no shame theater in Iowa 1986-87

I am Agnes Folkestad from Norway. . Found No Shame stuff on the net and thought I would drop a line to say I was there in somehow the early days. Just as it moved in to studio B. I had a year in Iowa on the theatre programme. Anyhow, No shame was great fun, I had that No shame T-shirt with some monkey or something shitting in a crown for many years. In fact, I had my first date with my husband in that T-shirt.. Still together, must have been that great first impression. I remember the Piano piece, little strong man in baggy trousers, suspenders and no top or something? Going to lift a piano? A sequal thing? I believe I contributed with some abstract piece with some rubber gloves once, and also a Spick and Span cleaning womens duet with Katie Silberstein from the dance department.

Anyhow, long ago and a great time it was. I guess there are no pictures of the stuff from that time? Great work collecting all the pieces! Best regards Agnes