Why We Take Order @ 10:30

Posted by Rev. Chris Stangl (IC) on September 11, 2002 at 16:17:44:

"If we take the order at 10:00, then the order will be completely taken by 10:15. Giving us a full 30 minutes to block out scenes and still allowing us to open the doors at...say...10:45. Then we can start the show at 11:00 on the nose."
-Andrew Juhl...
...Said it this time, but I remember when I was explaining this to a newbie Paul Rust, and I remember Rob Frisch saying it to people before that, including myself. And I'll say this every new season:

Doors OPEN at 11. Doors, swear-to-god usually DO open at 11. If I had my druthers, we'd be a midnight show, but I'm a romantic for tradition. The nights we start uber-late are usually due to other shows occupying "our" space, lost keys, excessive crowds, etc: that is, issues that would delay the show no matter what.

No Shame has a proud history of zero tech support. The idea is YOU make and develop your piece on your own time, YOU do rehersals, YOU come with a piece ready to perform on Friday night. Want to practice in the space?... That's kind of just... too bad. That's what "real shows" do. You can, of course, still come early and reherse BEFORE order is Taken, which gets the job done the same way. We often don't have access to the theatre before 10:30 anyway.
Basically: If you need a half hour... or any time... to block out a scene; if you need to set up elaborate equipment; if you need multiple run-throughs with actors; if you have to cart in sets and props: you are not doing a piece designed for No Shame.

Pushing the Order Taking ritual back to 10 simply moves all our problems back half an hour. If you're not ready by 10:30... why by 10? Part of the reason NST switched from sign-up sheet on a bulletin board to a live order-taker was to make it a last-minute scramble, to plead your case for the slot you want. You know what? If I start at 10... I'll still be having idiots run up to me at 11 asking if the order's full. Yes. It is. Wake up, Sammy: It's later than you think.

Oh Christ Another Stifled Friday Night,
Rev. Chris Stangl