No Shame Theatre Archives (2001-2002)

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Spring 2002 No Shame Theatre Executive Board
Aprille Clarke
Aaron Galbraith
Jamal River
Paul Rust
Chris Stangl

Friday, February 1st, 2002 - [Theatre B]
first No Shame of the semester

"If God didn't want me to skull-fuck you, He wouldn't have made your eyesockets so deliciously tight." [Note: this may not be an exact quote; I'm going from memory as the real order is somewhere in Paul Rust's nipplehole right now.--Aprille]

1. Magnetic - Every, Every, Body Body Wants to Be a Dog
(Juggly Brad, Juggly Steve)
[Jugglies juggle to pop music; passing clubs, back to back; skill performance]
2. Al Angel - Bedtime for Britt
(A Angel, A Clarke, J Erwin, M Thompson)
[Angel reads a rhyming, metered poem about Britt's bedtime tomfoolery; AC, J, and M act out roles; poetry performance]
3. Spencer Griffin - Kelsey
(S Griffin)
[S talks about not caring about cancer kids and the various charms and talents of his former friend Kelsey; monologue]
3.5. Seth "To the Izzo" Brenneman - All Pogs Go to Heaven
(S Brenneman, Boylyssa, ??)
[Boys play with Pogs; a genie appears out of Pog container; comedy sketch]
4. Paul Rust - No Stale Juh
(P Rust, M Cassady, C Stangl)
[P narrates while M and C play several characters, each of whom longs for an earlier time, except the earliest ones who ponder 2/1/02; comedy sketch]
5. Pookman - Bob
(P Ookman)
[P talks about a bad hunting show he saw with a commercial in it of which he also disapproved; monologue]
6. Matthew Hart - Beads for Boobs: Experimental Theatre
(M Hart, A Clarke, P Rust, J Nebergall, Michael Tabor.)
[M tries to see breasts in exchange for beads, then tries to make a pun of it, which doesn't make sense. J emerges as the That-doesn't-make-any-sense-at-all-isher; comedy sketch.]
7. Arlen Lawson - Shoestring Hangman's Noose
(A Lawson)
[Two boys deal with harrowing events in their lives-the death of their father, the maliciousness of their mother, the neglect and skepticism of their babysitter-through escapism and potentially dangerous knot-tying; monologue]
7.5. Alyssa Bowman - Teabags are about 100% THC
(AJM River, M Cassady, A Lawson, J Erwin, C Stangl)
[Overheard in a restaurant, M spouts nonsequiturs about computer-building in Russia, love for Italian mothers, naan, and TV sound censorship, among other things; comedy lines.]
8. Aaron Galbraith - Knick Knack Patty Wack I Still Got the Biggest Sack
(A Galbraith)
[A is extremely pleased and excited about the recent loss of his virginity and is thrilled to share the news and describe his prowess; monologue]
9. Shit, I'm Two Months Late for That Joke - I Wish I Was a Dog
(S Heuertz, AJM River, P Rust, C Stangl, M Thompson)
[Playing Paul, M explains to S the satanic secrets of his successful business venture; comedy sketch]
10. Michael Tabor and Jason Nebergall - Senior Prom At Boner High
(J Nebergall, A Galbraith, J Erwin, M Tabor, A Angel, T Wilson, P Rust, AJM River, M Hart)
[Boner High has many superheros/supervillains as students; some win awards at the prom and some don't; comedy sketch.]
11. Mark J. Hansen - If It's Gotta be Clean...
(A Clarke, A Angel, J Nebergall, M Thompson)
[Four people write letters to Tide With Bleach for different reasons, ranging from benign fandom to unrequited love to fascism to self hatred; comedy mini-monologues.]
12. Jeff Kite - Reservoir Frogs
(S Heuertz, M Thompson, S Griffin, P Rust, A Lawson, A Angel, J Kite, B Libigs, Juggly Brad, Juggly Steve)
[Mob family is dysfunctional; all die but Mama Arlen, who shoves the author into a happy ending; comedy sketch]
13. J River - Gene Will Mix Prefer Nice Can Con Pen
(C Stangl)
[C, in great detail, describes a fleshy part of a caucasian body, possibly the ear; monologue]
13.5. Maria Hill!! - President Bush's Speech
(J Erwin)
[J as President Bush talks about the patriotic duty of Americans to give him money so he will be more richer; monologue]
14. Aprille Clarke - The Day the Fortune Cookies Came True, Part I: George and Genevieve
(J Erwin, A Clarke, S Heuertz)
[A and S are at a celebrity auction; S is the Cryptkeeper who was once almost baked into a pie after a muddy wank; A considers leaving him with every waxing moon; seriocomedy sketch.]
15. Chris Stangl - Sweethearts on a Harlem Table
(C Stangl)
[In tour-guide style, C intersperses the reading and eating of candy conversation hearts with stories of sordid 1920's Harlem, stars, and mixed metaphors; monologue]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Aprille Clarke]

