from The Daily Iowan - Iowa City, Iowa - Friday, September 5, 1997, pg.10B

No Shame with experimenting

Home to some of the most outlandish performance pieces at the UI, No Shame Theatre begins its 11th season tonight.

By Ben Schnoor

A male doing a strip tease to the alphabet song. Performance art with knives. Sasquatch hunters.

These are just a few of the acts that have been performed at No Shame Theatre in past years.

No Shame Theatre, a venue that gives anyone a chance to perform original entertainment, begins its 11th season tonight at 11 p.m. in Theatre B of the UI Theatre Building.

The $1 admission fee gives audience members the opportunity to try their hands at sketch comedy, music, dance, theatrical sketches, experimental pieces or whatever else they want to do, provided they use original material and keep their performance within the five minute time limit.

"It's all original work, and that's the beauty of it," No Shame Theatre Board member Adam Burton said. "It gives anyone a chance to speak their mind with whatever voice they want to use... There's something new every time."

No Shame Theatre has been producing new material since the show began over a decade ago under the name Midnight Madness. UI theatre graduate students wrote the show, which served as an alternative to in-class assignments, until it faded out in 1986.

UI theatre students later took the show back, dubbed it No Shame Theatre and performed in the back of a pickup truck with people holding flashlights to light the "stage." No Shame Theatre eventually moved to Theatre B in the UI Theatre Building and was opened up to the general public. It is now performed every Friday night at 11 p.m. during the school year.

"Every year there's a new crowd and new performers," Burton said. "It's exciting to see what the new year will bring."

As the title No Shame Theatre suggests, however, not all of the performances will be spotless.

"It's raw and live," Burton said. "There's something you can't reproduce with a TV show. People can bomb and you can't edit it out."

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