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All Epinions > Education > Colleges & Universities > University of Iowa > Extracurri culars

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University of Iowa Extracurriculars
rated by 1 person.
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Dan Birchall
Epinions ID: dbirchall
Interests: My family, attachment parenting, reading, writing, music, swimming, nature, hiking, biking, gardening, computers.
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
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The Naked Police!

dbirchall  (Thu Mar 30 '00)

Pros:  Incredibly funny.
Cons:  Not for the closed-minded.

The University of Iowa has many excellent features. It's a good school overall, in a nice setting. On-campus and off-campus housing options are nice, and the food in the student union won't kill you. Some of the food off-campus might, but there are enough different options that your odds of finding the lethal ones are low. The University has many fine academic and artistic programs, the ducks along the river are friendly, and good spousal candidates can even be found.

Yet none of these things has elevated the University to legendary status in the same way as No Shame Theatre, a low-budget, no-holds-barred amateur comedy theatre hour. First staged in Iowa City in 1986 - in the back of a pickup truck, no less - No Shame shows are now presented at universities in seven states, from Miami to Fairbanks, Alaska. Of course, seeing it where it all began (well, not exactly there - the shows are now staged in a theatre, rather than a pickup truck) is quite an experience.

The No Shame format is simple. On any Friday night during the school year, budding scriptwriters - mostly students - converge on the theatre bearing scripts for performances three to four minutes in length. The audience - also mostly students - files in, paying a very reasonable dollar each, and the show begins at 11:00 PM. For the next hour or so, there's no telling what will happen.

Skit titles like Jesus of Nazareth Kicks Back, Simpler Expositions Through Flashcards, Son of Night Raid on the Planet of the Ten-Foot Rabid Killer Chickens Returns and the Revenge of His Bride part II and of course, The Naked Police give some idea of the breadth, depth, and absurdity that is No Shame.

Of course, No Shame "alumni" have gone on to successful careers in theatre and movie-making worldwide, so maybe they know more than they're letting on.

If you're ever in Iowa City on a Friday night during the school year, find your way to the theater building, theatre B. Be sure to bring a dollar, a sense of humor, and an open mind... yes, those police really were naked!

Type of Activity Reviewed: Performing Arts
Affiliation with School: Other
Year of Graduation: --
Your Major: --
Number of Student Organizations: 25-50
Student Participation: 25-50%
School Support: Most student organizations recognized and respected
Difficulty of Starting a Student Organization: Somewhat difficult
Social Overlap: A lot of overlap with social scene

Recommends to friends? Yes

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