Friday, February 8th, 2002 - [Theatre B]
1. Paul Rust - The Unquestionable Genius of One Rutherford B. Corduroy
(P Rust, A Clarke, AJM River, S Brenneman, M Cassady)
[A sparrow lays eggs in Paul's mouth, which he thinks gives him great wisdom and may actually; comedy sketch]
2. Al Angel - Andrew McDougal McAgen McDuff
(A Angel, A Clarke, J Erwin, M Hansen, P Rust)
[Al recites a rhyming, metered poem about a boy who loves to fly and finds comfort in others of his kind; poetry performance]
2.5. Bill McKenna - That's How the Cookie Crumbled
(B. Oylyssa, P. Ookma.)
[A huge cookie won't fit into a pitcher of milk; P reminds B of its un-baby-like breakability; comedy sketch]
3. James Horak - Why I Will Never Have a Real Job
(J Horak, M Hansen)
[J finds lots of great things to do with his broom, including killing the man who wishes him to do only mundane broom things; comedy sketch]
4. Tony Sparancino - In the Background
(T Sparacino)
[T recites a poem about the loneliness he feels when a loved one is in the hospital; poetry performance]
5. Pookman - Andrew
(P Ookman)
[P hates a lot of things about a particular woman for whom he feels love; monologue]
5.5. Matthew Hart - Experimental Theatre: Matt Tries Unsuccessfully to Do a Handstand
(M Hart, J Nebergall)
[M tries to do handstands; succeeds only in doing many very brief headstands; physical comedy performance]
6. Jeffrey Kite - Barbers Barbaric
(J Kite, M Cassady, M Thompson, P Rust, Brett)
[M's father drops her off at the barber shop never to return, forcing her to endure talk of pube grooming; comedy sketch]
7. Nozebone the Band - Ten Year Plan
(M Hansen, N Clark, P Rust)
[3-part instrumentation and vocals/lyrics combine to make a song; musical performance]
8. Mark J. Hansen - Tooth Against Brushism
(J Erwin, T Wilson)
[J as dentist and T as patient talk about J's feelings for her and his general dental irresponsibility; comedy sketch]
9. Mike Cassady - Allow me to Clarify This
(M Cassady)
[M recounts the tale of a man who maintains his dreams of whaling through the trials of a nine-base sexual scale and an unfaithful, wolf-raised lover; monologue]
10. Jason Nebergall - J to the Jizzo!
(J Nebergall, A Clarke, C Stangl)
[J is suddenly 23 years old and has many nostalgic moments with fellow Gen-Xers A and C; comedy sketch]
11. J River - The Erwin
(AJM River, J Erwin)
[AJM serenades J with a song that came to him in a dream; musical performance]
11.5. John F. Kennedy, Jr. - Martha's Vineyard: Real Life Eden, Or Fantasy Island
(S Heuertz, ?.)
[Milk is little help in making S grow; comedy sketch]
12. Michael Tabor - I Love Almost Everybody...Except Deadheads
(M Tabor, J Erwin, T Wilson, ?.)
[M and T skip Egypt and discuss the erotic potential of paint drying with J]
13. Arlen Lawson - Breathing Games a song
(A Lawson, AJM River)
[2 guitars with A on vocals combine to make a song; musical performance]
14. Aprille Clarke - The Day the Fortune Cookies Came True Part II: Dave
(J Erwin, M Cassady, A Clarke, M Hansen)
[A rodent-loving man seeks the secrets that will help him in the new world order; comedy sketch]
15. Chris Stangl - Let's Get Dead a love poem
(C Stangl)
[C recites a poem he wrote about him and his girlfriend killing each other; poetry performance]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Aprille Clarke]

Friday, February 15th, 2002 - [Theatre B]
1. Cicely Tyson - Disney's 101 Dalmatians
(S Heuertz, T Wilson, A Clarke, Boylyssa, Seth Brenneman.)
[Three characters deliver staggered monologues while Boylyssa, wrapped in aluminum foil, occasionally crosses the stage, M in lukewarm pursuit; comedy performance]
2. Al Angel - Lim'ricks
(A Angel, M Thompson, J Erwin, A Clarke, J Nebergall.)
[A delivers limericks on a variety of subjects, physically portrayed by other actors; poetry performance]
3. Paul Rust - Worlds of Fun and Regret
(P Rust.)
[P portrays a melancholy caricature artist who had dreamed of something better and expresses himself through self-portraits; monologue]
4. Arlen Lawson - Old Man Tears With Genghis and Hopey
(A Lawson.)
[A, as an old folks' home nurse, tells the story of a fistfight between two residents and the relative pain of youth and age; monologue]
4.5. Ron Wright - Garden Party
(R Wright.)
[Anwar Sadat, from beyond the grave, discusses his attempts at cultivating peace; R wonders if wheat might have been a better choice; comedy blackout]
5. Pookman - Matt and Doug
(J Erwin, P Ookman, M Tabor, J Nebergall.)
[5 days' time provides for breakfast-table-based misunderstandings and miscommunications; comedy sketch]
5.5. Seth Brenneman - The Preset Blues...Or Are They?
(S Brenneman, Boylyssa, Paul Rust)
[S impresses the world with his pre-programmed keyboard playing, even the inventor of the Suzuki method; comedy sketch]
6. Brian Tuttle - Recess at Shakespeare Elementary School
(B Tuttle, P Rust, Mike Cassady)
[Sparked by bubble-blowing, two elementary kids battle in Shakespearian-style speech; comedy sketch]
7. Tom Kovacs - How I Learned to Stop Loving and Break UP with Myself
(T Kovacs, ??.)
[A man has a superpowerful toe that, among other things, keeps the Green Party out of office; comedy sketch]
8. Mark J. Hansen - Underwater Sunset
(M Thompson.)
[M's character remembers the time she saw a sunset while nearly drowning and her subsequent blindness; monologue]
9. Naked Michael Tabor - I Love Almost Everybody ...Except Sisyphus
(M Tabor, M Hansen.)
[MT, held prisoner by MH, is required to pass various tests in order to win his freedom; comedy sketch]
10. Jason Nebergall - Valentine's Day Is Over, But I Wrote a Thing About It
(J Nebergall.)
[The Sad Pirate recalls his various Valentine's Day woes that have contributed to making him such a Sad Pirate indeed; monologue]
10.5. Alyssa Bowman - The Mystery of the Missing Red Diamond. And the Animal Stealed It: A Poem I wrote When I Was Six
(C Stangl.)
[C performs a poem written by Alyssa relating to her late grandmother, many animals, a general sense of like, counting, monsters, witches, black people, black witches; poetry performance]
11. J Lin Erwin - Sixty Lines
(J Erwin, M Cassady.)
[J and M go back and forth with semi-sequitors in various intonations; comedy dialogue]
12. Toni Wilson - Emma, An Apology
(Michele Thompson [as Emma], M Cassady, A Clarke.)
[E, attempting to help her friends get writing fellowships, musical gigs, and love, wreaks havoc; comedy sketch]
13. Areli River - OGRE
(AJM River, P Rust, C Stangl, M Cassady, J Nebergall, M Tabor, P Ookman.)
[AJM and others read a transcript of a childhood story AJM told; wrestling mounts in the background; comedy performance]
14. Aprille Clarke - The Day the Fortune Cookies Came True, Part III: Garrett
(J Erwin, M Hansen, T Wilson, M Cassady, A Clarke, Boylyssa, J Nebergall.)
[M is a man who cannot be specific; the others in his life taunt him for this fact; comedy sketch]
15. Chris Stangl - Thick City, a story and a poem
(C Stangl, A Clarke.)
[A and C tell the story of a potentially violent, possibly genius teen writer; C tells a poem of the fantasies possible at home and constantly accumulating regret; comedy performance]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Aprille Clarke]

