"Being at No Shame is kind of like watching an armored car and a truck full of lollipops crash into each other. You're horrified, but you're also hopeful that something wonderful is going to drop into your lap."
     ---from Idat's website

No Shame Theatre

Iowa City, Iowa

(est. 1986)

The Order from Last Week

Fridays nights
at 11pm
in the
University Theatre Building
Open to anyone, for anyone! Each Friday night, people meet at Theater Building's lobby to submit an original skit, poem, dance, or whatever, to be performed at No Shame Theater! Actual show meets in Room 172 of the Theater Building at 11pm, $1 admission.
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University Theatre Building

Public Space One

Notices: Audience Capacity Damage to Space

And here's a couple new things to be aware of for this season:
1) The 5-minute rule is being strictly enforced. After 5 minutes, the stage-lights will give a warning flash. After 6 minutes, a trumpet will be blown and your piece needs to be over.

2) The order will be randomized. Order will be taken at 10:30pm as usual, but during the show, the numbers will be put in a hat and drawn at random. Special consideration (i.e. asking to wait one piece) will be given to those who need to prepare before their piece.

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"No Shame Theatre is a no-budget, low-tech weekly forum for showcasing original short work. It's a place for writers/performers to experiment and try new things in a virtually risk-free environment, and to recieve instant audience feedback. All pieces must be original, under five minutes long, and cannot damage the space or its occupants in any way. Scripts are submitted 1/2 hour before the show, so every night is a gamble; there are no guarantees, no censors, no discrimination, No Shame. Cheap, raw, unpredictable theatre."

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