - The Monster at the End of This Scene
12. Chris Stangl - Moving to Texas
13. Paul Rust - Smiling? OR FROWNING!?
14. Aprille Clarke - The Lair of the Marrow Monkey
15. Chris Stangl - What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You, but What You Do Know Stabs You in the Cunt Repeatedly; or: Aborto's Busy Day, an automatic-writing

Friday, April 11th, 2003 - [???]
1. Brad Hansen - An Animator's Odyssey
2. Steven Seidler, Grade 3 - Found Monologue Series #3: Ducktails
3. An Observer (Blaine) - Religion: A Poem About Love
4. Cassie Gonzales - A Tribute to Andrew Jackson
5. Emily Yoshida - Emily's Bubble, OR: The Pied Piper Goes to Baking Class
6. Jamal River - Problem Solvers
7. Fuck You! My horse is gonna be a senator whether you like it or not - The Worst Skit Jesse Blaine Has Ever Preformed Even Worse than the 'Guitar Incident' and That One With the Lump of Silly Putty, Which Was Actually a Stolen Good Will Fetus
8. Paul Rust - Loser Kid's Birthday Party
9. Samuel Adams - Stepping Up
10. Chris Stangl - Movie Reviewers
11. Arlen Lawson - The Day it All Came Crumbling Down
12. Aprille Clarke - Ice Tornadoes
13. Chris Stangl - Pink Lemonade
14. Paul Rust - Tonight, You - You! - Are the Stars!

Friday, April 18th, 2003 - [Theatre B]
1. Shannon Moore, Grade 3 - Found Monologue Series #4: Bugs Bunny Is Here

2. Kearn Kirkwood - This Is My First No Shame Piece so Please Be Gentle in Breaking My Hymen of Shame

2.5. Michael Tabor - Hit It in Your Car

3. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld - What if Lord Cornwallis Gave a Press Briefing During the Revolutionary War?

4. Cassie Gonzales - Babies and Corpses

4.5. Aprille Clarke - Jokes Without Punchlines: Hello, Mary Lou

5. Bobby Evers - Hair Piece

6. David Letterman - Top 10 Porno Flicks of Saddam Hussein

6.5. Aprille Clarke - Jokes Without Punchlines: Goodbye Heart

7. Arlen Lawson - The Dying Orgy

8. Michael Tabor - Evil Michael Tabor

8.5 Aprille Clarke - Jokes Without Punchlines: Shield

9. Erin - Winter

9.5. Arlen Lawson - Dr. Jekyll's Evil Potion

10. Danielle Santangelo Kovalick - Break My Body

10.5. Michael Tabor - Keep the Change

11. Marmy Shaloway - Who Farted? YOU Farted

11.5. Paul Rust - Dead Dead Dead

12. Boney Macaroni & White Cat - Icy Manipulation

12.5. Aprille Clarke - Jokes Without Punchlines: Dangerously Close

13. Paul Rust - X-Insert Your Favorite Title Here

14. Aprille Clarke - Certain Things I Can Forgive, Such as Murder

15. Chris Stangl - Natural History Museum a poem

photos Friday, April 25th, 2003 - [Theatre B]

"Glory Fades" - Chris Stangl's last No Shame (not counting BONS)

0.5. Matt Hart - Ultimatum 2: Matt Hart Fellates C. Stangl for 5 Minutes
1. Adam Hahn - Mark & Sarah: an Exercise
1.5. Stephens Sherman & Ptacek - Man Drinks MMIlk for the First Time
2. Brad Hansen - Adventures of the Crappy Playwriting Hero Squad
2x2. Erin - I Hope This Is Too Scary for You & You Run Out Screaming
3. James Erwin & Chris Stangl & Michael Tabor & Shannon McCormick & Mike Rothschild & Dan Brooks! - The Historical Record
4. Cassie Gonzales - Only Sulfer Smoke Makes Me Cry
5. Jack Canfield - Chicken Soup for the Street Pimp's Soul
6. Ryan Lovedoll - We Are Destroying the Skit
7. Arlen Lawson - Baby Blue; a Game of Who Is Meaner?
7.5. Josh Kennedy - You'll Always Be Close to my Heart...and my Pancreas
8. Michael Tabor - A Boy Named Jenny
Funniest Ever 9. Paul Rust & Chris Stangl - Gay Einstein and FDR in... Oval Orifice Hijinks
10. Jason Nebergall - Carnivalesque!
11. Jeremy Hoffman - How I Envision my Death
12. the Future of No Shame Theatre - No Shame Needs Fresh Talent, and When They Can't Find 'Fresh' or 'Talent,' They Turn to Us
13. (performed 15) Alyssa Bowman - Crotchety Old Man Stangl, or The Return of Boglin Chris
14. Bullfrogs and Tea! (Paul Rust and Sarah Neilson) - At the End of the Day, What Are You Going to Be? A Mr. Hawkiss or a Penelope? Yeah. Me, Too
15. (performed 13) Scot West - Thank U 4 a Funky Time
16. Kearn Kirkwood - Fifteen Minutes in a Museum
17. Michael Tabor, Jason Nebergall, & Paul Rust - Twilight Zone
18. Absolute Destiny Apocolypse - Devil Went Down
19. Paul Rust - Oakview Shopping Center
20. Jamal River - Chris Stangl's Last No Shame Piece of All Time, by Chris Stangl, & Not
21. Aprille Clarke - Blow Me Up, Blow Me Down
22. Chris Stangl - Giant Monster

