THE WOMEN: "Good-looking girls are about a dime a dozen here. There are just bunches of them. It's unbelievable. You're going to see a pretty girl in every class, every concert, every sporting event. And they're not just sorority girls. We've got the whole range of babes here at Iowa."

THAT'S THE SPOT: "The Pedestrian Mall, or 'Ped Mall,' is party central. It's a three-block strip down the very center of town. There are tons of bars. We've had kids get caught for nudity down in the Ped Mall before. One time, I was in there and saw a girl just take off her dress completely, with nothing underneath. You could never hit every bar in Iowa City in one night, but you can go to any bar, any night, and find someone to take home."

CAMPUS NUDITY: "Iowa has something we call No Shame Theater. Students write 15-minute skits, and other students have to perform them. Basically, anything goes -- there's lots of vulgarity and nudity. I saw one skit where a guy was naked, trying to catch a Butterfinger bar between his ass cheeks."

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