Subj: New guidelines/ground rules
Date: Friday, March 29, 2002

Hello all,

The University Theatre Department has recently asked No Shame to set some further ground rules for performers to follow. Before listing them, it should be clarified that the Theatre Department has no intention of censoring anyone's art in any way, but is only looking out for everyone's best interest. This includes ensuring that No Shame is in no danger of losing its right to use the University's performance spaces.

The main point we wish to make is a clarification of the "no damage to space or occupants" rule. In the past, as recent as three years ago, performers were suspended from performing at No Shame for making any kind of mess on the stage. In the time since, this has been overlooked in the cases of water, urine, eggs, mayonnaise, and several other materials. In the future, performers should take note that damage to the space does not mean just "irreparable" damage. If a piece necessitates cleaning up of any kind, the space has been damaged. Also, the performers themselves are included as occupants of the space; self mutilation of any kind will not be allowed. If necessary, suspensions will be handed out for any violation of these rules.

In addition to this, any action or substance that poses a threat to the safety or health of the occupants of the space will not be allowed. Since we cannot list all such possible threats, we ask that performers check with board members about anything questionable before submitting their piece.

Thank you,

No Shame Theatre Executive Board

Aaron Galbraith,
Aprille Clarke,
Paul Rust,
Jamal River,
Chris Stangl,