Friday, May 2nd, 2003 - [Theatre B]
Dead Week

Announcements/Order: "Rust," "Stangl"

1. Chris La Voie - The Boy Who Turned Into a Sound
2. Coach Larry Eustachy - It Was Just the Alcohol Talking
3. Cassie Gonzales - Social Darwinism
4. Ryan Lovedoll - Plaid Windows
4.5. Jason Nebergall - Rapping Michael Tabor
5. Jamal River - Baboonza
6. Scot West - This Is the Safest Place to Be, Statistically Speaking
7. Kearn Kirkwood - Sometimes I Dream
7.5. Hyman Asshole - Dr. Tabor, Proctologist
8. Michael Tabor - Useless Excerpts
9. angry lemon - Instinctual Blues
10. Jason Nebergall - Thrillington!
11. NBA Commissioner David Stern - God Bless the USA
12. Michael Tabor and Al Angel - The Dog Can Fly
12.5. Jennifer Lopez - There's More than One Way to Fuck a Duck
13. Jason Nebergall - Breakup
14. Aprille Clarke - Beagle Me This

There is going to be a No Shame at the Peace Camp in Iowa City on the Pentacrest on Tuesday May, 6! At 9-ish PM! And YOU should go! To perform a piece! To witness a piece being performed! You should go! This No Shame will be loosely held under the banner "No War, No occupation, No Shame," however, ALL pieces (political or no) will be welcome. Please come and have fun! And I do promise you will have FUN!!! ---Al
No Shame Theatre at the Iowa City Peace Camp
Friday, May 6th, 2003
- [The Peace Camp on Jefferson Street]
9:00 p.m.
1. the Iowa City Radical Cheerleaders - Lick My Ass
2. Steven Kats and NOT Kat Stevens - Peace Camp 2000
4. Jamal River - Touch My Butt
Nick Clark - 5. What Else Would I Like if I Didn't Like Boobs? Torn from the Pages of Real Life
6. Dick Roberts - Michael Tabor, Proctologist; Part Deux
7. Angry Lemon - Hopeless
8. Sean Shatto - Revelation
9. Arlen Lawson - I'm a Funny Guy!
10. Ben Slattery - I Don't Know What I Would Do
11. Sean Shatto, Ben Slattery and David Burgess - Conversations in the Rain
12. Sarah Neilson - In the Elevator
13. Aprille Clarke - I Fall to Pieces

Best of No Shame
Friday, May 9th, 2003
- [Theatre B]
1. Jamal River - Can You Get it All Done, Paul?
2. James Erwin - My Girlfriend Had a Weird Dream and I Wrote it Down
2.5 Robert Sondag {aka Paul Rust} - I Buy You Books and I Buy You Books, But All You Do is Eat the Pages - (Rick Herbst, Steve Heuertz, and Paul Rust)
3. Furious Skinny - Splendor All Around
4. Steven Seidler, Grade 3 - Found Monologue #2: Duck Tails
5. Cassie Gonzales - Chocolate Cake
6. Michael Tabor - Evil Michael Tabor
7. Erin - I Hope This Is Too Scary and You Run Away Screaming
8. Arlen Lawson - Sexual Fantasies About Your Girlfriend
8.5. White Cat and Math Teacher - William Shows MT a Car
9. Jason Nebergall - This Skit Got Hips
10. Angry Lemon - Mariachi Nightmare
11. Paul Rust - A Masterpiece
12. Math Teacher - I Lost the Comb
13. Paul Rust - I'm Making Presents (Performed by The Yakamishiis)
14. Emily Yoshida - Fire Practice
14.5. Seth Brenneman - Post-Coital Nazi Germany
15. Aprille Clarke - The Lair of the Marrow Monkey
16. Chris Stangl - The Last Thing You See Tonight

Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
For those of you still in town, the Peace Camp No Shame will be on TV this week. Tuesday, 11pm, Channel 18. It was short! The weather was nice! Pretend you're outside actually doing something: right in your own home! ---Jamal

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