Friday, February 22nd, 2002 - [Theatre B]

"Unfunny, unartistic, unsanitary, and that's just Paul Rust's weiner"

1. Creamy, Licorice, and Orange Gel {Alyssa Bowman} - A frog, half a curtain rod, and a fat little cat did things
(J Erwin)
[cat writes piece, Cosby Show poops in designated spot; monologue]
2. Al Angel - A Flute for Kelli
(A Angel, J River, M Thompson, T Wilson, J Erwin, P Rust, J Nebergall)
[girl disliked for her fluting skills finds friend and fellow musician in drummer boy; poetry performance]
2.5. Michele Thompson - Waiting for a Bus
(M Thompson, S. Brenneman, B McKenna, C Pagan)
[bus passenger must choose between tickling stick or the plague; comedy blackout]
3. Aaron Galbraith and James Horak - Chess Masters
(A Galbraith, J Horak)
[two chess players compete... through trickery!; silent comedy sketch]
4. Sir Walter Raleigh - Lucky Charms: A Serial
(S Heuertz)
[scientists run virus tests on dead bodies, which are gathered questionably; monologue]
5. Anthony Weaver - My Vagina Monologue
(A. Weaver)
[nine-time abortion survivor, tells his heroic tale; comedic monologue]
5.5. Ron Wright - Garden Party Pt II
(R. Wright, M. Hansen)
[Anwar Sadat explains weeding in heaven; comedy blackout]
6. Pookman - Dan
(A Juhl (P Ookman), M Hart, M Tambor, J Nebergall, T Wilson, P Rust, C Stangl)
[vampire hunters confront female vampire and Count Dracula; comedy dedication sketch]
7. Jazz Great Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong [Michael Tabor & Toni Wilson] - Pineapple Rock, Lemon Platt, Butter Scotch
(M Tabor, T Wilson, M Hansen)
[Tambor and Wilson attempt to trick death at their front door; comedy sketch]
8. Paul Rust - Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Dauber
(P Rust, A Galbraith)
[Rust finds hand-holding solace in own reflection; comedy sketch]
9. Mark J. Hansen - White Meat Like Pork Or Breast Chicken
(J River, T Wilson, S Heuertz, S Brenneman, A Galbraith)
[Chinese bank offers various non-sequitor services; comedy sketch]
10. King Toad - Run
(J River, A Lawson, C Stangl)
[River performs with voice and rhythmic swatter; musical performance]
11. Jason Nebergall - High-Class Comedy for Being Laughed At
(J Nebergall)
[Nebergall reviews numerous literary classics in NS webboard format; comedic monologue]
12. Nick Clark - Dust Bunny - for Arlen Lawson
(A Lawson)
[narrator and friend Snake trip on LSD in chilly weather; monologue]
13. Jesse Blaine - Sometimes I Cry
(J Blaine)
[retarded man's interpretation of Nebergall's "Sad Pirate" piece; monologue]
14. the best Mina {Maria Hill} - My Butt is Pretty a sweet poem
(C Stangl, J River)
[company's collection of butts and poop; comedic performance]
15. Chris Stangl - The Lady Grew So Fast
(C Stangl)
[man's recollection of entering meanest-girl-in-town Courtney's vagina after she grew 200 feet; monologue]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Paul Rust]

Friday, March 1st, 2002 - [Theatre B]
1. Myself, Michael Eisner - Lucky Charms: A Serial Pt. 2: Dennis Hopper Movies
(S Heuertz.)
[S tells a tale about a virus's effects on reproductive abilities and the horror that ensues; monologue]
2. Al Angel - Whale Tale
(A Angel, AJM River.)
[A reads a poem about a whaling whale who misses his folk, AJM physically depicts; poetry performance]
3. Christopher Okiishi - Safe Passage
(C Okiishi.)
[C's sinus secretions and a trip to Japan with his brother gives rise to thoughts about honesty and consideration for others; monologue]
4. Bret Libigs - Lou Diamond Philips Plays the Skin Flute
(B Libigs, M Tabor.)
[Attending a haunted house, B meets and makes out with Lou Diamond Philips, and M makes small talk; comedy sketch]
5. Pookman - Stephanie (or The Hardest Lesson)
(A Juhl, T Wilson.)
[A professes his love for T and seeks validation of the possibility of its fruition; T denies him; dramatic sketch]
6. Paul Rust - Empty
(P Rust.)
[P plays acoustic guitar and sings a song with many prepositions and images depicting the descent of emotions; musical performance]
7. Arlen Lawson - The Boiled-Egg Vampire, Please!
(A Lawson)
[A's character evaluates his role and friendship with Bobby the dog abuser and his brother's desire to learn about local vampires; monologue]
8. Erin King - Ask your doctor about Zolax today! (because Mike Rocks!)
(E King, A Clarke, C Okiishi, S Heuertz, P Rust.)
[Characters promote the drug Zolax, the sure-fire cure for life; comedy performance]
9. Nick Clark - The Argyle Tremens
(A Burton.)
[A man played by A composes a letter to his girlfriend, Brandy; monologue]
10. Ron Wright - Garden Party III
(R Wright, A Galbraith)
[A and R (as former President Anwar Sadat) extend the metaphor of gardening to world politics; seriocomedy sketch]
10.5. Jason Nebergall - This is a Comedy Piece, So You Will Ideally Laugh
(J Nebergall, M Tabor, A Lawson.)
[A is a talking dog who will take no more of J's bad treatment; however, dog's lack of voting rights thwarts it; comedy sketch]
11. Naked Michael Tabor - I Love Almost Everybody ...Except Roy Orbitson or Michael's Done It Again: Death Count: 38
(M Tabor, T Wilson, A Clarke, P Rust, A Angel, A Galbraith, J Nebergall.)
[Excerpts from a website devoted to Roy Orbison-just how blind is he?; comedy sketch]
12. Jeff Kite - Electromagnetic Intergalactic Frog Sauce
(J Kite)
[Accompanied by a drum machine, J tells a tale of interplanetary adventure; monologue]
13. Jamie Margolin - Revelations at Malone's
(J Margolin, ??.)
[Two seemingly macho bouncers fantasize about the other's sexiness; baby oil and buttcracks emerge; comedy sketch]
14. Aprille Clarke - The Day the Fortune Cookies Came True Pt. IV: Cherise
(A Clarke, P Rust, N Clark, A Galbraith, others)
[Everyone is glad little Tad is dead, so much that they could sing about it; musical comedy sketch]
15. Chris Stangl - Shock Theater!
(C Stangl.)
[While waiting for a Greyhound bus on Thanksgiving, C meets and avoids people who seek their family; his sister seeks him; monologue]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Aprille Clarke]

