Hey! This spring will bring a new No Shame product to the masses--the No Shame CD!!

Featuring some of the best musical pieces from the last few years, including stuff from Ben Schmidt, Scott Smith, Patrick Deegan, Greg Mitchell, Aprille Clark, Jamal River, Kyle Lange and a host of others. 15 tracks total. Will sell for $8.00.

We are in the process of taking pre-orders (no money down, only committment to buy). Send orders to:

No Shame Theatre
c/o Chris Okiishi

The CD will be out in February and will feature a line-up something like this:
1) Can't Get Over You, Chris Okiishi and Greg Mitchell
2) Magnus, Jamal River
3) Help Me Grow Old, Ben Schmidt
4) Self-Explanatory, Kyle Lange
4.5) Dradels, Brad Smith
5) Secret to Love, Aprille Clarke
6) The Iowa Song, Scott Smith
7) Tree Flowers, Arlen Lawson
7.5) Off into the Night, Greg Mitchell
8) Growing Up, James Rocky Horak
9) Aeroplane, Patrick Deegan
10) Suzanne and Ben, Kyle Lange
11) Mud, Greg Mitchell
12) Julio, Scott Smith
12.5) Golem, James Erwin
13) In the Mood, Ben Schmidt
14) Homeless Johnny, Mike Cassady
15) Egg, Al Angel