Subj: Audience capacity
Date: March 1, 2002

Hey everyone,

The No Shame board was contacted by Alan MacVey, the chair of the Theatre Department this week and we were instructed not to allow anyone to sit in the aisles anymore. Judging by the attendance of the last several weeks and semesters, this most likely means that many, many potential audience members will get turned away on a weekly basis. So...get there real damn early if you want a seat.

Alan also mentioned finding trash left in the theatre space. Please don't do this. While the board will make sure the house is clean at the end of each show, they really shouldn't have to. Another faculty member also noticed there were empty beer cans in the garbage in the lobby. Please do not do this either. Even though we aren't an official university activity and we do pay rent for using the space, nothing says they can't kick us out anytime they want to. Be good to your No Shame. It's the only one you've got (within a 90 mile radius).


Aaron Galbraith
No Shame Theatre Board