Friday, March 8th, 2002 - [Mabie Theater]
E.C. "This Theater Fucking Bites" Mabie presents...
Girls Gone Wild!

1. Jesse Blaine - I wrote this and I hope it doesn't suck

(J Erwin, J Blaine, A Clarke, Chris LaVoie.)
[Actors stand on stage and repeat lines about identity, invisible mushroom clouds, truth, innocence; words performance]
2. Al Angel - Ploppin
(A Angel, AJM River, J Erwin, A Bowman.)
[A frog's fantasy life is physically depicted by AJM and J as Al reads a poem describing it; poetry performance]
3. Brian Spagnolo - A Birthday Present Featuring Mike Lee
(P Rust, A Clarke, B Libigs, ?? (Mike Lee?).)
[A boy gets a live bass player for his birthday; comedy sketch]
3.5. Ron Wright - Garden Party Part IV
(R Wright, A Galbraith.)
[A jumps to the conclusion that Anwar Sadat's garden images are metaphors for people; seriocomedy sketch]
4. Lisa Day - Cornelia and Milligan
(A Galbraith, L Day.)
[Two people walk through an art gallery and have different reactions to things; comedy sketch]
5. Jeff Kite - Barber Barbaric
(M Cassady, B Libigs, P Rust, J Kite, M Thompson, A Clarke.)
[Barbers explain camel toe to little girl, among other conversation topics; comedy sketch]
5.5. Pookman - Richard
(M Tabor, P Ookman, ??.)
[A short man loves sucking dick/having dick sucked; comedy sketch]
6. Ray Parker, Jr. - I Stole Your Song
(S Heuertz, M Tabor, P Rust, A Angel.)
[In three very different styles, three superstars talk about things, sometimes interacting and sometimes not; comedy sketch]
7. Anthony Werner - Light Up on a Table -&- a Chair
(B Libigs, T Werner.)
[What appears to be a session between a therapist and a patient is not what it seems; comedy sketch]
8. Bret Libigs - Driving Lessons, the Hard Way
(B Libigs, T Werner.)
[A crusty driving instructor has many emotional issues his student accidentally triggers; comedy sketch]
9. Naked Michael Tabor - I Love Almost Everybody ...Except Joseph Campbell
(A Clarke, M Tabor.)
[A man makes soup out of his son and his wife eats it; their love is renewed; comedy sketch]
10. Jason Nebergall - Again with the Comedy
(M Thompson, A Lawson, J Nebergall, M Tabor, S Heuertz, M Hart.)
[M Tabor goes off to Johnson county and/or the catwalk; his family may or may not be affected; comedy sketch]
11. River J - Spleknld (Frank Burns)
(AJM River, M Cassady, A Lawson, A Bowman, A Angel.)
[People play various instruments while A Bowman roams among them, her tapping inspiring a shift in who plays what instrument; sound performance]
12. Jamie Margolin - Trojan Man Was a Pheta Beta Tri Delt
(T Wilson, J Margolin, ??.)
[Trojan Man appears mid-makeout; fraternity/sorority jokes abound; juicy condom is spilled; comedy sketch]
13. Paul Rust - John Ritter
(P Rust)
[P recounts painful childhood memories and his need for affection in spite of/because of his weaknesses, all the while smearing himself with excrement; odor/emotional performance]
14. Aprille Clarke - The Day the Fortune Cookies Came True Pt. V: Nina
(A Clarke, J Erwin.)
[J, as Carl, reveals his malevolence toward young chunky-blooded Nina; comedy sketch]
15. Chris Stangl - Live Burial!: An Oscar Wilde Adventure for Young Boys
(C Stangl.)
[Oscar Wilde-style, C recounts adventures of exploitation all within the bounds of dignity; also rubs crotch in J Nebergall's face; monologue]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Aprille Clarke]

