Tony's comments on the Legalize Strawberry Ice story

Date: Thursday, August 22, 2002 8:38:42 AM
From: Tony Trout


Went right over and read the history. That is great. Thanks so much for putting this together. I'm not much for "good ol' times" reminiscing, but those were really good times and I had a lot of fun.

Your write-up is right on. The only thing is, it was exactly a hundred buttons. I sold only about 5 during Elvis, and all the rest in No-Shame.

One little detail: whenever people would question where the money went, I would always say "All proceeds go to the cause."

Also, I was _going_ to auction the last one off, but this one guy bought the last 5 all at once. I think he was just trying to shut me up. He was a tall guy, with very broad shoulders, a theatre student, I forget his name. Square face. Quiet. What was his name? He was like 6'4" with big shoulders and long limbs. He had a bass voice. He was quiet, but held strong opinions and was a couple of years younger than us. He bought the last five by dealing five ones onto the stage.

I could tell you more when you go to write the book. Great job.

Thanks, again,