Friday, March 29th, 2002 - [Mabie Theater]
1. Areli River - Furious Skinny
(a song by Areli River, performed by Furious Skinny [AJM River, C Stangl].)
[AJM and C wear big papier mache masks and perform a song and guitar and light dance number; musical performance]
2. Al Angel (presented by) - The Story of the Cow
(A Angel, A Clarke.)
[Al and Aprille read stories about cows written by four-year-olds; comedy performance]
3. Mark J. Hansen - F.A.Q./F.Q.A.
(J Erwin, various audience members.)
[Audience members shout out questions, and J answers questions, with no apparent relationship between specific questions and answers; comedy performance]
3.5. Seth Brenneman - Surf Ninjas: A Road to Excellence
(S Brenneman, Boylyssa, S Heuertz.)
[Seth chases Boylyssa around a table; Seth is thwarted; comedy sketch]
4. Anthony Werner - Blue #3
(B Libigs, A Clarke, A Werner.)
[Anthony wants to go to law school, much to his parents' horror; comedy sketch]
5. Tom Skerritt - Life's Lessons
(B Libigs.)
[B reminisces about what he has learned throughout his life after having been in Top Gun; monologue]
6. Bride of Strom-Thurmondstein [Arend Miller] - Today Good Friday
(A Miller.)
[A talks about the various historical events that led to what we now know as Good Friday; monologue]
6.5. Count Crotchula {Matthew Hart} - Count Crotchula
(J Nebergall, M Hart.)
[Count Crotchula wants to suck your crotch; comedy performance]
7. "Tony Werner" {Spencer Griffin} - Room Serves -&- The Galapagos
(B Libigs, S Griffin, A Werner, M Thompson, A Galbraith, P Rust, J Kite, ??.)
[Guards play poker and talk about raping eight-year-olds; comedy sketch]
7.5. Josh Goodrich - Gone in 60 Seconds: A Tale of a Fat Ass Eating a Burrito
(J Goodrich, Cassie Vangelder.)
[J attempts to eat a burrito in 60 seconds or less; comedy performance]
8. Erin King - She Doesn't Wear Black
(E King, J Kite, T Wilson.)
[An unhappily married woman is glad when all signs point to her husband having been killed in the World Trade Center; comedy sketch]
9. Michael Tabor - I Love Almost Everybody ...Except Bob Kane
(J Nebergall, A Galbraith, A Lawson, P Rust, AJM River, A Angel, M Tabor, M Thompson, J Erwin.)
[Batman Jr. and Robin Jr. hang out with the various offspring of their fathers' nemeses; comedy sketch]
10. Magellan {Toni Wilson} - Great Moments in World History: Columbus Discovers America in Five Minutes
(E King, M Tabor, S Heuertz, P Rust, J Erwin.)
[Columbus discovers America only to find it inhabited by various living things; God works things out via internal locusts; comedy sketch]
11. Paul Rust - Hi, Mommy!
(P Rust, Mrs. Rust, S Heuertz, AJM River, J Erwin.)
[Despite P's best efforts to keep things wholesome for his mom, temptation taunts him into bad behavior; comedy sketch]
11.5. Pookman - Tough Love
(J Nebergall, P Ookman, A Werner.)
[P learns why you shouldn't lean back in a chair not designed for such; comedy sketch]
12. Jason Nebergall - Oh No. People Should Really Not Keep Lizards Confined Like That. They Need Their Freedom
(M Thompson, C Stangl, J Nebergall, S Heuertz, A Bowman.)
[A roaming lizard causes problems for people sitting at a table; comedy sketch]
13. Nick Clark - The Sad Sad Tale of Levvie; pt. One-Jackie. For Aprille Clarke
(A Clarke, M Hansen.)
[M writes letters and A tells the story of a baby with an IUD scar; parody sketch]
14. Aprille Clarke - The Day the Fortune Cookies Came True, Pt. VI: Jackson
(A Clarke, J Nebergall, J Erwin, J Kite, E King, M Hansen, P Rust.)
[A and Nebergall observe things about people who walk by them; Erwin tries to find love; comedy sketch]
15. Chris Stangl - Loud in My House
(a song by Chris Stangl, performed by Furious Skinny [C Stangl, AJM River].)
[Wearing the same outfits from #1, AJM and C perform a song with percussion, singing, guitar, and some dancing; musical performance]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Aprille Clarke]

Friday, April 5th, 2002 - [Room 172]
Announcements: Rust, Clarke, River, Galbraith
Order: Stangl
1. Nick Clark - Danny and the Space Dinosaur; for Jason Nebergall
(J Nebergall, M Tabor)
[Jason enjoys tumultuous friendship with bat; parody sketch.]
1.5. James Horak - Parity in Essence and Understanding
(J Horak, J Erwin)
[Do you believe in God, or is it the GHB talking?; comedy sketch]
2. al angel - COW'S' TORY
[Cow, calf meet wizard; humorous dramatized poem.]
3. Danielle Santangelo Kovalick - 'Our Founding Fathers'? HA! More Like, 'Our Founding Lezbo Porno Pervos'! or Pretend I'm a Guy So This Piece Will Work
(D K, J Nebergall, A Galbraith, A Clarke, M Thompson, ?)
[Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson demand "eat her chach!"; comedy sketch.]
3.5. Pookman - Great Moments in Fuck
(Andy, C Stangl)
[Stangl, Pook, bemoan Pook's unpopularity; comedy sketch.]
4. Emeril Lagasse {Steve Heuertz} - The Power to Keep You Going
[Non sequiturs gradually unveiled as "Diff'rent Strokes" reunion; comedy sketch.]
5. Matthew Hart - No Rain
(A Lawson, A Galbraith, M Thompson)
[Boy meets, loses girl, set to monosyllabic poem; dramatized poetry.]
6. James Erwin - The Hilarious Mexico Sketch
(J Erwin, C Stangl, C Okiishi)
[At "Mexicology" conference, in passionate, extended metaphor fashion, prof. makes love to the woman who "is" Mexico; comedy monologue triptych.]
6.5. Pookman - Great Moments in Fuck Part II
[Pook bemoans his laughable endowment at urinal; comedy sketch.]
7. Scott Erwin - Introducing Scott Erwin
(S Erwin, J Erwin)
[Sibling rivals vie for NST attention as J. Erwin vs. S. Erwin spar. Physically; comedy sketch.]
8. Michael Tabor - I Love Almost Everybody ...IN MY PANTS!
(Andy Juhl [Pookman], Jamie Margolin, Nick Clark, Michael Tabor, Toni Wilson, Paul Rust and Erin King)
[Michael's single quip (see above) eventually backfires; comedy sketch.]
9. Areli River - YOU ARE DEAD
(Performed by Furious Skinny [C Stangl, AJ River])
[Furious Skinny play a song on guitar and chair; music song.]
9.5. Pookman - Great Moments in Fuck Part III
[Pook embarrassed while singing to self; comedy sketch.]
10. Paul Rust - Sea Badge
(P Rust, A Clarke)
[Nerd smashed by car rejects sexual favors, takes refuge in inept screenplay writing; seriocomic scene.]
11. Jason Nebergall - Go Dog Go! A Tri-alogue
(J Nebergall, M Thompson, S Heuertz)
[3 characters on the transcendent goodness of sex; poetical comedic 'tri-alogue.']
12. Chris Okiishi - Hot and Heavy
(E A Burton, C Okiishi, ?)
[Two lovers entwine/ literary critic laments utter lack of quality gay erotica; romantic comedy sketch.]
12.5. Pookman - Great Moments in Fuck Part IV
[Pook "recites free-verse memorized poem"; poetry, comedy monologue.]
13. Jamie Margolin - I Loves Me Some Add Sheet People
(J Margolin)
[Margolin expresses admiration for Add Sheet distributors; stand-up comedy.]
14. Ron Wright - Garden Party Part V (The Harvest)
(R Wright, A Galbraith, E King, M Tabor)
[Range war re-enacted in vegetable patch, this time physically; political comedy, food fight.]
15. Aprille Clarke - The Day the Fortune Cookies Came True; Part VII: Louise
(A Clarke, J Erwin)
[Carl's child neglect/ alien Jesus capturing punished thanks to vigilant, eavesdropping telephone operator Louise; comedy sketch.]
16. Chris Stangl - The Big Rape
(C Stangl, A Angel, T Wilson, ?)
[World's Horrors: Al on schoolyard bullies, revenge murder, Toni on Carson Daley, Chris on rape, dinner parties, Arlen on 9/11/01; live attempted rape, comedy sketch.]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Chris Stangl]

Friday, April 12th, 2002 - [Mabie Theater]
Happy birthday of Paul Rust!
1. Michael Landon's cold, cold dead body, RIP, and Estelle Getty's hot ass, YEOUUCH! {Steve Heuertz} - I Was a Teenage Wearer
(A Angel, M Tabor, S Heuertz, J Erwin)
[Deaf boy, legless boy, son of Zeus spar verbally, rap about King Tut; comedy sketch.]
2. al angel - AGES
(A Angel, P Rust, J Erwin)
[Vigor of youth vs. oldness of old men; children's poem]
2.5. James Horak and Nick Clark - In Agreement
(J Horak, N Clark)
[Nick encourages James to sigh till he passes out; comedy sketch]
3. Sarah Neilson - Long Sentence No Suggestions
(M Thompson, some other guy (???))
[Boy brings love to life of joyless girl; love sketch]
4. James Brown - Wake Me Up When This Poop is Over; Part I
(J Brown)
[Man wrecks sadistic, unlikely havoc on shopping mall, whorehouse; comedy monologue]
5. Mark J. Hansen - The Man Who Was Must-See Thursday
(J Horak)
[Accountant resorts to urban espionage to win office sitcom pool; comedy monologue]
6. Matthew Hart - It Rains
(A Lawson, M Thompson, P Rust, J Nebergall, M Hart)
[Poignant scene degenerates into orgasm puns... PUNisher intervenes; comedy sketch]
6.5. Scott Fiddelke - Card Shot
(S Fiddelke, the girl who shot M Cassady dead, and some other guy from the audience)
[Card trick with firearms!; magic]
7. Arlen Lawson - The Lunatic Club
(A Lawson)
[Lunatic baking club disassembles bike, builds flying car; monologue]
8. A. H. Anonymous - Phillip Morris Approved Entertainment
(J Horak, J Hague)
[Cowardly author devises elaborate plan for Horak, Hague to cop onstage smoke; comedy sketch]
9. Toni Wilson and Michael Tabor - Hilariously Retarded Old People (featuring Jamal as a fart)
(T Wilson, M Tabor, J River, Al Angel, Sheree Morris, Anthony Werner, Jason Nebergall)
[At Tabor-Wilson family dinner in 60 years, bickering disrupted by evil fart; comedy sketch]
10. Jason Nebergall - Bastard, BASTARD HarbourMastah
(J Nebergall, D Kovelick)
["Actual letters from the Civil War" wrought with anachronisms, sex jokes; comedy sketch]
11. Mean Jamma (Jamal River} - Who is Stupider?
(C Stangl, J River, A Lawson?, P Rust)
[...pretentious, formulaic NST writers? Or stupid audience? Answer: both!; comedy sketch]
12. Paul Rust - Happy Birthday... to Me?!
(P Rust, audience member)
[Paul encourages audience to sing increasingly degrading variations on birthday song; comedy]
13. Danielle Santangelo Kovalick - SUBJECT HEADING: Hey
(D Kovalick)
[Girl writes wistful please-don't-break-up-with-me e-mail; dramatic monologue]
14. Aprille Clarke - Fortune Cookie Nights - A Spin-Off; ten 30-second Plays about Carl
(A Clarke, J Erwin, S Heuertz)
[Series of blackout gross-out sketches revisiting "DTFCCT" characters; comedy sketch]
15. Chris Stangl - I Can't Sleep
(performed by Furious Skinny [C Stangl, J River])
[Furious Skinny play song on wastebasket, trumpet, screaming; music song]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Chris Stangl, castlists by James Horak]

Don't forget to come to No Shame this Wednesday night in Currier! It is at 9 pm this Wednesday in Currier, just ask directions at the front desk... Be there by 8:15-30 if you are planning on performing so that we can make up an order. thanks

photos Special Wednesday "Taste of No Shame" in Currier Hall
Wednesday, April 17th, 2002
- [Currier Hall]

Order/Rules: Tabor and King

1. Larry Cohen - Island of the Alive
(E King, J Erwin)
[Two people discuss, old west style, the splitting of a town; comedy sketch]
2. Jason Nebergall - The Future Time-Travels in Back
(J Nebergall, M Tabor, S Heurtz, E King)
[Future and past collide in a mix of anachronisms and scatological humor; comedy sketch]
3. Michael Tabor - I Love Almost Everybody ...Except Joseph Campbell
(M Tabor, E King)
[A man confesses he is not his son, and that his wife in fact ate the son. Love ensues; comedy sketch]
4. Magnetic - Monkeys Ate Dallas, Cool McAwesome
(Brad Harris, Steve Dillon)
[Juggling to "Rock the Casbah" by the Clash; juggling performance]
5. Pookman - Matt and Doug
(Pookman, J Nebergall, M Tabor, J Erwin)
[A week of breakfast table conversations at the Pookman residence; comedy sketch]
6. Mark J. Hansen - Sweeney Todd Bass: The Willie Barbour of Chew Street
(M Hansen)
[The absurd and sad tale of a misunderstood military genius; comic monologue]
7. Erin King - Chemistry Sucks
(E King, M Tabor, J Erwin, S Heurtz, Pookman)
[Anthropomorphized atom described by E. comedy sketch]
8. Naked Michael Tabor - I Love Almost Everybody ...Except Sisyphus
(M Tabor, M Hansen)
[A prisoner schemes his way out of a surreal prison through deceit; comedy sketch]
8.5. James Erwin - Deutschesangstlied
(J Erwin)
[J shouts a poem angrily in German; Teutonic poetry performance]
9. Nozebone the Band - Bicycle Song
(N Clark, M Hansen, M Tabor)
[Nozebone, plus M on drums, play an amplified song; music performance]
10. Ron Wright - Homeless
(R Wright)
[An audience participation song about R's experiences living in the woods; audience participation song performance]
11. Fred MacMurray {Steve Heuertz} - Jason X
(S Heuertz)
[Newsflash 2455!!! Jason X is coming!!! Run to Rigel VII!!!; informative comedy sketch]
12. Ron Wright - Words or Meaning or How's That Again?
(R Wright, E King)
[R and E talk about peas and hominy... or is that peace and harmony?; poignant comedy sketch]
13. Jason Nebergall - Robot Love
(J Nebergall, J Erwin)
[J finds love... with a robot... from hell; comedy sketch]
14. The Beckett Parody - James Lin Erwin
(J Erwin, M Hansen)
[Theatre of the absurd with J's leg under a table; comedy sketch]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Jason Nebergall]

Friday, April 19th, 2002 - [Theatre B]
[due to buffoonery, some pieces were presented out of 'order': they are listed here in performance order]
1. Meryll Streep's Ghost - The ASPCA Likes Dogs
[Three at table spout non sequitur jokes re: David Arquette, Merle Haggard, poop; comedy sketch.]
2. al angel - Sun Shine
[Trumpet, drums, accompany Al on trombone, story of sun escaping our world; poem, music.]
3. Michele Thompson - Forever in Blue Jeans - Yeah!
[Michele creates a psuedo-Bill McKenna with excavated semen; comedy monologue, mime.]
3.5. Danielle Santangelo Kovalick - 'Stand By Me' as I Worship a Four-Eyed Pile of Shit
[Girl with crush on Corey Feldman attacked by anti-Feldman forces; comedy sketch.]
4. Don Deeley - DJ Qualls Burned My House Down
[Negative internet review leads author into combat with movie star; comic monologue.]
4.5. Seth Brenneman and Bill McKenna - Sylvan Learning Center: My Homework's Already Done, Mom!
[Who can lift a two-ton weight? Seth!; comedy sketch]
5. Sarah Neilson - There Will Be No Burning
[Voyeur educates sunbather in the joys of moonlight; poetic monologue.]
6. Ron Wright - Ripped From Yesterday's Headlines or Not Another Vegetable Sketch!
[Middle Eastern war examined via headline clippings, vegetable jokes; political comedy monologue.]
7. Toni Wilson - Here Comes the Bride!
[Bride left at alter... for a year!; comedy sketch]
7.5. Tom Kovacs - What the DI Didn't Cover
[U of I power outage leads to on-stage mass-mooning; comedy sketch.]
8. Nick Lucre (with additional lyrics by Lerner and Lowe) - Almost Like Being in Love a rap song
[Erwin provides live "samples" from Nat King Cole, Clark raps, guitars; song.]
9. Michael Tabor - I'm Not Here Tonight
[Tabor, stood-up, has Stangl read planned mono bout Michael's "cool date."; comic monologue.]
9.5. Paul Rust - Governor's Ball
[Upper-crust party disrupted by humping-antics of Fart-Crap... or is it?; comedy sketch.]
10. Jamie Margolin - Onstar* Assistance
[Telephone robot helps couples have sex; comedy sketch.]
10.5. Jake Livermore and Robert Sondag - Two Rickets for Vincent Price
[What is the purpose of the "soft yell"? Learn!; comedy sketch]
11. Jason Nebergall - Hilarious Boarding School Antics
[British boarding school pranks, all involving violent homosexual sexual assault; comedy sketch.]
12. Furious Skinny (written by Jamal River) - Man Out of the
[write by Jamal River, sung of Furious Skinny; Two Furious Skinny, one little cymbals, one biscuit pan; song.]
13. Aprille Clarke - The Day the Fortune Cookies Came True; The Final Chapter: Carl's Redemption
[Carl and his Mexican mom are cruel to and mutilate one another; comedy sketch.]
14. Matthew S. Wiegand - Star Scrambled Love
[Rock star break up in battle of the sex wits; comedy sketch.]
15. Chris Stangl - Inferno
[Ritual hook-thru-skin suspension goes (intentionally) awry. It's gross.; comic monologue.]

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Chris Stangl]

Friday, April 26th, 2002 - [Theatre B]
Dead Week

Order read by special guest Mose Hayward... who pronounced Jason's name "Nigger-ball."

1. Michael Tabor - YOU Are The Laugh Track
(Hansen, Rust, Erwin, Thompson, Wilson, Angel, more?)
[Misfit Rumpy gets in boxing duel with school bully Butch; comedy sketch.]
2. maria hill - I Feel a Breezy Peepee
(Clarke, Thompson, Cassady, River, Stangl)
[written and peeped by maria hill; Liquid the Peepee peepees in Corn Weasel's butt; comedy sketch.]
2.57. James Horak - a thing for rumpy or You better have written this whole damn title down, Stangl, you twerp. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Wanna make something of it? Yeah? Bring it! Oh, is that supposed to hurt? Stop tickling me. Okay, okay, okay, uncle. I said uncle! Ow! Leggo! Goddammit! UNCLE!!! OOOOOOWWWWCH!!! Ha, just kidding! Wuss. So seriously, let me go now. No, seriously. Dude, let me go. Seriously. Don't make me head-butt you. Yeah, that's right, and don't ever let me catch you doing it again. What? My mom doesn't do that. Does she? When? Yeah, like you've ever seen a goat and two midgets at a roller rink. What? No, I... Dude, put that thing down. Seriously. Put it down. You're scaring me, put it down. No, Chris, no, don't do it! What?... *I* love you. No, I do. No, I'm not just saying that because you have a howitzer with 22 lbs. Of buckshot in the barrel pointed at your head. I really do. Seriously. Come here. Gimme a big hug. Yeah, it's gonna be alright. Everything's going to be alright. (muffled sound of cannon blast followed by the rhythmic, wet plop of raining meat and gore... what happens next? That's for YOU to decide!! (if you reload the howitzer with a frozen turkey and a fistful of revenge, turn to page 22. If you zap the martians with your disintegrato-ray, turn to page 14. If they both die, your adventure is over. Go buy another book, dumbass!))
(Horak, Clark, Erwin)
[Martian Erwin clone plans world dominance, starting with NST; comedy sketch.]
3. James Brown - Wake Me Up When This Poop is Over With, Part 3: Sorry, Part 2 Wasn't Worth It
[Man antagonizes cabbie, "b-ball coach," waiter... or was it a dream!? It was.; comic monologue.]
4. Areli River - The Killer's Waltz
(performed by Furious Skinny)
[Singing, trumpet, guitar, kicking cookie sheet. Music.]
5. Pookman - Rumpy's Good Day
(Pookman, Clarke)
[Fat lady nearly ruins Hobo Days, but Rumpy finds love; comic monologue.]
5.5. Diane Murphy - The Creative Mimes
(Murphy, ?)
[Pants-less mimes... are they "art" or "bunk"?; comedy sketch.]
6. Jason-X Nebergall - Rumpy Invents Diocletian
[Evil little Rumpy creates vile offspring of dead senator Kefauver and shark; comic monologue.]
7. Arlen Lawson - Beach Bum, Motherfucker, Friend
[Homeless Jello-eater befriended, de-fingered by dolphin; comic monologue.]
8. Mose Hayward - Way Sports
[Not-retarded jr. high substitute center front tackle finds strength in being himself; comic monologue.]
8.9. Mark J. Hansen - Connubial Fusion
(Hansen, Erwin, Wilson?)
[Rumpy auditions for school play; comedy sketch]
9. Paul Rust - The No Shame Show
(Rust, Cassady, Galbraith, Nebergall, Stangl, Lawson, Brown)
[TV docu. history of NS comedy show's invention of Cassady, Rust, etc!; comedy sketch]
9.5. Michele Thompson - I'm Gonna Clean up this Town. Good!
(Thompson; ?; Heuertz)
[Uptight! Outtashight! OH YEAH!; comedy sketch.]
10. Sarah Neilson - Drops of Spanish Rose
Inhuman blood-collection center inverted by natural forces, blood sports ensue; Poetic erotica monologue.]
11. Toni Wilson - The Singing Piece! (Based on Actual Events!)
(Tabor, Hansen, Wilson, Lane, Brandi)
[Inept falsetto serenade fails to win woman's heart; comedy sketch.]
12. Jamie Margolin with help from Pookman - The No Rumpy Club
(Hansen, Margolin, Pookman)
[Andy and Jamie's treehouse is a Rumpy-free zone. Rumpy doesn't like that; comedy sketch.]
12.5. Chris Stangl; Furious Skinny - 24 Hrs.
(Furious Skinny)
[Song on yelling, trashcan, shovel. Music.]
13. Aprille Clarke - How to Make Someone Love You: an Informative Play
(Clarke, Nebergall)
Aprille's insecurity trigger's dual monologues about hippie corrupted by plastic surgeon husband; comedy- monologues-sketch]
14. Chris Stangl - Big Stupid Goes to the Fair
[Big Stupid wrecks skylift, blue-ribbon pumpkin, puts turkey leg in crack; his jr. high compatriots ponder the nature of death-by-falling-from-skylift; comic monologue.]
15. al angel - THE END; 'Bedtime for Britt' Revisited; for Britt Hill
[Al tucks in his beloved with rhyming lullaby ; love poem.]

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Chris Stangl]

photos Best of No Shame
Friday, May 3rd, 2002
- [Mabie Theater]
1. Jason Nebergall - This is a Comedy Piece, so You Will Ideally Laugh
2. al angel - Whale Tale
3. Christopher Okiishi - Safe Passage
3.5. Ron Wright - Garden Party IV
4. Toni Wilson - Emma, An Apology
5. Alyssa Bowman - Teabags are about 100% THC
6. Mark J. Hansen - White Meat Like Pork Or Breast Chicken
7. James Erwin - The Hilarious Mexico Sketch
7.5. Seth Brennemann - Surf Ninjas: a Road to Excellence
8. Naked Michael Tabor - I Love Almost Everybody ...Except Roy Orbitson or Michael's Done It Again: Death Count: 38
9. Kurt Meyermann - Philmont Chronicles: Volume Two, Don't You Dare Give ME the Bird
9.5. Maria Hill - My Butt is Pretty
10. Arlen Lawson - Old Man Tears With Genghis and Hopey
11. Jamal River - You'll Get Married (song performed by Furious Skinny)
12. Paul Rust - Sea Badge
13. Jamal River - Who is Stupider?
14. Aprille Clarke - Fortune Cookie Nights - A Spin-Off; ten 30-second Plays about Carl
15. Chris Stangl - The Lady Grew So Fast

[SOURCE: order posted on web message board 4/29/02 by Chris Stangl]


Friday, July 12, 2002 - [Room 172]
[SOURCE: order posted on web message board by Chris Stangl]

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